This Week I Learned

This Week I Learned

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This weekly podcast series is your audio guide to the most fascinating and fun revelations, reports, and studies on the internet. Quick, concise, and infectiously entertaining, This Week I Learned promises to make learning fun again. New episodes: every Friday.


Ep. 44: This week I learned United once offered men-only flights complete with 'manly' services, and more  

Flying the 'club in the sky' | The evolution of expression | The Synalpheus pinkfloydi | The mystery of the 'Tsavo Two'

Ep. 43: This week I learned you're tying your shoes wrong, and more  

How to tie your shoes | SCOTUS hazing | The 1993 pantsuit revolution | Get your baby a dog

Ep. 42: This week I learned how Las Vegas once cashed in on 'atomic tourism,' and more  

Las Vegas' 'atomic tourism' | Why we lose sleep as we age | The cost of intelligence in the wild | One is the loneliest cold

Ep. 41: This week I learned that sleep walking is an evolutionary trait gone terribly wrong, and more  

The ancient origins of sleep walking | The spinach heart | A woman's right to go by her own name | The two faces of the smiley emoji

Ep. 40: This week I learned the word pink used to mean yellow, and more  

Pink’s murky origins | Our wide-eyed transition from water to land | The super blind mind | The ever mischievous Jane Austen

Ep. 39: This week I learned some metals have memory, and more  

Metal memory | Living the slow life history strategy | Your dog, the liar | Why we itch

38: This week I learned you could probably outrun a T. Rex, and more  

Rex, speed walker | Forever-young ants | Tattoos for health? | The sad truth about seltzer

37: This week I learned the unexpected ways an asteroid could kill us all, and more  

How an asteroid takes us down | The revolting necessity of vultures | That "grima" feeling | Sleepless in the Serengeti

Ep. 36: This week I learned why we're all suckers for the good cop/bad cop routine, and more  

The emotional seesaw phenomenon | Fatherhood hormones | How fish "talk" | Introducing: Zealandia!

Ep. 35: This week I learned honeybees say 'oops' when they're startled, and more  

Decoding clumsy bees | Your morning cup of memory boost | Goat BFFs | Panda diplomacy

Ep. 34: This week I learned that Brazil and France almost went to war over lobster, and more  

The Lobster War | The efficiency of right-hand loops | How whales yell | Lunar hay fever

Ep. 33: This week I learned dogs dig reggae, and more  

Music fit for a dog | A plant's smelly defense | Our terrifying ancestors | The mystery of synched pendulums

Ep. 32: This week I learned ancient otters were terrifyingly huge, and more  

Wolf-sized otters | How nicotine calms a schizophrenic brain | The real power of ritual | Where the Declaration of Independence safely sleeps

Ep. 31: This week I learned the CIA once hired psychics for intelligence gathering, and more  

Program Star Gate | Human-hunting vampire bats | Leonie, the asexual zebra shark mom | The dinosaurs' cold, dark death

Ep. 30: This week I learned your appendix might be useful after all, and more  

Your hard-working appendix | Cramming for exercise | The end of the Megalodon shark | Baby talk and your dog

Ep. 29: This week I learned how fake news can be good for your brain, and more  

A benefit to fake news | Dinosaur eggs and doom | The perils of cotton swabs | Your filthy money

Ep. 28: This week I learned 1 in 8 people is carrying around remnants of a twin consumed in the womb, and more  

The vanishing twins phenomenon | Garlic-enhanced BO | Who sells seashells by the seashore? | The scientific curiosity of reindeer eyes

Ep. 27: This week I learned cavemen brushed their teeth, and more  

The dental hygiene of cavemen | The bagpiper and the penguin | Your breath, your health | The brain-boosting benefits of the sauna

Ep. 26: This week I learned how to tell if a rat is smiling, and more  

How rat smile | Is man-flu real? | How sleep hard-wires negative thoughts | Movie set snow of the 1940s

Ep. 25: This week I learned plants can be conditioned just like Pavlov's dog, and more  

Pavlov's plant | The sad evolution of tuskless elephants | Sleep deprivation can lift depression | Your joyless MP3s

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