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Everything you ever wanted to know about RC flying, but were afraid to ask! Weekly talk about Radio-Controlled Aviation and CNC as it pertains to the RC Hobby. Hosted by Michael 'Crash' Hancock, an active participant in the hobby for almost 30 years.


And That's A Wrap!  

In this 355th, and FINAL installment of our little show, we continue with the second part of last week's show where we were recapping our SEFF 2016 experience (what a great time we had!).

What a wonderful ride it's been! I've been pluggin' away with this weekly show for more than 7 years now and as much as I hate to hang it up, I really think that it's time to walk away for a while. With the treatments for my cancer putting a "hurtin'" on me every other week, it's just become a little more than I care to deal with. I plan to leave all of the podcast episodes available for download for at LEAST the next 18 months, since there is just so much timeless information available that many new hobbyists can benefit from. 

There is some good news here, though - a NEW podcast will be rising from the ashes of TheCrashCast! The Angle Of Attack podcast will be a weekly show that's expected to start Wednesday, May 18, 2016. Just like my show has been, AoA will be broadcast LIVE each Wednesday night (including a live audience chat) and will be hosted by our usual group of suspects (IFLYOS, NavionFlyer, LMopar69, KarlK (aka "The Duck"), and Cathead Biscuit). Heck - you may even get a chance to hear ol' Crash pop in from time to time! :)

My heartfelt thanks goes out to my co-hosts and guests for hanging in there with me over the years. Sometimes pulling off a show has been challenging, but it's always been fun. Most of all, though, my biggest thanks goes out to all of our fans that have stuck with us over the years. I have enjoyed answering your emails as well as meeting so many of you in person. You all have meant so much to me, and your well-wishes and kind words have really helped me during the challenges I've faced over the last few months.

Take care, God bless, and...

Get out there and build something, fly something, and enjoy this great RC Hobby!!


Angle Of Attack Podcast

AoA Facebook Page


Five Gigantic Pickles  

In this week's show we start our recap of SEFF 2016. Now that we've all had time to get home, unwind, and decompress a bit, we attempt to capture the spirit of this annual pilgrimage as best we can. Lots of fun and stories in this one!

Check out the videos below, courtesy of Martijn Kruissen!


Do You Even Launch? (Karl's unusual launch method)

Do You Even Launch? (Slo-Mo)

Redneckin' It With Laine  

This 352nd installment of our show should land while most of our group is in transit to SEFF 2016. In this one we share our 'accommodations' (campers, tents, etc.) for this big event, as well as the goodies that we are intending to bring to fly.

Let's face it, this is another blow-off show - our attempt to entertain and inform you, even though we are actually too busy to do a live show this week. LoL

By all means, if you are attending SEFF this year, come by and hang out with us!! 

He Said Doody  

The childishness of our crew continues this week, especially with Karl's potty mouth. LoL

This week our group is preparing for the biggest event on our calendar this year - SEFF 2016! This episode is mainly our normal weekly update on what all we've been up to. Be sure to check out the RCG reviews of some interesting new products that King has been enjoying!


Graupner mz-12 Copter Edition Radio

Dromida Vista FPV Quad

SEFF 2016


Tree Fitty  

In this 350th installment of our show, the team shares interesting tales of their latest RC adventures, discuss some proper (and IMproper) ways of disposing of old LiPo batteries, and even visit with a couple of special guests - MultiRC Mark and Clintstone!


Assassin Wings

Taranis 'Guts' In A 9303 (Superb Idea!)

Hance's Battery Disposal Thread

Is FAA Overdoing The Whole Drone Thing?


Jeezy Petes  

In this episode we are all back in the workshop discussing various topics - most related to the RC hobby. We've got news on more potential regulation of our hobby, some great products, and even some pretty nifty video editing software!


Naze 32 On Sale!

QQ190 X Frame

LARKS 5th Annual Spring Fling

Inexpensive FPV Goggles At Grayson

Outrageous Senate Bill

Commerce Approves FAA Reauthorization Bill

Commerce Committee Members

FAARA Section 2124




In this week's show we discuss some shortcomings in the FAA's new rules and registration system. There may be some hop, though, as the AMA has reported some some good news for hobbyists in the form of the AIRR Act. As well, Karl leads us in answering some questions regarding LiPo batteries.


LAPD's Drone Laws

What Is A Runza?

AIRR Act Status Update


LiPo Objective Performance Calculator

Castle Creations CapPack

BMSWeb World Drone Prix Sample Footage

We here at TheCrashCast wish the best of luck to our friend Thomas during the World Drone Prix in Dubai!!

More Cowbell  

In this week's episode we get some good updates for what your hosts have been up to, as well as find out that one of our own got a sponsorship! Joking aside, there are some interesting new products you'll want to hear about in this installment of our little show.


The ParaCuda Flies!

Saito 4 Stroke 61cc Twin

RCBenchmark Thrust Stand Dyno

RunCam Owl FPV Camera

Phoenix Model Yak 54 MK2

Phoenix Model 1/4 Scale Tiger Moth

1/14 Scale Outburst Motorcycle

Emax Night Vision CMOS FPV Camera (Hance approved!)

BCMultirotors (Karl's new favorite Canadian vendor)


Vintage Radio Redux  

In this week's show there's talk of new old radios, the Zulu, a potential solution to aircraft labeling, and all kinds of other stuff that's totally worthless. LoL And just who is this Doghead Donut guy?


Blade Vortex 250 Pro  (King and Crash have been flying these!)

Cutting Edge Old Technology

Aloft Has Updated Their Site

The Zulu

Inexpensive Labelmaker

Bone Issues  

In this week's show, Navionflyer, KarlK, and Cathead are let loose at the controls. You'll find discussion on FPV goggles, chargers, and antennas. Oh, and if you listen closely, you may be able to hear Cathead's pleas for sponsorship from his favorite supplier.


Cathead's FPV Monitor

Video Aerial Systems

HiTec AC Pro 2 AC/DC Multi-Charger

HiTec WiFi Module

BK Fun Cub XL

Revolectrix Bump Controller


Spotted Dick  

This week's show is quite an interesting one, as the title of this one may hint at. LoL There IS a some RC talk this week, so hang in there. We also have Ben 'BorneoBen' Warren on to add some international flair and discuss what he's been up to.


What Is This Spotted Dick Stuff?

Fire Breathing RC Duck

Zap Anderson On FB  (Video)

Arcola RC FT Viggen

Cathead's BluFO

DONATE To The Big Plane Project

The 'Number' Plane (On FB)

RC Today Show Retiring :(

Hire A Vet (Laine's Buddy)



342, Take 2  

After some technical difficulties, our team finally gets this week's show off and running with some new items and a discussion with one of our favorite vendors - Jonathan Sawn from Sawn-Craft! Oh, and there's some more discussion about this year's big SEFF project, too! 

And finally, MultiRC has named an official team pilot - Patrick Fox!



Styro-Slicer (Cathead has one now!)

RC Pixel Is Now Shipping

Durafly Tundra Review (By our own Tim King)

Spektrum Focal FPV Wireless Headset

Spektrum DX20

Spektrum Waterproof Cam And VTx

Spektrum Alpha-6 AS3X Stability System

Blade Inductrix 200 FPV


Senior Gates?  

This week there's some great discussion amongst our crew on new products, past and future events, and even some PSAs. :) And just exactly WHAT is Team Cobra planning to build for SEFF this year? Tune in and get some clues!


Hot-Wire Styro Slicer

LazerToyz Skimmer Wing

RMRC Hellbender 122 

36" Electric Outlaw

93" AJ Laser 230z Review (by HornetNZ)

Clintstone's Birthday Bash (Coverage)

Drak 40 Channel Adjustable VTx

6GHz, 1 Watt Dummy Load

Cows, Goats, And Velvet Ropes  

Oh, you guys are going to really like this installment of our show. Just from the name of this one, you just KNOW you're in for a wacky ride this week. LoL

LOTS of good information in this one, though, so I hope you enjoy!


Carbon Cub 15cc ARF

Carbon-Z P2 Prometheus BNF

DRAK 5.8ghz Video Tx

Sawn Craft Zero Front Yard Fighter

MultiGP FPV Wing Racing Rules Announced

The "Beeker"!

Hakko Soldering Station (The one we talked about)



Gettin' Jiggy With It  

In this week's show our team discusses the success of the latest Secret Santa gift exchange, as well as some great event coverage, an upcoming event to benefit the Boy Scouts in GA, as well as a little more coverage on this registration stuff with the FAA.


AMA's Registration FAQs 

Comment On The FAA's Ruling

FAA Sued In Federal Court Over Registration

How Many Have Registered Thus Far?

The Fledermaus!

11th Annual Pecan Patch Chili Fly Coverage



Ceramic Racoons  

In this 338th installment, our last show of 2015 (recorded on December 16th), IFLYOS is back in the driver's seat. With him you'll hear Cathead, LMopar69, HatefulGravey, and NavionFlyer. There's some great discussion in this show on the FAA's and DOT's new "Drone Registration" so you'll certainly want to listen to this one!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and HAPPY NEW YEAR from your friends at TheCrashCast! May God bless each and every one of you!!

Another Crashless Cast  

This 337th show was recorded LIVE on December 9th, and is the third show WITHOUT your fearless leader. No worries though, as IFLYOS steps in to host a darned good show! Also present to round things out are LMopar69, HatefulGravey, NavionFlyer, Vintauri, and Rumbuilder.


Foam-Flite Small Charger Box

JR Colt Retro Transmitter (Nice!)

Multiplex TwinStar Brushless

Unique Model Tilt-Wing

New UMX J-3 Cub

WMPF Skinny Dipper

Vortex 250 PRO

MultiRC NAZE32 With BlackBox

Legislation Averted In Albany


It's Amazing  

This week we are without Navionflyer and Cathead, but we pick up HatefulGravey to help fill the void. We share a couple of videos, a great inaugural review by Tim King, and try to steer someone in the right direction of their first 3D Printer.


Unboxing The Phantom 3 Advanced

Super-stabile Phantom 3 Flight

Crashin', Flyin' 2016 Is Planned

Foam-Flite Small Charger Box

Sig Kadet Seniorita Review

New DL220 FPV Racing Frame

Amazon Prusa I3 Search Results

Folger Tech RepRap 2020 Prusa I3 Kit

Printrbot Play



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