Ellen page and Allison Janney at the centre of a lot of bad decisions.


You will argue about this movie so, so much after you've seen it.

Down Under  

Profane, Blackly Funny, Broad and Bloody. Could we please have more of these?

Jason Bourne  

Serious Spy is Serious

Star Trek: Beyond  

It somehow manages to combine the best elements of the rebooted Trek universe with the ethos of what made classic Trek so enduring and inspiring.


Will it ruin your childhood? Huh? Will It?

Finding Dory  

It doesn't tug on your heartstrings. It chokes and binds you with hearstrings

Warcraft: The Beginning  

A lot of interesting ideas and technique in a movie that doesn't really nail it.

Money Monster  

Money. Failure. Men

Hunt for the Wilderpeople  

Sorry. The best movie of the year is from New Zealand

X-Men: Apocalypse  

Bland, rushed, undercooked.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot  

Tina Fey: Dramatic Actor? Sure. Why not.

Midnight Special  

A masterclass in how to hook you into a moment.

The Jungle Book  

The kid is a little bit green at times but still, The Jungle Book is one of the surprise early gems of Hollywood blockbuster season. Have a listen - even if you don't think it's the kind of movie you wanna see - cos I reckon I might be able to change your mind.


Politics at the highest point in the world is tense. Bloody fantastic movie.


Politics at the highest point in the world is tense. Bloody fantastic movie.

10 Cloverfield Lane  

Listen to nothing... other than this review. Which is very spoiler-free.

Hail, Caesar  

Lies, Damned Lies and Movie Trailers


Hate or Love. That's how its gonna be.

Steve Jobs  

Sorkin + Fassbender + Boyle = Excellent

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