The Unbeatable Mind Podcast with Mark Divine

The Unbeatable Mind Podcast with Mark Divine

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Retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine and his SEALFIT Coaching team take on guests with subject matters that follow along with Mark's 5 mountain training path of developing your Mental, Physical, Emotional, Intuitive, and Kokoro (Heart) self.


Former NFL Player and CEO of Power Athlete John Welbourn  

Commander Divine has a lengthy and frank discussion with John Welbourn about his opinions of the NFL, how athletic training really can and should work, and where professional football really should fit into the media and entertainment industries. John was an offensive tackle and a guard with the Philadelphia Eagles from 1999 to 2003 and the Kansas City Chiefs from 2004 to 2007. Since leaving the NFL, he started Crossfit Football and Power Athlete HQ. From the state of training, football and politics, Mark and John have a wide-ranging discussion with no holds barred. Entertaining and insightful, don’t miss this podcast.

Kute Blackson shares his ideas about transformation and living the real you  

This week Commander Divine talks with Kute Blackson about the remarkable way that his parents met and his childhood in Ghana and London. Kute’s father was a spiritual leader in the West African nation. With a great deal of hesitation, and even though it was expected, Kute decided not to follow in his father’s footsteps and instead he is living his own mission by helping people find their path and purpose in life. Kute is based out of Los Angeles and has recently written a book called “You. Are. The. One.” What insights will you be able to take from his discussion with Mark?

Jeremy McGhee talks about resiliency, positive attitude and mental toughness  

A very serious motorcycle accident left Jeremy McGhee paralyzed from the waist down. He wasn’t willing to let that stop him, however, he’s still a surfer, skier and adaptive athlete. Recently, the documentary “Drop In” was produced about his ascent and skiing the “bloody couloir,” a challenge for anyone. He talks to Commander Divine about how he approaches life, his adventures and what the future holds for him. What will you be able to learn from Jeremy’s attitude and resilience? Find out by listening to this very special podcast.

Andy Walshe on Sport, Technology and Creativity  

Andy Walshe talks with Commander Divine about the future of sport, technology and the importance of creativity in truly great performers. Andy started off coaching surfers in Australia and is currently the Director of High Performance at Red Bull. He has a variety of insights to share on the evolution of extreme sport and the increasing place for technology. In his opinion, the difference between good and exceptional in performance is the human factor, and technology just frees us up to enhance our passionate pursuit of our goals. From technology, he and Mark move into the future of spirituality as well.  How will you be able to bring his insights into your own training and practices? 

Ashley Horner on using her determination and success for the good of all women  

 Ashley Horner discusses her evolution from her childhood on a ranch in Oklahoma to becoming a fitness model for, the owner of several of her own businesses and how she’s been able to use her business sense and determination for various charitable organizations, including starting her own “Unbroken Movement Foundation,” in the service of battered and abused women. What will you be able to take away from her success and the very clear sense of purpose or “why” that drives her?

Ryan Holiday shares his outlook on marketing and Stoic philosophy  

Ryan Holiday got his start helping Tucker Max and now runs Brass Check marketing, which has helped a huge number of clients, including Google and Tony Robbins, market their products. He talks today with Commander Mark Divine about his own books and the Stoic philosophy that underpins them. He also shares his thoughts about marketing and especially book marketing. What will you be able to take from Ryan’s insights, and how you will you be able to use them for yourself?

Commander Mark Divine talks about breathing and hydration  

This is the second of Mark’s solocasts about fueling and The Three Pillars of Longevity. This week, he talks about breathing and hydration, and the importance of learning how to breathe properly and making sure you’re adequately hydrated. He emphasizes that macronutrients are not the only part of fueling. Would you like to learn more about different aspects of fueling so that you can get the most from yourself in every way?

Mitch Hall on Special Ops, SEALs and the transition to civilian life  

Commander Mark Divine talks with former SEAL Mitch Hall about the role he’s played in the SEAL teams, their current role in Special Operations, and how he was able to effectively make the transition from military service to become a highly successful technical consultant in the entertainment industry. In his 21 year career with the SEALs, Mitch was deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, and various other locations. He has since consulted on the Hollywood hit “Zero Dark Thirty” and is currently consulting in the production of the series “Six” about SEAL team 6. What is his insight into current issues and how can you learn from his determination and his career as a SEAL?

Dr. Sanjiv Chopra talks about the 5 simple things you can be doing to live a longer life  

Many have heard of his brother, Deepak, but Dr. Sanjiv Chopra is an accomplished medical professional as well. He is a professor at Harvard Medical School, and is an expert on the GI tract and the liver. He is also an author, and today he talks with Commander Mark Divine about his most recent book, “The Big Five: Five Simple Things That You Can Do to Live a Longer, Healthier Life.” Are they really that simple? And how can you start using his tips in your own life?

Former NFL player Olaniyi Sobomehin on how he has used mental discipline to achieve his goals  

This week Commander Mark Divine talks to Olaniyi Sobomehin about how to foster mental toughness. Olaniyi is a former NFL player, and has just left firefighting to focus on his business and his podcast, “I’m not you.” What are the mental and emotional strategies that he’s used to foster mental discipline in his sons, his athletes and himself? How will you be able to apply them to your own life?

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Calvin Newport tells us how to focus and how we can make sure that we’re working on the right things  

Cal Newport has his doctorate from MIT, and is a professor at Georgetown University in computer science. He is also the author of several books for students and businesspeople to maximize their potential. He has written books including, “How to Win in College,” “So Good They Can’t Ignore You,” and his most recent book is “Deep Work.” Commander Mark Divine and Cal discuss his concept of “Deep Work,” and how to make sure that despite all our distractions, we give our time and attention to the important tasks.

Commander Mark Divine and his approach to fueling and nutrition  

This week we have the first part of a series of solo casts called The Three Pillars of Longevity. The first pillar is fueling, which includes macro-nutrients, hydration and breathing. How we fuel is an essential part of our overall health. Do you want to know how to optimize your eating so you can enjoy training, work and time with family? Don’t miss this podcast.

Dr. Sue Sisley shares the challenges she’s faced in researching cannabis as a treatment for PTSD  

This week Commander Mark Divine talks to Dr. Sue Sisley about her work with marijuana as a treatment for veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In April 2016, Dr. Sisley received approval from the DEA to conduct the first study to test how marijuana interacts with veterans with severe PTSD. She explains why the process took nearly seven years, and how she, along with the veteran community, were tenacious and determined to overcome the obstacles

The Hendels, father and son, talk about Crossfit and their upcoming competition at the Crossfit games  

In this casual podcast, Commander Mark Divine catches up with Spencer and Andy Hendel about the evolution of Crossfit, the games versus the open, and the difference between Andy’s Masters competition and the regular competition that Spencer will be participating in. Andy specifically talks about his approach and the rewards he gets out of being an athlete over fifty. They both talk about the challenges that they’ve faced and the determination that they’ve shown to overcome them.

Mark Erwin on unleashing the extraordinary power you never knew you had  

This week Commander Mark Divine has a conversation with Mark Erwin, former United States ambassador and successful businessman about his book “The Powers: 12 Principles to Transform Your Life from Ordinary to Extraordinary,” and the role that discipline and positive thinking have played in his life. From a very challenging adolescence, to becoming a millionaire and then on to United States ambassador, Mark Erwin shares the key powers that have made him successful both financially and personally.

Tony Wrighton and the importance of internal and external dialogue to keep you in the right frame of mind  

This week Commander Mark Divine talks to Tony Wrighton from the UK. Tony is a presenter on Sky Sports TV, and has also devoted himself to NLP or neurolinguistic programming as a sideline. He is the author of several books, including “Confidence in a Minute,” “Relax in a Minute,” and “Persuade in a Minute.” He is also the host of the podcast “Zestology.” He and Mark talk about the British exit from the EU or “Brexit,” neurolinguistic programming and the importance of being able to using positive language to improve the mindset of both yourself and others. Learn about the importance of internal and external dialogue to keep yourself and other people in the right frame of mind.

Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen on making your brain all that it can be  

The Amens talk to Commander Mark Divine about their work with brain health. They have both authored several of books, and they are both New York Times bestselling authors.  By using SPECT scans, they have been able to identify issues in their patients’ brains. They are then able to help people work on and fix their health issues through the use of nutrition, exercise and meditative practices, as well as more radical measures like hyperbaric oxygen and transcranial magnetic stimulation. They take a warrior’s approach to brain health, and they have two books coming out in the fall about being a Brain Warrior. They share their approach to brain health with Mark in this podcast.

Inside the prison system with Warden Shelith Hansbro of the Decatur Correctional Institution  

Commander Mark Divine talks to Warden Shelith Hansbro who has run the Decatur Correctional Institution for the past 6 years. This podcast gets into how a prison warden can have an Unbeatable Mind, in the midst of an environment that often brings despair, crime, hopelessness—but can also sometimes bring restoration, hope and change for the better. After spending time there with the team, Shelith Hansbro shares her perspective on how prison works, ought to work and describes a number of innovative programs she has developed for offenders, including a program to keep pregnant mothers with their new-born children in prison.

Bob Schoultz on leadership, heroism and the current atmosphere for the SEALs  

Two old friends, Captain Bob Schoultz and Commander Mark Divine talk about how recent publicity has impacted the SEALs. Bob Schoultz is an expert in leadership, and he’s both a speaker and guest at the Unbeatable Mind retreat. He’s taught leadership ethics in both in business and the military at the graduate level. In this wide ranging conversation, Bob and Mark touch on the importance and meaning of the SEAL ethos, the value of leadership and the different meanings of heroism. All of these subjects are essential for both the military leader and for understanding leadership in business.

Wesley Chapman and how to help kids succeed and achieve  

Commander Mark Divine interviews Wesley Chapman. Wesley started his entrepreneurial career during a troubled childhood by selling flowers at the age of eight. He’s had many successes since then, and now he is the founder of “A Human Project” and devotes himself to speaking and helping children find their way through often difficult circumstances so that they can find purpose and happiness. He shares his story with us, and tells us how he has come to embrace his mission of helping children succeed.  

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