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A podcast that is practically all about MOVIES! Cinema, films, celluloid, digital, whatever you want to call it. Jack and Andrew are the hosts, and we talk about new movies, classics, cult work, things we've seen and have never seen, special segments about directors and styles and trends, and 'Required Reading' which is about movie books. And the "Local Vocal" series gives you in-depth interviews with NYC/NJ based filmmakers, actors, artists and musicians.


Episode 69.2: Disney's MOANA  

What makes this - another, (sigh?) Disney Princess narrative, and a musical, and an adventure story with a cute sidekick (and another sidekick that's a total foole idiot) - different than the other Disney movies? What if it doesn't have a (gasp) male romantic lead that she is pining for? How about full on allusions to Herculean and Greek mythology, among other things? Or songs that, you know, comes from THE CREATOR OF HAMILTON ALL BOW DOWN TO THE MASTER OF ALL MUSICALS! Well... listen more to see what's going on in this latest from the directors of movies you might've heard of that got a little buzz once called THE LITTLE MERMAID, THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE and ALADDIN. Jack and Andrew saw Moana. (SPOILERS at 29 mins in)


Let's talk about some movies, shall we? It's right after Thanksgiving and Jack and Andrew have seen some movies, boy howdy! Jack goes through a number of new releases, and also goes back to the birth of cinema to talk about silent short films that you should all see. Andrew meanwhile checks out a slightly obscure French pulp thriller and a classic Robert Redford espionage film from 1975. email us at subscribe on iTunes! MOVIES: 1) Trolls (2016) 2) The Handmaiden (2016) 3) Judex (1963) 4) Rules Don't Apply (2016) 5) Allied (2016) 6) Three Days of the Condor (1975) Silent Shorts: 7)The Hallucinations of Baron Munchausen (1911) 8) The New York Hat (1912) 9) A Corner in Wheat (1909) 10) The Lonely Villa (1909) 11) The 'Teddy' Bears (1907) 12) One A.M. (1916) 13) Cops (1922) 14) Hacksaw Ridge (2016) 15) Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) (brief mentions also as high recommendations for MANCHESTER BY THE SEA and NOCTURNAL ANIMALS) (song from Rules Don't Apply sung by Lily Collins. This podcast owned by me)

Local Vocal #14: GIANMARCO SORESI  

We finally, after a six month wait (hopefully you were all waiting), have a new episode of our LOCAL VOCAL series. Jack from the Wages of Cinema talks with local filmmakers, actors, artists, musicians and writers in the New York City and North-East New Jersey area. Everyone here does something interesting and exciting and entertaining. Haven't heard of em yey? Well, you will now! Gianmarco Soresi is an actor, stand-up comic, sketch comedy writer, producer and featured in many on-line sketches and groups. In this episode he talks about how massive Seinfeld and Larry David had an influence on him, Charlie Kaufman, immersing himself in the world of ASMR (yeah, it's weird), being Italian-Jewish, working with Matza Pizza comedy and Lindsay Elizabeth Hand (a previous guest on this LV series), and what it takes to get a play produced in New York city. Good conversation, good podcast, hope you enjoy! Visit Gianmarco Soresi on Facebook: On Twitter: Matza Pizza: Voldermort ASMR (from Cruel Children):


Hasn't this year been great? Haven't you just had a lot of fun paying attention to the news? Aren't you so happy about the election results? We just want to go dance in the streets! ... Actually, no, we don't. We don't know about you, but things aren't looking so good in the world right now, however you think about the Presidential election results. So we aren't here tonight at the Wages of Cinema to talk about that. Instead of this, somehow, to help Jack out most of all, we picked out a list of movies to try to get your mind off of the election. This is a crop of films from the silent era to the 21st century, full of action, comedy, music, a little horror, but mostly it's all about that wonderful world of distraction - and we tried our best, dear listeners, to pick movies that would NOT remind you of a certain orange leader... movies: SINGIN' IN THE RAIN A HARD DAY'S NIGHT HELP! YELLOW SUBMARINE THE BEATLES ANTHOLOGY STEAMBOAT BILL, JR THE GOLD RUSH CRANK CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER (various movies) ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN RIFIFI AFTER HOURS Clips from various movies and soundtracks. Podcast owned by Wages of Cinema.

Episode 68.2: Cinema Immersion Tank #22- THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE (1974)  

Now time for the usual question: WILL ANDREW SURVIVE, AND WHAT WILL BE LEFT OF HIM? He got into the Tank to check out Tobe Hooper's iconoclastic, horror-tastic, hard-to-watch-still-today classic, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. So come on in for some head cheese and what may be the most efficiently told horror movie of all time. (score from the movie, this podcast owned by Wages of Cinema)


On this episode 68: HEAR! Andrew bring up an issue that's bugged him in the weeks since recording the episode (Dr. Jack & Dr. Andrew's Case Files #3) on Heaven's Gate, and then he also brings up to Jack what it means that Marvel is into this 'origin story' formula and what it means for their movies (also expanding on their review, ep 66) HEAR! Jack catching up with a little more old-school Godzilla, a notoriously WTF horror sequel (among other hit or miss horror movies, mostly miss sadly), the new Denis Villeneuve/Amy Adams science fiction film, and Rebecca Hall in the (not John Carpenter) Christine. HEAR! Andrew gets into the very weird and deliriously styled with the 1977 cult classic HAUSU (or: "HOUSE") This and more on this week's THE WAGES OF CINEMA! (and also we coin a new term - our audience as 'The Wagers'!) Movies: 1) HEAVEN'S GATE (1980) 2) DR. STRANGE, Marvel etc (2008-2016) Starting at 31 mins in: 3) EXORCIST II: THE HERETIC (1977) 4) HAUSU (1977) 5) OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL (2016) 6) SHUT IN (2016) 7) THE RETURN OF GODZILLA (1984) 8) GODZILLA VS THE SEA MONSTER (1966) 9) ARRIVAL (2016) 10) CHRISTINE (2016) Follow us on: FACEBOOK ( TWITTER ( INSTAGRAM ( TUMBLR ( email: Music from Duke Ellington and David Mansfield

Episode 67: Cinema Immersion Tank #21- TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME  

Hey, anybody want this bowl of Garmonbozia we just cooked up? Oh, wait, doesn't that translate to 'Pain and Anguish'? Oh, correct, yeah. nevermind. Not one to back away from a (self-imposed) challenge, Jack checked out Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, the feature film spin-off/prequel for the iconic television show that made everyone want coffee, pie and a dancing Man from Another Place (or at least a Log Lady or singing Norweigans), and one that, truth be told, he didn't care for too much on a first viewing nine years ago. But David Lynch, co-creator of the series and mastermind behind this attempt to make something of the world created in the Northwest about mystery. murder, and what lies beneath the subconscious and in the world of dreams (and nightmares), went back in time. And he found... something not unlike the experience of another franchise. The point is: what the hell happens when one sees this FIVE TIMES in a week? We probably won't talk about Judy, either. Oh, and SPOILERS of course for the show. listen to us on Soundcloud AND iTunes (clips featured from the film and soundtrack to TP: FWWM, from CBS Entertainment and Angelo Badalamenti)

Episode 66: Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE  

So what do you get when you take Marvel, Benedict Cumberbatch, magic, and the director of Sinister (not to mention the co-writer formerly known as CARLYLE on, remember that, maybe, possibly), and a whole load of magic and psychedelic sorcery and trippy visuals? Somehow, Doctor Strange comes together. But did it for the hosts of Wages of Cinema? Jack and Andrew saw the movie and, as with other tentpole comic book movies, they're joined by Guest Star Matt (Catania, of, and maybe a cameo too by a very special part of the Wages of Cinema family. Is it just another ho-hum origin story? Or do the visuals distinguish it as one of THE major Marvel releases? And what about that thing called... white privilege(?) Yes, that may come up as well. Tune in to find out! (also, SPOILERS 45:27) (Clips featured from trailer on youtube and part of the score by Michael Giacchino)

Episode 65.2: Dr. Jack & Dr. Andrew's Case Files #3- Michael Cimino's HEAVEN'S GATE  

Though this was actually, technically, talked about this waaay back at episode 8.4 of the podcast (correction: Jack said episode 4 or 5 in the recording), it's always worth going back again to one of those notorious films that shook up the industry despite the fact that, as irony would have it, at the time not too many people saw Michael Cimino's doomed follow-up to The Deer Hunter: HEAVEN'S GATE. Starring Kris Kristofferson, (then relatively unknown) Isabelle Huppert, and recent Oscar winner Christopher Walken, and written and directed by Cimino fresh off his triumphs for 'Hunter', what started as a mid-level production, about 10 million, ballooned to 44 million, a film that gained the reputation of taking down United Artists with it in 1981 (this is arguable of course, though it was sold to MGM in that same year). But what about the movie itself? How does this 219 spectacle about a horrible historical event - the Johnson County murders of the 1890's - come off under Cimino? Jack and Andrew (the latter having never seen it until for this podcast) take out their stethoscopes and find what the heartbeat is, if at all, for this monumental, romantic, ultra-violent western. (music featured from the score of the movie)


So in the most important news you'll see all week: Jack finally watched a bunch of Godzilla monster movies (plus Rodan)! Meanwhile, Andrew watched Captain America: Civil War again and has some new nitpicks; Jack goes to a horror movie marathon; arthouse audit with Herzog and one of the best new independent films in years. 1) GODZILLATHON: Godzilla Raids Again (1955) Mothra vs Godzilla (1964) Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster (1964) Godzilla vs Hedorah (1971) Godzilla vs Mecha-Godzilla (1974) 2) CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR (2016) 3) THE GATE (1987) 4) DEAD OF NIGHT (1974) 5) DEATH SPA (1989) 6) EVENT HORIZON (1997) 7) INTO THE INFERNO (2016) 8) MOONLIGHT (2016)


This week in our main topic, we at the Wages of Cinema decided to do two things for this Halloween movie season: first, discuss the many horror tropes and concepts, things that we sometimes take for granted (too for granted, or just have come to accept as givens like jump scares and creepy children and so on); second, Jack and Andrew do something a little different: they each pitch some original ideas for horror movies. Take note, Hollywood, we're coming for you! Some of the movies and types we talk about include Romero Zombies, 28 Days Later, Guillermo del Toro and the Devil's Backbone, The Babadook, Jphn Carpenter's Halloween (Carpenter opens this episode explaining the two 'types' of horror), Psycho, Phantasm, and children in danger, plus much, much more. Email us with any of your own ideas or comments to or to our Facebook and Twitter pages (just search for Wages of Cinema) (audio at end is Goblin's "The Witch" from the Suspiria score)

Episode 64.2: Cinema Immersion Tank #20- SUSPIRIA  

The Italian director Dario Argento, behind such films as The Bird with Crystal Plumage, Deep Red, Tenebre, Inferno and Phenomena among many others, including the film under discussion in the Cinema Immersion Tank today, SUSPIRIA, once said, " Films are dreams. Many, many critics say to me that my films are not good because they are too unbelievable, but this is my style. I tell stories like they are dreams. This is my imagination." How, then, does Suspiria hold up as a dream, or even as a story? What does this (once) heralded master of the Italian "Giallo" film have to do to get his audiences entranced and frightened? And, most importantly, did our intrepid co-host Andrew get there? Find out on this 20th installment of the Cinema Immersion Tank. (score excerpts by Goblin from the Soundtrack to Suspiria) https://instagram/com/wagesofcinema


And now let's talk MOVIES! Jack kind of dominates this one - Andrew talks about Grand Hotel, though he's seen a couple other films Jack has so he chimes in - and it's the wide variety we like to bring to Wages of Cinema, from Japanese monster movie to resistance war movie to broad parody to Patrick Swayze kicking everyone's ass and the latest from Tim Burton, Mark Wahlberg, and that guy who stirred up that little dust over at Sundance about that movie named after that other movie but it's not a remake, gee what was it called.... 1) GODZILLA VS MEGALON (1973) 2) THE BEATLES: EIGHT DAYS A WEEK - TOURING YEARS (2016) 3) GRAND HOTEL (1937) 4) TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016) 5) THE AGE OF SHADOWS (2016) 6) YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN (1974) 7) DEEPWATER HORIZON (2016) 8) ROADHOUSE (1989) 9) THE BIRTH OF A NATION (2016) 10) MRS. PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN (2016) 11) HITCHCOCK/TRUFFAUT Clips: Duke Ellington's "Jubilee Stomp" (public domain) Train to Busan trailer excerpt (for fair use)

Episode 63.2: SHIN GODZILLA  

Just when you think it's safe to back to Japan that dangnabiit lizard comes out of the water and does... wait, is THAT what our King of the Monsters looks like now? Holy sushi, Batman! But the real question this time as Toho brings back Godzilla for the first time in 12 years (their longest time without him - even Godzilla 85 was only a 10 year wait), what new can be done with him? Well, what if he/it is not really the main attraction? Sure the big mother-jammer takes up the poster, but what if, say, Franz Kafka had taken a pass at a Godzilla script? Not the full writing of it just, you know, a pass? Um... you get this! Maybe! Jack and Andrew (the latter of course being a massive fan of Godzilla, with the former being casual) bring you their review of the latest film in this 62(!) year old franchise, which is now in very limited release. Also make sure to give a listen to episode 41.5, where we go deep into discussion on giant movie monsters. oh, and SPOILERS from 33:17 to about 35:59. Listen at your own peril of being zapped away by the fire-beams coming out of Gojira's dorsals. Songs: Godzilla theme Pharoh: Simon Says

Episode 63.1: Cinema Immersion Tank #19- OVER THE EDGE  

Mommys alright Daddys alright They just seem a little weird Surrender... Surrender... But don't give yourself away (accent on the y in away!) Anyone remember Over the Edge? Ever seen it? Good, because Jack took a dive into total anarchy and youth rebellion and angst and boredom and ROCK AND ROLL to bring you this podcast. So listen up and know what it's like to go to school on acid, shoot BB guns at cop cars, and destroy and entire school at the end of it all. Hey, Ho, Let's Go with this cult classic from 1979 (actually released in 1981, but we'll get to that too). Songs: Cheap Trick: Hello There The Who: Baba O'Reilly Van Halen: You Really Got Me

Episode 62: THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (2016)  

Not always the brightest prospect, is it? A remake of a remake - something that wasn't even that original when the Americans took what Akira Kurosawa decided to make in 1954 as a repurposing of what he thought of as *templates from the Western*. Do we get here Antoine Fuqua doing his King Kong (also a remake of a remake) and having the time of his life, or is it like filtered coffee through one of Vincent D'Onofrio's boots? Jack and Andrew, no strangers to the Western genre (look at any given one of our episodes for reviews of classic and more modern Westerns), take a look at the newly released take on THE SEVEN SAM- I mean, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN starring Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D'Onofrio, and an awesome Native American actor playing a character named (no joke) "Red Harvest." Reference much? (SPOILERS at 36:33 in) Email us at or on or twitter @WagesofCinema about your thoughts on the film. (movie features a clip from the film provided for critical purposes, and the Elmer Bernstein 1960 theme and The Clash's "The Magnificent Seven")

Episode 61.4: OLIVER STONE LAND (Side B)  

Still so much more to talk about- we might even impress Barry Champlain mayhap with such talk: we get back where we left off in discussing Stone's "Vietnam Trilogy" with Born on the Fourth of July, and we go on through with the likes of JFK, Natural Born Killers, Alexander (the *many* cuts), to his latest release, Snowden (which Jack got to see right before recording). It's a big one so strap in. (Oh, and we finally come to the moment where Andrew cracks up laughing for a minute straight. What did this to him? You have to listen to find out. Let's just say it involves a weird naked Indian...) Also, please please PLEASE do check out the book that also makes this a "Required Reading" portion of the podcast- Matt Zoller Seitz's magnificent and extra-large (seriously, this thing can be used for added weight lifting at the gym), THE OLIVER STONE EXPERIENCE (link on Amazon: Clips: Oliver Stone interview by Charlie Rose (1997) Ben Stiller Show: OliverStoneLand (1994) The Doors: "Back Door Man" (1967) JFK (1991) (Warner brothers) Alexander score by Vangelis Born on the Fourth of July (1989) (universal pictures)

Episode 61.3: OLIVER STONE LAND (side A)  

The world would probably - no, let's put aside probably, most certainly - be different had Oliver Stone not made that decision after Vietnam to become a filmmaker. Hell, the world might be different had he not decided to *volunteer* to go to Vietnam to fight (at a time when that was not the majority way, usually it was 'you got drafted, you go'). Because Stone, for whatever you think of his work, added an extra dimension to dramatic-historical cinema, in a way that's drawn controversy on.... practically every film he's written and/or directed! So it's with this in mind - as well as returning special guest Romney Rosario (remember him from episode 22.3 on Scorsese?) - that we present our most epic-length podcast yet (until the slew of director's cuts)! This is so big we'll be posting this in two parts; "Side A" is on Stone's early life, going to Vietnam, and then how he became a filmmaker under the tutelage of Martin Scorsese at NYU, started in horror and soft-core exploitation with Lloyd Kaufman, got a screenplay Oscar on his first produced script, 'Midnight Express', and then made a mark in the 1980's early on as a writer of HARD-ASS BAD-ASS MEN (i.e. Conan, Scarface, Year of the Dragon), while also putting out another horror, 'The Hand'. This part stops just as he hits it big with 'Salvador' and 'Platoon'. Also, please please PLEASE do check out the book that also makes this a "Required Reading" portion of the podcast- Matt Zoller Seitz's magnificent and extra-large (seriously, this thing can be used for added weight lifting at the gym), THE OLIVER STONE EXPERIENCE (link on Amazon: Clips featured: Themes from PLATOON, THE DOORS (Break on Through), ALEXANDER, SCARFACE (Push it to the Limit), JFK and TALK RADIO (intro)

Episode 61.2: Cinema Immersion Tank #18- Disney's FROZEN  

One of the most successful films not just for Disney (actually it's their top-grossing non-Pixar movie not counting inflation but whatever), but of all time, FROZEN is still looked at as the 'how the heck did THAT happen?' It's kind of a miracle the film turns out the way it does, as a crowd-pleaser about sisters and love as an open door and trolls that sing songs while a comic relief snowman looks on. It's madness, I tell you! And yet.... does it make *sense*? Andrew dived so deep into Frozen for this Cinema Immersion Tank episode you may be surprised just how... no, no, those aren't tears forming, you're not going to make us cry, not now... darn it! Used for fair-use purposes: Songs: "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" and "Let it Go" by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez; Score selections by Christophe Beck


WELCOME BACK!! We open with a response to a listener question on our facebook page! (check for the full question). Next, Jack asks what is up with (the brilliant) Tony Zhou and his critique of Marvel's cinematic movie scores. Andrew brings up a video too - about HR Giger and the Alien design. And then Jack discusses two films that served a double feature he dubbed "Wombhouse" (When the Bough Breaks and The Light Between Oceans, both from 2016). References:

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