This is Why You're Single

This is Why You're Single

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Creators of the upcoming humor and advice book, Laura Lane and Angela Spera candidly breakdown real-life dating disasters with a new "reason why you're single" every week.


Bonding with Strangers Is Hard  

Angela gets unwanted attention from an admirer at work and Laura helps a friend message a match on Bumble. Then we help a listener decide whether she should take on her crush's skydiving sport and another listener confront a married man she's dating. We close out this episode by strategizing how to break the ice with strangers. This episode is sponsored by MVMT watches and Adam & Eve.

Not Everything Goes As Planned  

Laura and Angela divulge their own personal circumstances that have not gone as planned (Laura found out she's missing organs! Angela finds out that temping sucks!) and how it's affected their relationships. We discuss a new study about a quick trick to get over breakups, read horrendous online messages and help a listener decide what she should do about her sig other who's been posting sleazy Snapchats. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace and Aaptiv

Late Bloomers Still Bloom  

Laura and Angela talk about their own early and late "blooming" milestones and Angela divulges a Big-O secret (spoiler alert: she didn't learn to masturbate until college!). They also talk about bidets, a new app for "smart people" and they help a listener with a big guilty secret: she didn't tell her friends about her boyfriend and now wants to lean on them for the breakup. This episode was sponsored by Blue Apron & Le Tote.

We All Have a History ft. guest host producer (and Laura's husband) Nic Rad  

Things get personal when Laura "interrogates" her husband (who guest co-hosts for Angela) on the inner workings of their marriage, and whether or not he cares about her baggage and history. We also talk about why you maybe shouldn't share your porn tastes to your partner and we help a listener with a terrifying stalker situation. This episode is sponsored by Lola and Aaptiv.

You Aren't Changing Your Scenery  

On this week's episode we discuss how gummy bears could cause a breakup and how weed affects your sex life. Then we answer a listener who is deathly allergic to cats and just accepted a Bumble date with a cat owner. Should she risk anaphylactic shock for love?! This week's episode is brought to you by MVMT Watches and Squarespace.

Kinking Up Your Love Life ft. Dominatrix Jenny Nordbak (and guest host Nic Rad)  

We're shaking things up this week! Laura is out of town, so Producer Nic steps in to join Angela in an interview with former dominatrix-to-the-stars Jenny Nordbak! We find out what you should wear to an interview at a sex dungeon, the benefits of a blindfold in the bedroom, and why it's actually healthy to have crushes when you're in a relationship. This week's episode is brought to you by Adam & Eve and Squarespace.

Introverts Can Date Too  

This week, we ask whether it's okay to sleep with your boyfriend in your parents' house and find five ways to be better in bed. Then we give you some tips on trying to figure out if someone is an introvert or if they just hate you. This week's episode is brought to you by Adam & Eve, Lyft, and MVMT.

Love Yourself First  

This week we blow your mind with the truth about bra sizes (no one knows their correct one!), break down the three types of porn users in the world, and cheer on a listener who told off the skeeziest jerk on Tinder. This week's episode is brought to you by Thred Up, Blue Apron and Le Tote.

Focus on Your Intentions ft. Relationship expert James Rohr  

Relationship expert and acupuncturist to the stars James Rohr joins us this week to teach us about a holistic approach to manifesting the relationship you want. He also tells us what the colors of our tongues mean and shares stories from his time apprenticing for a Native American shaman. Then we counsel a listener who thinks owning a house is turning off men. This week's episode is brought to you by Beach Body, Squarespace, and Mott & Bow.

Live from SXSW: People Be Creepin  

We are live from SXSW! We help an audience member who's new boyfriend has a hot 19-year-old son. We also learn about the world's first "smart condom," and take a look at some of the creepiest online messages our listeners have received in a game called "Serial Killer or Tinder Creep?" This week's episode is brought to you by Lola, Lyft, and Squarespace.

Ignore The Haters  

This week Laura is triggered by a toilet seat, we find out why freezing your genitals is a new trend, and we play a game called "Who's Sipping the Haterade?" (spoiler: turns out more than one Disney character was kind of a hater). This week's episode is brought to you by ThredUp, Blue Apron, and Beach Body.

Celebs Are Not #RelationshipGoals ft. Who? Weekly  

This week Laura and Angela welcome Lindsey Weber, co-host of the Who? Weekly podcast and our future SXSW stage buddy. We discuss mediocre celebrity couples, dating clones, and a surprise feud with Jesse Tyler Ferguson. This week's episode is brought to you by Adam and Eve, MVMT Watches, and Squarespace.

Own Your Sex Appeal ft. Model & Comedian Syd Wilder  

Youtube star and sexy lady Syd Wilder joins us this week to talk boob jobs, sex tapes and encourage Laura and Angela to take a nude photo shoot featuring alpacas. Things get interesting. This week's episode is brought to you by Lyft and Squarespace.

STD Shaming Will Kill You ft. Jennifer Wright  

This week, we welcome back one of our favorite guests, author Jennifer Wright! Jennifer's new book, Get Well Soon, is all about plagues which, you may be surprised to learn, does have something to do with dating! Join us as we chat syphilis, hero Uber drivers, and why you shouldn't suggest staying "friends" with every person you dump. This week's episode is brought to you by Spring, Thred Up, and Blue Apron!

Valentines Day Special 2017  

This week, Laura and Angela are each other's Valentines. That means awkward gift exchanges, tales of V-days past and lot's of candy. Join us and let's get romantical! This week's episode is sponsored by Adam and Eve, BioClarity, and Squarespace.

Changing People Never Works  

This week Laura and Angela discover an app that busts cheaters that are using Tinder, a study that makes them feel ok about seeking out revenge, and the kind of guy most likely to give you an orgasm (spoiler: being attractive is a factor). Then we breakdown why changing people never works with a little help from Tai from Clueless. This week's episode is sponsored by Adam & Eve ( offer code: SINGLE BioClarity ( offer code: SINGLE MVMT Watches ( Show them some love!

It's Okay to Always Be a Bridesmaid ft. Professional bridesmaid Jen Glantz  

This week we welcome professional bridesmaid and author Jen Glantz and find out how a Craigslist ad for desperate brides turned into a whole business. We also chat about how often ladies get cold feet before walking down the aisle, give feedback on a listener's bridezilla horror stories, and go over the do's and don'ts of bridesmaid etiquette. This week's episode is sponsored by BioClarity, Spring, and Blue Apron!

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger  

This week Laura and Angela channel the goddess Kelly Clarkson's almighty anthem. We also talk about how cat poop could be affecting your sex life, how diamonds are actually worthless, and answer a listener who slept with 2 of her ex's best friends. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace!( Offer Code: SINGLE

It's Okay to be a Hot Mess Sometimes ft. The Hot Mess Girls  

It's an all-lady podcasting party this week when we are joined by Emily Lubin and Andrea Allan, the girls of the Hot Mess Comedy Hour podcast. They share their biggest hot mess moments (which involve a burrito and mailing clipped finger nails) and then we answer a listener whose boyfriend was sexting with his sister-in-law. Yikes. This week's episode is brought to you by Lola! ( / offer code: single) (*code is lowercase*) and BioClarity! ( / offer code: SINGLE)

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