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Ep. 12: True Crime Audio – Antoinette Tuff Talks Down Would-Be School Shooter  

Introduction No script here, and I think no script will be the norm for these True Crime Audio episodes, since I do hardly any talking. In fact, I didn’t do any story-specific talking in this episode. The only non-archival speaking is done by a text-to-speech app which reads the information quoted below: On August 20, […]

Ep. 11: The Disappearance of Sherri Vanessa Holland  

Editor’s Note This episode contains some experiments. I was so focused on research and writing for this episode that I forgot to mention any of the following on the recording. Please let me know via the post comments, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook or VOICEMAIL (another experiment I’ll announce in an upcoming episode) at 724-24-CRIME. The title: I’ve been trying to […]

Ep. 10: True Crime Audio – The Murders of Brisenia and Raul Flores  

No script for Ep. 10, just a big list ‘o sources. Clip from Horizonte about Forde sentencing Clip from PBS debate featuring Shawna Forde KVOA: Leader of ‘Minuteman’ Group Arrested for Murder Photo Essay: Why Brisenia Flores Matters | Crooks and Liars Fellow Inmate Speaks: Jodi Arias ‘Concerned’ About Admitting ‘Fog’ Lifted During Murder –– […]

Ep. 9: Duval sisters, Kirsten Fritch, Sabrina Matthews, Sherri Holland, Gaby Gonzalez  

I know it took a long time, but here it is, Episode 9. Don’t forget to save a friend from a bland TCR-less life by telling them to subscribe! Shout-outs Revbom0z7: Love this podcast So informative and loving the emergency calls being added in at times. It gives a real insight to each story and […]

Ep. 8: Gordon Semple, Erica Parsons, Sarah DeLeon, Paradise Torso Case  

Introduction Thanks to these folks for offering kind words on Facebook and iTunes: Carol Laura Dianne FernandaMe Jayne blondesx40x I updated the big giant enormous list of true crime podcasts at There are more than 100 true crime podcasts on that list, and it’s growing all the time. Which leads me to… Podcast Recommendation […]

Ep. 7: Emergency Audio – Townville Elementary School Shooting and the Murder of Jacob Hall  

Episode Introduction A quick technical note before we get into the substance of Episode 7. This is an Emergency Audio episode. These episodes include at least one Emergency Audio call or similar audio like police radio traffic (this one actually includes both). I try to keep length reasonable, but, at least so far, I haven’t […]

Ep. 6 – Victoria Martens, Erica Parsons, Scarlett Keeling  

Introduction I know I skipped a week. I’m sorry. I’m not happy about it either. Correction: Victoria Martens’ rapists and killers, who I’ll remind you included her mother, who had arranged several rapes of her own daughter previously and who enjoyed watching the rapes take place, pleaded NOT guilty to all charges; Source I’m covering two […]

Ep. 4.5: 911 Audio – Woman Kidnapped By Alleged Ohio Serial Killer Shawn Grate  

I’m going to occasionally add 911 calls to the feed when they’re especially compelling. These will always be “.5” episodes with titles starting with “911 Audio.” This one is the audio from the 911 call made by an unnamed female kidnapping victim of Shawn Grate, who has since been tied to as many as five homicides. Cleveland’s […]

Ep. 5: Emergency Audio – Kidnapped Serial Killer Shawn Grate  

— This Emergency Audio episode includes the audio from the 911 call made by an unnamed female kidnapping victim of Shawn Grate, who has since [been tied to as many as five homicides][11]. I drastically reduced the volume of the ear-shattering “beeeeeeps” authorities inserted to censor personal information and compressed the audio to remove clipping. […]

Ep. 4 – Victoria Martens, Jessica Runions, Chris Zahl  

True Crime Review - Ep. 4: Victoria Martens, Jessica Runions, Chris Zahl

Ep. 3 – Jacob Wetterling, Ghost Weddings and More  

Topics Minnesota cold case cracked open by sad discovery Kidnapped Pa. wife shot dead had feared husband would kill her Authorities questioning abduction story in Montana woman’s death Gang murders two mentally disabled women to sell as corpse brides for ‘ghost weddings’ Subscribe iTunes Google Play Stitcher Overcast Soundcloud Pocket Casts TuneIn Podtail Audioboom Blubrry […]

Ep. 2 – Russian Serial Rapist, PSU Professor and Crucifix Murder  

Topics Mum wants death penalty for monster who raped daughter leaving her so traumatised she’s unable to speak a year later PSU professor might have stayed alive for days after fatal push into quarry Mother Accused Of Killing Daughter With Crucifix Says She Was ‘Possessed’ [Primary Source Document] Juanita Gomez Probable Cause Affidavit Subscribe iTunes […]

Ep. 1 – Victoria Martens, Brittanee Drexel and Chinese Serial Killer  

Topics Victoria Martens Brittanee Drexel Chinese serial killer, married father of two, caught Subscribe iTunes Google Play Stitcher Overcast Soundcloud Pocket Casts TuneIn Podtail Audioboom Blubrry RSS Connect Email: Facebook: Twitter: Reddit: Scribd: Credits Intro and outro use clips from “Our Planet is Lost” by Entropy Audio on their record Cyber Sol. Find them […]

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