...These Are Their Stories: The Law & Order Podcas

...These Are Their Stories: The Law & Order Podcas


True crime writers and pop culture podcasters Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie invite special guests to talk about ripped-from-the-headlines episodes of Law & Order, SVU, and Criminal Intent.


Erin Fox: L&O S13E24 "Smoke"  

TVGuide.com reporter Erin Fox joins the gang to discuss original recipe season 13, episode 24, "Smoke." A baby falls to his death after being dangled from a window by his celebrity father. But the investigation uncovers allegations of other improper conduct. This episode is sponsored by eSalon. Get 50% off your first box at esalon.com/lawandorder.

Lani Diane Rich: CI S1E7 "Poison"  

Lani Diane Rich, writer and host of the StoryWonk network of podcasts (Dusted, We Used to Be Friends, The Light Bulb) chimes in on Criminal Intent season 1 episode 7 "Poison." Goren and Eames hunt someone putting cyanide in headache medicine. Is she trying to kill lots of people...or just one in particular? This episode is sponsored by eSalon. Get 50% off your first box at esalon.com/lawandorder.

Sarah Hohman: L&O S5 E6 "Competence"  

Writer and comedienne Sarah Hohman joins the panel to break down original recipe season 5, episode 6 "Competence." In an episode that feels familiar today, Van Buren kills an unarmed kid during an apparent robbery. Race, gender, politics, loyalty, and intellectual disabilities all complicate the investigation.

Vaya Pashos: SVU S1E7 "Uncivilized"  

Kevin & Rebecca welcome Aussi podcaster Vaya Pashos (The Neighbuzz podcast) to talk about old school SVU, season 1 episode 7, "Uncivilized." Benson and Stabler look into the murder of an 8-year-old boy. How far are they willing to go to pin it on the neighborhood sex offender?

Mike Doughty: SVU S8 E17 "Sin"  

Singer/songwriter and L&O addict Mike Doughty joins Kevin & Rebecca to discuss SVU season 8, episode 17, "Sin." It looks like a male prostitute is murdered in a ritualized killing, but the trail leads Stabler & Benson to a charismatic preacher who may be hiding a secret. Special thanks to Alpha Loft in Portsmouth, who lent us the space to tape this episode, and to the amazing Mike Doughty, who let us use his new single, "I Can't Believe I Found You in That Town."

Brady Carlson: L&O S7E11 "Menace"  

On this installment, author and Law & Order savant Brady Carlson joins Kevin and Rebecca as they dig into the classic Mothership episode, season 7 episode 11, "Menace." A woman jumps from a crowded bridge. Did she kill herself or was she chased to her death?

Sarah D. Bunting: SVU S14E7 "Vanity's Bonfire"  

Kevin and Rebecca are joined by podcaster and Tomato Nation founder Sarah D. Bunting as they take on SVU season 14 episode 7, "Vanity's Bonfire." In this episode, the kidnapping of a baby leads the squad into the mystery of who the father is...could he be the politically powerful man hoping to avoid a scandal?

Jon Cryer: L&O S1E15-16 "The Torrents of Greed"  

In this episode, we're joined by Jon Cryer, star of "Two and a Half Men," "Pretty in Pink," and the "Undisclosed Addendum" podcast. We'll discuss Law & Order season 1, episodes 15 & 16, "The Torrents of Greed" parts 1 & 2. Greevey and Logan bust an illegal cigarette ring, but Stone can't nail the mob boss behind it. We'll also hear Jon Cryer's personal connection to the episode.

Tara Ariano: L&O S6E11 "Corpus Delicti"  

In the premier episode of "...These are Their Stories," host Kevin Flynn is joined by true crime author Rebecca Lavoie and special guest, from the "Extra Hot Great" podcast and Previously.tv, Tara Ariano. Each podcast, the panel will breakdown an episode from either SVU, Criminal Intent, or the Mothership. In this installment they look at L&O season 6, episode 9 "Corpus Delicti" - the detectives investigate the death of an expensive show horse and uncover a larger criminal scheme. In the "Ripped from the Headlines" segment, we'll learn more about the real crime that inspired this episode.

Trailer - These Are Their Stories: The Law & Order Podcast  

You might know Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie from their hit podcast Crime Writers On... But you may not fully understand the depth of Rebecca's obsession with Law and Order. So, Kevin decided to make a podcast about it. Listen to the trailer and then subscribe, because the first full-length episode of These Are Their Stories: The Law & Order Podcast is coming your way on September 12.

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