This Week I Learned

This Week I Learned

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This weekly podcast series is your audio guide to the most fascinating and fun revelations, reports, and studies on the internet. Quick, concise, and infectiously entertaining, This Week I Learned promises to make learning fun again. New episodes: every Friday.


Ep. 31: This week I learned the CIA once hired psychics for intelligence gathering, and more  

Program Star Gate | Human-hunting vampire bats | Leonie, the asexual zebra shark mom | The dinosaurs' cold, dark death

Ep. 30: This week I learned your appendix might be useful after all, and more  

Your hard-working appendix | Cramming for exercise | The end of the Megalodon shark | Baby talk and your dog

Ep. 29: This week I learned how fake news can be good for your brain, and more  

A benefit to fake news | Dinosaur eggs and doom | The perils of cotton swabs | Your filthy money

Ep. 28: This week I learned 1 in 8 people is carrying around remnants of a twin consumed in the womb, and more  

The vanishing twins phenomenon | Garlic-enhanced BO | Who sells seashells by the seashore? | The scientific curiosity of reindeer eyes

Ep. 27: This week I learned cavemen brushed their teeth, and more  

The dental hygiene of cavemen | The bagpiper and the penguin | Your breath, your health | The brain-boosting benefits of the sauna

Ep. 26: This week I learned how to tell if a rat is smiling, and more  

How rat smile | Is man-flu real? | How sleep hard-wires negative thoughts | Movie set snow of the 1940s

Ep. 25: This week I learned plants can be conditioned just like Pavlov's dog, and more  

Pavlov's plant | The sad evolution of tuskless elephants | Sleep deprivation can lift depression | Your joyless MP3s

Ep. 24: This week I learned your brain doesn't know the difference between feeling high and feeling spiritual, and more  

Your brain on God | The complex memory of dogs | Spider daddy issues | The rule of re-freezing food

Ep. 23: This week I learned 'ahoy' was nearly the universal telephone greeting, and more  

The origins of the telephone greeting | The hijacking effects of eye contact | The other Gettysburg Address | The only government agency with a catchy theme song

Ep. 22: This week I learned Australia wiggles back and forth, pigs can be optimists, and more  

Australia's seasonal dance | A pigpen, half full | George Washington's herculean immune system | A brief history of "baby shows"

Ep. 21: This week I learned there's a bright side to the gripping fear of death, and more  

A fear of death is good for you | Stop washing your office coffee mug | The science behind a lump in your throat | The envious work-life balance of medieval peasants

Ep. 20: This week I learned elevator close-door buttons don’t do anything, and more  

The uselessness of the elevator close-button | The most effective workout motivator | The confidence-boosting effects of disgust | Marijuana's influence on night vision

Ep. 19: This week I learned stressful jobs can actually prolong your life, and more  

What makes a stressful job healthy | Patient Zero's mistaken identity | A lost language's mark on the brain | Drought disrupts fall foliage

Ep. 18: This week I learned fish have accents, and more  

The particular sadness of fish dialects | Relieve an itch with trickery | Don't refrigerate tomatoes | The Donald Trump of the 1800s

Ep. 17: This week I learned your avocado is radioactive, and more  

Everyday radiation | Embracing your middle name | The dark origins of the Nobel Prizes | The jiu jitsu-fighting suffragettes

Ep. 16: This week I learned dogs can tell time with their noses, and more  

Dogs sense time through smell | The life-extending effects of humor | Easing regret through temperature | The pineapple's luxe history

15: This week I learned your dog may be smarter than your kid, and more  

Dogs are practical learners | Good news for acne sufferers | The health boosts of a happy spouse | Pureed pumpkin is a lie

14: This week I learned why turbulence isn’t as scary as it feels, and more  

The science of turbulence | Pigeons can read! | The health benefits of fidgeting | Do big ears hear better?

13: This week I learned binge watching TV is good for your relationship, and more  

Binge watching as couples therapy | You're imagining your nicotine addiction | Why paper cuts hurt so much | The sartorial defense against snakebites

Ep. 12: This week I learned why you should celebrate airline baggage fees, and more  

Your bag shouldn't fly free | The sixth taste | Your cat wants to work | The love songs of coral fish

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