The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe

The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe


All good stories have a twist, and all great storytellers are just a little twisted. Join Mike Rowe for a different take on the people and events that you thought you knew, from pop culture to politics, Hollywood to History… The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe is a series of short mysteries for the curious mind with a short attention span.


Episode 74: The Ride of His Life  

When you're in the back of an ambulance in the middle of a snowstorm - every second counts.

Episode 73: Monkey Business  

How to make a billion dollars and remain absolutely calm.

Episode 72: Better Late Than Never  

When the time came to fight for their King, these knights were prepared to show the enemy what they were made of.

Episode 71: Head In The Clouds  

Henry Junior just wanted to get out of Henry Senior's famous shadow.

Episode 70: You Might Feel a Little Pinch  

No matter how bad your habits, this dentist can stop your pain - guaranteed! 

Episode 69: "A Little Dab'll Do Ya!"  

Take it from mother - never underestimate the power of a little make-up, properly applied.

Episode 68: A Nice Girl From Wisconsin  

The consequences of her choice would forever change the world.

Episode 67: Charlie's Big Break  

This aspiring songwriter was a family man who really wanted to be famous. 

Episode 66: A Serial Inventor  

Because necessity is actually the mother of investment. 

Episode 65: A Full Figured Gal  

She had tons of suitors because men knew that with her - anything was possible.

Bonus Episode 64: It's Good To Be The King  

Mike tells a very personal story of the King that changed his life.  

Episode 63: Render Unto Caesar  

Caesar's ride that changed the course of Western Civilization. 

Episode 62: I'd Like to Buy a Vowel  

But only if the spirit moves you.

Episode 61: When the World's on Fire  

The melody was sweet, but the lyrics were too painful to sing.

Episode 60: Something to Stand For  

What do you get when you cross a Private, a General, a lawyer, a doctor and two teenagers?  Something worth standing for.

Episode 59: A Hero Under the Influence  

When all is lost and the end is near - why not have a drink... or several.

Episode 58: A Lesser Known Vessel  

Captain Cooper was asked to do the impossible - But he found it impossible not to try.

Episode 57: But Who's Counting  

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night could keep this 60 year-old mailman from finally receiving his due.

Episode 56: Something Unforgettable and Real  

Bill was known for creating unforgettable car chases - but there was one chase he wished he could forget.  

Episode 55: The Man Behind the Microphone  

Sometimes choosing the right words means not sticking to the script.

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