The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick

The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick


JJ Redick, iconic and legendary college basketball player from Duke University and current starter for the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers, is a correspondent on Adrian Wojnarowski’s The Vertical platform, part of Yahoo Sports. The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick will bring fans closer to the players and the life of a professional athlete with this first of a kind podcast, from a current NBA players perspective. Join JJ each week as he chats with current basketball personalities and close friends to give you an inside look beyond the court.


Candace Parker joins JJ Redick  

Candace Parker joins The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick for a candid discussion that ranges from winning a WNBA championship with the Los Angeles Sparks, how Pat Summitt recruited her to play for the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers and why there is no parity in women's college basketball. Here are some key moments: 1:06: Redick’s love for women’s sports. 3:48: Where this championship ranks amongst her past achievements, including the Olympics. 7:17: Parker being left off the Olympic team this summer. 10:51: Parker initially not wanting to be a basketball player as a child. 14:09: Summitt’s recruitment of Parker to Tennessee. 16:20: The extreme lack of parity in women’s college basketball. 23:30: Should college athletes be paid? 29:10: What the WNBA needs to do to become a more popular sport. 34:20: Parker discusses what size arena WNBA teams should play in. 37:28: The best WNBA player who isn’t a household name. 38:16: The different pressures and expectations for a female professional athlete. 43:02: Four-on-Four: The best WNBA players of all time.

JJ Redick takes your questions  

In a special edition of the The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick, the Clippers guard goes one-on-one with his audience to entertain their most pressing questions: From life, ball and the routines of an NBA starting shooting guard. JJ delivers an entertaining show full of his typically candid insights and storytelling. Here are some key moments. 1:35: The inside details of sneaker contracts and switching from Nike to adidas. 5:30: Wearing an opponent’s signature sneaker while playing against him. 6:50: Believing in his preparation while battling shooting slumps. 12:38: How Redick approaches the final season of his contract. 19:00: Does he get bored doing the same routine on a daily basis? 22:57: Redick’s favorite places to travel and places he still wants to visit. 27:41: The toughest parts about being a professional athlete. 34:50: The best kind of donut Redick has ever eaten. 37:35: Dealing with disappointment and failure. 41:56: What Redick tells his barber when he gets a haircut. 43:21: Dream guest for the podcast and dream podcast to be a guest on. 45:11: Chick-fil-A or In-N-Out? What would his last meal be?

Jay Bilas joins JJ Redick  

Jay Bilas joins JJ Redick on The Vertical Podcast to discuss issues including the paying of college athletes, his own television career and their shared history at Duke under Mike Krzyzewski.

Zach Lowe joins JJ Redick  

Writer and podcaster Zach Lowe joins JJ Redick on The Vertical Podcast to discuss NBA trends, The Vertical's report on a likely labor agreement and the upcoming 2016-'17 NBA season.

Steve Ballmer joins JJ Redick  

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer joins JJ Redick on the Vertical Podcast and discusses how his experience as Microsoft CEO has influenced his ideas in the NBA, the mistakes he's tried to avoid as a new basketball owner and how he sees the composition of these Clippers. All this and more on the Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick.

Chris Paul joins JJ Redick  

All-Star guard Chris Paul joins his partner in the Los Angeles Clippers backcourt, JJ Redick, on the Vertical Podcast. Chris and JJ discuss their early years as rivals in the ACC and how they didn't like each other, the process of moving past those old grudges to become friends on the Clippers. Chris and JJ discuss the process of starting over a new season and getting back to the playoffs, how Chris is working on improving his relationships with referees and how Chris was a part of starting the NBA's conversation on race and law enforcement over the summer with LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade.

Matt Barnes joins The Vertical Podcast  

Sacramento Kings guard Matt Barnes joins JJ Redick on the The Vertical Podcast. Barnes, a 13-year NBA veteran, talks with Redick about everything from fatherhood to his travels through the D-League to the NBA and how dramatically different he believes his on-court persona is from his everyday life. Barnes details his tumultuous relationship with former coach Mo Cheeks and how Don Nelson gave him an opportunity to square things with Cheeks while playing for the Golden State Warriors.

William C. Rhoden joins The Vertical Podcast  

Former New York Times columnist William C. Rhoden joins JJ Redick for a candid conversation about his career, turning the page on journalism and getting refocused and prepared for a new chapter in his life. Rhoden also talks about the current state of race relations in the United States and JJ reveals how an anthropology class at Duke introduced him to Rhoden's writing.

Paul Shirley joins The Vertical Podcast  

Paul Shirley joins the The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick. Shirley, a fun-loving journeyman player, talks candidly about never finding a way to fit into the NBA on a social level, the marketing of the team vs. the individual.

Blake Griffin joins The Vertical Podcast  

Blake Griffin joins JJ for a in depth discussion. Griffin talks about his love of stand up comedy, how it led to him trying his hand at the craft and who was responsible for him breaking into the comedy game. The teammates also discuss how frustrating a season it was for the Clippers and Griffin gives insight to what he did this offseason to get him ready, physically, for the upcoming season.

Ben Winston returns to The Vertical Podcast  

Ben Winston, the Executive Producer of The Late Late Show with James Corden, returns to The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick for a candid discussion. JJ and Ben discuss JJ's desire to play for Team USA and how a phone conversation with Coach K almost got him to the Rio Games. The Team USA talk leads to a discussion about Winning an NBA Championship vs. a Gold Medal in basketball.

Bill Simmons joins The Vertical Podcast  

HBO's Bill Simmons joins JJ Redick on The Vertical podcast. Simmons discuss his new HBO show, his evolution as a podcast host and talks with Redick about how social media has impacted professional athletes. Simmons and Redick discuss the relationship between athletes, including Redick's own history as a villain at Duke.

Jerry Ferrara joins The Vertical Podcast  

Actor Jerry Ferrara joins JJ Redick on the Vertical Podcast. Ferrara discusses his acting career, including his role as "Turtle" on Entourage and how that show impacted Redick. Ferrara discusses his New York Knicks fandom, including Derrick Rose's arrival to New York and Jerry's own love of attending basketball fantasy camps. They also talk about how Hollywood stars want to be athletes, and athletes want to be Hollywood stars. All this and more with Ferrara and JJ Redick on the Vertical Podcast.

Joe Rogowski joins The Vertical Podcast  

NBPA Director of Sports Medicine Joe Rogowski joined JJ Redick on The Vertical Podcast. Rogowski and Redick worked together with the Orlando Magic and laid out in great detail how health awareness for players has evolved through the years, and how they worked together in Orlando. They discussed how Rogowski's work with Redick impacted his career, and how a complete athlete should train in the modern era.

Jeremy Lin joins The Vertical Podcast  

Brooklyn Nets guard Jeremy Lin joins JJ Redick on The Vertical Podcast. Lin discusses the opportunity to become a starter again with the Nets and what attracted him to GM Sean Marks and coach Kenny Atkinson’s new program. Lin and Redick retrace the journey from Linsanity with the New York Knicks and the emotional rollercoaster of the unforgettable run. He discusses his Asian heritage, his popularity and charity work. In the four on four segment, Redick discusses the best hair styles in the NBA with Lin, who is sporting a new set of cornrows.

Mike Dunleavy joins The Vertical Podcast  

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Mike Dunleavy Jr., joins JJ Redick on The Vertical Podcast. Dunleavy and Redick discuss everything from his Dunleavy's trade to the defending champions, the issue of parity in the NBA and whether true competitive balance can ever exist in the league. Dunleavy and Redick talk about the issues facing the league in the collective bargaining discussions, Kevin Durant's move to Golden State and whether he should be criticized for the move. Dunleavy talks about his own career, the changes he's seen and whether he has an interest in staying involved in the NBA once he retires.

Mike Krzyzewski joins The Vertical Podcast  

Duke and U.S. National Coach Mike Krzyzewski joins JJ Redick on The Vertical Podcast. Krzyzewski and Redick discus their shared times and relationship together, the vast differences in coaching different skill levels of Duke teams through the years and the issue of whether players should get paid on the NCAA level. Redick and Krzyzewski talked about the coach's time as the U.S. National coach and if that experience has played a part in filling the void of having never taken the leap to coach in the NBA. Krzyzewski talked about his experiences coaching multiple Olympic and World Championship teams and what he has learned coaching the best players in the world.

Adrian Wojnarowski joins The Vertical Podcast  

Adrian Wojnarowski joins JJ Redick on the Vertical Podcast to discuss NBA free agency. Woj and JJ discuss the Kevin Durant move to Golden State, the influx of a new cash from a $24 billion TV contract into free agency to Woj discussing how he does his job this time of year. Woj and JJ remember back to Redick’s own free agency, when Clippers owner Donald Sterling nearly reneged on Redick’s own free agent deal with the Clippers. They also talk about the future collective bargaining agreement and the likelihood of a lockout in 2017.

Lawrence Frank & Evan Turner join The Vertical Podcast  

Clippers Executive VP of Basketball Operations Lawrence Frank and Boston Celtics free agent guard Evan Turner join host JJ Redick on the Vertical Podcast. Frank discusses his move from coaching into upper management with the Clippers, his quest to book pal Chris Rock onto JJ's podcast and a tribute to late Tennessee coach Pat Summitt, with whom Frank as a colleague at the University of Tennessee. Turner discusses his intense summer workouts at an innovative Santa Barbara facility, how JJ was Turner's favorite player in high school and caused Turner to be starstruck upon finally meeting him as an NBA Player. In the this weeks' Four on Four: Weird things about Evan Turner.

CJ McCollum joins The Vertical Podcast  

Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum joins JJ Redick on The Vertical Podcast. McCollum and Redick were on opposite sides of the Western Conference semifinal playoff series in May, and reunite on the podcast to discuss everything from Blake Griffin and Chris Paul’s season-ending injuries to how those losses impacted the Blazers’ conversation in the locker room. Redick and McCollum discuss the young Blazers’ guard rise from a small Eastern college to become the NBA’s Most Improved Player in 2016. McCollum discusses his partnership with Blazers All-Star Damian Lillard in the Portland backcourt. In this week’s Four on Four, CJ remembers his draft day memories with JJ.

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