This Week I Learned

This Week I Learned

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This weekly podcast series is your audio guide to the most fascinating and fun revelations, reports, and studies on the internet. Quick, concise, and infectiously entertaining, This Week I Learned promises to make learning fun again. New episodes: every Friday.


Ep. 61: This week I learned late-night snacking might make you more prone to sunburns, and more  

Midnight snacking and sunburns | Why we hold babies on the left | Disney’s propaganda machine | The science of sound underwater

Ep. 60: This week I learned it might be possible to learn while you sleep, and more  

Finally, sleep-learning! | Your impeccably organized taste system | Brilliant bees | When athletes used cocaine to train

Ep. 59: This week I learned the only way to use your phone at night without messing with your sleep, and more  

Blue-blockers for smartphone addicts | Jimmy wants to lower Jimmy's stress | Who's the boss? Baby knows. | The great Mona Lisa heist of 1911

Ep. 58: This week I learned why so many people order tomato juice on airplanes, and more  

The science of bad airplane food | Why you're such a mosquito magnet | Ban soap! | The shy shark

Ep. 57: This week I learned what it would take to obliterate all life on Earth, and more  

The surprising resilience of life | Jane Austen, home brewer | You're junk, DNA | The mind-cleansing effect of showering

Ep. 56: This week I learned praying mantises are killing your hummingbirds and eating their brains, and more  

Praying mantises go for the brain | Frogs have ridiculously soft tongues | The 'poorly sleeping grandparent hypothesis' | Coral's magnificent protective glow

Ep. 55: This week I learned even smelling your food can make you fat, and more  

How smell affects your weight | The memory boost of forgetfulness | Frogs, evolutionary opportunists | The inspiring fiction of Betty Crocker

Ep. 54: This week I learned just having your phone nearby is making you dumber, and more  

The smartphone brain drain | The funky thing blinking does to your brain | The sisterhood of traveling vampire bats | How a California mailman gave us avocados

Ep. 53: This week I learned that looking at puppies can save your marriage, and more  

An excuse to look at puppies! | Heat-related airplane delays | The sea’s paragon of parenting | The most spectacular migration on Earth

Ep. 52: This week I learned that a low-carb diet may be changing your personality, and more  

New diet, new you | Spain's time-zone woes | The mysteriously flexible pine trees | The dark origin of the word 'gypped'

Ep. 51: This week I learned the dark origin story of the seat belt, and more  

Hugh DeHaven was obsessed with accidents | A raven's revenge | The better, simpler way to wash your hands

Ep. 50: This week I learned flight times are longer now than they were 50 years ago, and more  

Airline regress | Rainmaking fungi | Semantic satiation | The spider web that gets stronger the more it kills

Ep. 49: This week I learned how the world's hottest chili would kill you, and more  

Don't eat the Dragon's Breath | Your cannibalistic brain | Oral Allergy Syndrome! | How flamingos balance

Ep. 48: This week I learned about a 'zombie madness' that consumed medieval English villagers, and more  

Medieval 'zombie madness' | The powers of happy memory | The bizarre breastfeeding habits of orangutans | The twisted origins of dentistry

Ep. 47: This week I learned smiling actually makes you look older, and more  

The fairest expression of them all | Language is a time warp | The lady pirates of the 18th century | The brain-breaking regularity of stripes

Ep. 46: This week I learned squirrels were once America's most beloved pet, and more  

The beloved pet squirrel | Ban workplace complaining | Astronauts with nothing to wear | Why we prune in the bath

Ep. 45: This week I learned female dragonflies will fake death to avoid male suitors, and more  

How female dragonflies escape male suitors | Believing your broken heart better | Your dog feels you | Meet the space phenomenon called 'Steve'

Ep. 44: This week I learned United once offered men-only flights complete with 'manly' services, and more  

Flying the 'club in the sky' | The evolution of expression | The Synalpheus pinkfloydi | The mystery of the 'Tsavo Two'

Ep. 43: This week I learned you're tying your shoes wrong, and more  

How to tie your shoes | SCOTUS hazing | The 1993 pantsuit revolution | Get your baby a dog

Ep. 42: This week I learned how Las Vegas once cashed in on 'atomic tourism,' and more  

Las Vegas' 'atomic tourism' | Why we lose sleep as we age | The cost of intelligence in the wild | One is the loneliest cold

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