The Truth Barrel with Gabrielle Reece and Neil Str

The Truth Barrel with Gabrielle Reece and Neil Str


Life isn't easy. And most people have secrets they don't discuss: affairs, fears, challenges, double lives, and inner struggles. In The Truth Barrel (a 220 degree barrel sauna), New York Times bestselling author Neil Strauss (The Game) and pro athlete Gabby Reece (NBC's Strong) sweat the truth out of some of the most famous, knowledgeable, and interesting people in the world, from Grammy-winning musicians to gold-metal Olympians. The goal: To learn from these experiences and solve the biggest challenges of life that most people are too afraid to discuss.


Surviving Death with Marc Weingarten & Larry Miller - Ep 2  

What can we learn from those who've been close to death, or even died, and lived to tell about it? In this surprising and revelatory episode, Neil and Gabby speak with actor/comedian Larry Miller (Best in Show, Pretty Woman, Princess Diaries) about his death and his story of meeting God face-to-face to receive a life-changing message. They also talk to Bachelor producer and former LA Times writer Marc Weingarten, who was sure he was going to die from cancer, about what it took for him to beat it and how his entire perspective on life changed afterward. What's most surprising about these interviews is that they don't just provide answers. They raise new questions. To quote the tattoo that Weingarten put on his arm afterward: "Lost time is not found."

Mark Healey on Facing Fear, Surviving Shark Attacks, & Extreme Breath Holding - Ep 1  

In the debut episode of the Truth Barrel, Neil Strauss and Gabrielle Reece sweat it out in the barrel sauna with extreme waterman Mark Healey. He is a big-wave surfing champion, winner of the Spearfishing World Cup, a shark-tagger, a free-diver, a movie stuntman, and much more. In this episode, they discuss bullying, and how that eventually led Mark to a life of death-defying accomplishments. He discusses fear, and how to use it to motivate you to move toward things instead of away from things. You'll also find out what exactly to do when a shark is making a beeline straight for you. How to hold your breath for extended amounts of time underwater and on land. What it takes to make anything happen in your life. Where you'll find the real heart and soul of people. And expect some vigorous debate between Gabby and Neil, as they discuss: Did Mark's biology or childhood experiences determine who he became. It gets intense, but that's what happens in The Truth Barrel. You'll also find out secrets about Neil's anatomy that you'll wish you never knew.

The Truth Barrel Teaser  

The Truth Barrel with Gabrielle Reece and Neil Strauss premieres Tuedsday, October 11, 2016.

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