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Tomorrow with Joshua Topolsky is a podcast about what's happening right now — and next — in the world of culture, technology and the internet, music, movies, politics, and more. Whether it's dissecting the news of the day or having an in-depth conversation with a creator, deep thinker, or artist, Tomorrow will be the best hour of funny, weird, and wonderful you'll get all week. Contact us at for any comments, thoughts or veiled threats.


Episode 74: Katie Drummond is Not Doing the Bone  

This week Josh sits down with Katie Drummond, editor-in-cheif at Gizmodo and an all around swell person. As audio podcasts go, it's fantastic... but what if it were more than that? What if, through the power of virtual reality, you could hear them discuss Playstation, Ken Bone, and Soylent bars inside an active volcano, or under the ocean, or in whatever other scenario you can dream up? Soon enough you can, and it'll only cost you $1000. That is, if you can find Palmer Luckey. Enjoy the audio delight now, but before you know it... it'll just be the background noise to your adventures in the underwater sex volcano.

Episode 73: Leah Finnegan: I Am Marie Condo  

This week Josh takes a moment to enjoy the view with Leah Finnegan, a senior editor at The Outline, formerly of Gawker and Cosmopolitan. Between the two of them, there's trends flying out everywhere. From Amazon sweatshirts to McDonald's to red wine, you'll leave this hour knowing more about what's in vogue then ever before. That is, if you're willing to wear Prada shoes, take HGH, get the Politico newsletter, and go Mega Vi.

Episode 72: TC Sottek's Corner of the Sky  

This week Josh sits down with one of our favorite guests, managing editor of The Verge TC Sottek. Here are some tidbits we learn about TC: -He has never seen The Voice. -He doesn't like video games that incorrectly portray DC. -He cancelled his HBO. -He hates snowmobiles, mostly. -He's suspicious of your sea colony. How could you dare miss a conversation like this? Great your PSP Vita and your breakfast biscuits... because we're off to episode 72!

Episode 71: Trickling Down with Ryan Houlihan  

This is a very special episode we have here, very special, everyone agrees. Josh, who's really quite a guy, sat down with the show's producer, great comedian and a huge writer, Ryan Houlihan – who's just one of the top people, just a top guy – to discuss last night's debate between Crooked Hillary and The King of Debt: Donald Trump. It's really extensive, totally, believe me. It's really amazing, really high quality and under budget. Just superb, a knockout. Really dig in and try and understand this, it's truly a great episode, honestly. We're not just bragging – people are talking about it, CNN's covered it. You'll check it out, you'll see.

Episode 70: Adrianne Jeffries Has Deactivated  

Dear Reader, I write you from the future. A future where Episode 70 is hailed as a prescient and important document that refocused our society's priorities. Josh sat down with Adrianne Jeffries, a senior editor at The Outline and former editor and reporter for Motherboard and The Verge, and what happened changed history forever. Do you know how insignificant your silly phone updates are to us, your children's children's children? They aren't even a blip in our history books! You're impressed by Twitter and messaging stickers when somewhere in the world people are perfecting gene editing techniques? Preposterous! The only person who truly knew what was important was Adrianne. Absorb her wisdom and be better for it.

Episode 69: Paul Ford in the Funny Valley  

Okay, this might sound insane but hear us out: Have you heard about Paul Ford? The reptilian overlord who carries out false flag operations against Hillary Clinton's body double? This week Josh, noted Zionist shill, sits down with the mysterious figure to discuss the seltzer controversy, the internet's notorious egg people, and where all the toothpaste is coming from. You will absolutely not want to miss out on this information, information the media DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE – especially if you're a snake handler or a word processing drone.

Episode 68: Oi, It's Jesse Cohen!  

Yo bae, are you down with Jesse? Yasssssss kween you luv his hot takes on the squad! Fleek! Just kidding, Jesse Cohen, member of the band Tanlines and host of the music podcast No Effects, is here to talk to Josh about knowing his place in the commentary on youth culture, his experience with babies, his beliefs about streaming media, and what he thinks about the VMAs. If you'd like to know what the two J's think about all this, then Episode 68 is going to be your jam – just make sure you have the Sunday New York Times with you.

Episode 67: Aaron Edwards is Finding His Roots  

Have you seen the musical Cats? Neither has Josh – but Aaron Edwards, a senior editor at The Outline, has a plan to ensure he enjoys every moment of those "jellicle cats." What kind of cat is a "jellicle cat," you ask? Well, first: A jellicle cat would listen to Josh and Aaron talk about their family histories. Second: A jellicle cat would never, ever rush through Frank Ocean's new album... it would know that it is to be savored. And third: A jellicle cat would be happy for the Rio Olympians, but would not sit down and watch a lot of the games. That's what a "pollicle dog" would do. If you don't understand what we're talking about, have another brownie and get educated as you absorb the overpowering emotion of Andrew Lloyd Weber and episode 67. Meow!

Episode 66: Consulting With Aminatou Sow  

Do you like smart, funny, driven women? Do you want to know the secrets of success? Do you want insight into one of the internet's most dynamic minds? Do you wonder about the markup on wooden toys? You probably answered a resounding yes to all those questions, which is why we at Tomorrow are proud to present episode 66. This episode finds our host Josh talking with the one and only Aminatou Sow – a podcaster, consultant, and media strategist of international renown.

Episode 65: Ashley Feinberg is Humanizing Us All  

Gawker writer and member of the LIBERAL MEDIA Ashley Feinberg is here to tell Josh all about the stories she's twisted about me, Donald Trump. Pathetic! She thinks she has some hilarious insights into my personality because of some anecdotes about my fear of needles and lies about the state of my hair? Sad! I've got the best hair, ask my friends – of all races! I've been pulling in RECORD RATINGS – everybody agrees, believe me – meanwhile she's spouting off about Ted Cruz's soup collection and Jeb Bush's weird clothing? As if! Really nasty stuff, truly. Listen to Episode 65 and see just how UNRELIABLE a Clinton fan and investigative journalist like her can really be! Sad!

Episode 64: The Outline of Josh  

As you might have heard, Josh has some news for us about his latest project, The Outline. Which is cool and probably going to change the worlds of publishing and news media... but before we get to that, he lets Ryan distract him with talk about P90X, Donald Trump, bagels, and cross-dressing French princes. Josh is really excited to share his new vision with you listeners but apparently Ryan really needs to talk about HitClips and complain about his father's Instagram presence – so we're just gonna get that out of the way. To hear about the current state of Josh's life's work check out episode 64. But first: Did you know Ryan had Splenda ice cream for breakfast? It was gross!

Episode 63: Conspiring With Sam Biddle  

From: Tomorrow Podcast Sent: Tuesday, July 26th 2016 To: Loyal Listeners Subject: Sam Biddle, Reporter at The Intercept Getting intel that Sam Biddle and Joshua Topolsky discuss the DNC Leaks, the influence of money on politics, Superman, and bad comedy. Sam is apparently as hilarious, informed, and charming a guest as always – but word on the street is that Episode 63 is a must listen. Please CC all parties this may concern. Regards!

Episode 62: Mike Drucker Will Activate Skynet  

COME ON DOWN TO EPISODE 62, IT'S LIT! Josh is hosting the hottest event of the year, with the hottest guest: Mike Drucker – podcaster, stand up, and writer for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. We're planning a rager with all your favorite podcast topics, such as: -Clubbing for profit -Japanese video games -The level of nerdiness we can each get away with -The hottest Thank You notes on TV -Terminator Genisys -Freedom Fries -Neil Gaiman Drinks are BYOB and this party will go on all night... or until the episode ends. Listeners get in free.

Episode 61: Sally Kohn is Radical  

(Tomorrow News) – Unnamed sources in New York tell us that JOSHUA TOPOLSKY and CNN political commentator and writer SALLY KOHN sat down to discuss the horrible events this week. Reports are coming in that they attempt to grapple with the political and social realities America is facing, reflect on the issues the white community needs to own up to, and try and sort out exactly who's facing the worst abuse on Twitter. Though there's no way they could solve any of this themselves, we're hearing that they came to some pretty enlightening conclusions and simply hope to have started a dialogue on where we need to go. We'll update you on the situations as Episode 61 unfolds.

Episode 60: Halle Kiefer, If That's Her Real Name  

The podcast is coming from inside the smartphone – and it's a ghost. Or a zombie. Or an alien. Or... oh, it doesn't matter. As Josh and comedian/writer Halle Kiefer discover this episode: Only John Carpenter makes a solid horror movie. They also touch on TV set in Los Angeles, explore the Lifetime film canon, and diminish the importance of Improv as an art form. Before the show's over, you'll know quite a bit about about how to impersonate Aziz Ansari, how to steal Jennie Garth's hair, and, of course, how to fake your way into a consulting job. The secrets of the cosmos are contained in Episode 60. And they'll horrify you.

Episode 59: Felix Salmon Explains The Brexit  

Oh Britain, what have you done? No, seriously, what have you done...? Because not only does this "Brexit" stuff not make any political sense, but your friends across the pond are still a bit fuzzy on the details. To get to the bottom of all this, Josh enlisted Felix Salmon, one of the UK's finest, host of Slate's Money podcast, and a Senior Editor at Fusion, to explain all of this to us as best he can. Why would anyone do this? Why was any of this even on the table? Is this whole thing legally binding? Will Scotland and Northern Ireland leave the UK in the dust? Can Americans finally feel superior to the Brits for the first time in decades? In Episode 59, Felix helps us find as many answers as any person can on this sloppy, sloppy planet.

Episode 58: Scheming with Ryan Houlihan  

Hello, and welcome to this one in a million content opportunity! Do you like comedy? Do you like music? Do you like making money? Then boy, hold on to your seats! Media maverick Joshua Topolsky and some guy named Ryan Houlihan have an innovation that's disrupting the micro-transaction sponsored content landscape of media growth as you know it! Join them as they dive into a discussion of bad sitcoms, identity humor, and the 80's, 90's, and today. All you need to do is listen to this podcast, pass it along to 5 friends, and have them pass it along to five friends... simple as that! Before you know it, Josh is rich, Ryan might also be, and you have a shot at some door prizes. Your Tomorrow is bright, so jump right into Episode 58.

Episode 57: E. Alex Jung, Allegedly  

This episode is an (allegedly) amazing discussion between Josh and associate editor at Vulture E. Alex Jung. It's (reportedly) all about representation in media – or the lack thereof. They (may or may not) talk about where you can find asian people on TV, why more and more online publications are scared to publish controversial opinions, and America's festering prejudices. (We cannot confirm or deny that) they diddle around topics like who in Hollywood might be using their powers for evil, or how exactly those people could silence their critics. Legally speaking, there's no way to know if any of this is true or not without listening to Episode 57 yourself.

Episode 56: Clarity with Laura June  

Dearest Podcast Listener, We cordially invite you to a discussion between media power couple Joshua “I-ironically-pretend-to-enjoy-things-I-later-earnestly-like” Topolsky and the esteemed writer, editor, and author Laura “Zelda keeps breaking my pens” June. To stimulate your mind, the two shall hash out the issues swirling around the media’s coverage of Brock “White Privilege” Turner. They also plan a sweeping discussion of what Hillary “Democratic Nominee” Clinton’s campaign means for the future of the presidency and our society, following Mrs. Clinton’s presumptive defeat of Bernard “Jerome Antonius Jeffrey Bernie NoMiddleName Dorothy Dot” Sanders. If time allows, the pair will also perform a ceremonial evisceration of Donald “I’m a racist!” Trump. Please RSVP at your earliest convenience, as space is limited for the once-in-a-lifetime event known as “Episode 56.”

Episode 55: Michael Shane Has No Fear  

On this episode you will hear Josh and Managing Editor of Bloomberg Digital Michael Shane: -Find out the meaning of Memorial Day -Talk through the lifecycle of a modern newsroom -Discuss how Peter Thiel plans to shut you up -Reminisce about Starship Troopers -Complain about Apple's clunky interfaces -Discover how boring superhero movies are now -End on a positive note Is it funny? Yes. Is it enlightening? Yes. Is it passionate? Of course... but you'll only discover that by listening yourself! Open your ears, mind, and heart to Episode 55 or forever wonder about what could have been.

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