The Sunday Edition from CBC Radio (Highlights)

The Sunday Edition from CBC Radio (Highlights)


CBC Radio's The Sunday Edition is a lively three-hour program of conversation, documentaries and music. Michael Enright, an accomplished journalist and broadcaster, is the host and tackles everything from politics to pop culture, in Canada and around the world.


Flynngate = Watergate; Stiglitz on world economy; Stuart McLean's documentaries; Slow professor movement  

This week on The Sunday Edition: the parallels between the Trump and Nixon White Houses; economist Joseph Stiglitz; remembering Stuart McLean; the "slow professor" movement; and an essay about precarity, perseverance and a bonsai tree.

Israeli settlements; Quebec artist Françoise Sullivan; The Music That Changed Your World ep. 2  

This week: Michael's essay on CBC Radio gardening expert Ed Lawrence; a hard look at the ideology of Israeli settlers; Alisa Siegel's documentary about 93-year-old Quebec artist Françoise Sullivan; and music man Robert Harris returns.

Islamophobia; David Gutnick meets a former neo-Nazi; Democracy in Peril  

Michael's essay on the connections between the Quebec City mosque murder and the travel ban in the U.S. (39 sec); Islamophobia (5:37); David Gutnick visits a former neo-Nazi in Quebec City (41:01), and a look at the state of American democracy (1:03:40).

Social media bubbles; Dyson on race; Til grey do us part  

Michael's essay on social media bubbles (39 sec); Michael Eric Dyson on race in the post-Obama era (5:37); China's one-child policy (42:20) and a feature documentary about the dramatic rise in divorce among people over 50 (50:36).

The Trudeau vacation; Saying no to chemo; Marjorie Harris retires; Charles Taylor on Trump  

Michael's essay (39 sec); Documentary about Josée Blanchette's decision to quit chemo (4:56); Marjorie Harris on retirement (30:43); Charles Taylor (38:03); The Music That Changed Your World (1:10:42)

Remembering I.F. Stone; Feminism in the age of Trump; The Consolations of Mortality; Street Thug Barbers  

Michael appeals to fellow journalists to remember that "all governments lie" (39 sec); feminism in the age of Trump (5:51); coming to grips with mortality (46:47); a documentary about the 'Street Thug Barbers' of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside (1:12:12)

American hypocrisy on Russian hacking; Why young men?; An over-the-phone book club; Bach and anti-Semitism  

Michael's essay (38 sec); Jamil Jivani on the links between young men who join gangs and young men who join terrorist cells (5:21); Telephone book club documentary (30:55); Stuart Hamilton obituary (48:35); Bach & God (51:48)

Farewell to 2016; Shut up! I'm thinking  

Michael's essay: While much of the world flirts with populism and xenophobia, Canada remains a relatively peaceful country. Shut up! I'm thinking, the 2nd annual edition of the popular parlour game, with contestants Rosanna Deerchild, Tom Power and Carol

Christmas concert essay; Michael Sandel; Family Christmas essay; CBT for insomnia; letters about diversity  

00:00:38 Christmas concert essay; 00:06:20 Michael Sandel; 00:40:01 Family Christmas essay; 00:47:53 CBT for insomnia; 01:16:46 Letters about diversity

Michael's book list; South Africa's Public Protector; In the Crossword; Diversity  

Michael's essay (40 sec); South Africa's Public Protector (5:32); Ira Basen doc on finding his name as a crossword clue (38:21); Diversity panel (50:25)

Fascism; France's right vs. hard right; Restoring the world's oldest library; Massive landfill becomes park  

Michael's essay (39 sec); Frane (6:26); Mail: Pedestrians (20:54); Libraries (25:46); Doc: Fresh Kills (46:34)

Pedestrian deaths; Garrison Keillor; mail on Kellie Leitch; Chinese writer doc; future of libraries; Christiane Amanpour  

00:00:39 Pedestrian deaths; 00:06:06 Garrison Keillor; 00:34:53 mail on Kellie Leitch; 00:41:20 Chinese writer doc; 00:56:34 future of libraries; 01:16:32 Christiane Amanpour

Invu with Kellie Leitch; Mail on U.S. election; Essay on the joys of not divesting; Ira Basen documentary on foreign students  

00:00:39 Kellie Leitch invu; 21:04 Mail on U.S. election; 32:45 Essay on joys of not divesting; 39:40 Ira Basen documentary on foreign students

President-elect Trump - The truth; Class; Letters; Media and Foreign Policy  

Michael's essay (38 sec); Thomas Frank (6:04); Dear president-elect 1 (43:25); Andrew Postman on how TV created Trump (49:02); Dear president-elect 2, 3 & 4 (1:10:09); Paul Rogers on foreign policy (1:22:01); Dear president-elect 5 (1:38:15)

Myth of an independent FBI; Campaign fever; Chrystia Freeland on CETA; Sir Simon Rattle  

Michael's essay (38 sec); pre-election panel (4:24); Chrystia Freeland (40:07); Sir Simon Rattle (1:01:21)

Torture of solitary confinement; Edward Burtynsky; your letters on stemcell transplant; doc on tent cities; Poet Anne Carson  

0:00 Torture of solitary confinement; 4:33 Photographer Edward Burtynsky; 45:14 Letters on stemcell transplant; 53:17 Doc on tent cities; 1:19:55 Poet Anne Carson

Pets aren't people; Who are the Trump voters? Canadian meets stem cell donor who saved her life; Monet's Water Lilies  

Michael's essay (38 sec); Arlie Hochschild on Trump supporters (4:59); Ken Wiwa obituary (33:51); Doc: Manjusha Meets Her Match (39:35); Ross King on Monet (1:06:10)

Timid CEOs; Endless war in Syria; Steve Earle  

Michael's essay (38 sec); Syria panel (5:01); Piano mail (41:26); Steve Earle (46:12)

News from the Red Desert; Dead Mom Talking; Man's Search for Meaning  

Kevin Patterson on Afghanistan - 00:29 Dead Mom Talking - 18:29 Viktor Frankl: The Meaningful Man - 33:20

Email madness; Ralph Nader; Farewell to the upright piano; Gopnik on being a parent  

Michael's essay (28 sec); Ralph Nader (4:30); Doc: End Notes (33:18); Alison Gopnik on parenting (52:52); Peres obit (1:18:18)

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