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Henry Rollins once said "Nothing brings people together more than mutual hatred"- and Iliza Shlesinger believes that. It's the driving force behind war, political movements, and trickling all the way down to a really good cat fight on an episode of Real Housewives. Iliza believes that there is too much positivity in the world and we all get excited for things that make us happy for moments, but ultimately fade. "Truth and Iliza" believes that anger lasts longer than love; and sometimes anger can create a beautiful thing. Join Iliza Shlesinger and her friends talk about all the things that bother them on "Truth and Iliza" every Tuesday!


Alison Rosen  

The ever so lovely Alison Rosen joins Iliza on this week’s episode and know that she is not fat, she’s pregnant! Alison shares with Iliza all the surprising aspects of her first pregnancy. They then move on to discuss the values of being a woman and share many a laugh along the way. Alison Rosen is totally Iliza’s New Best Friend!

Jake & Amir  

Hey truckers! Tune in for a rare DOUBLE guest pod with Jake & Amir. They join Iliza to talk about all the things that make them snobs: from t-shirts to travel. There’s also talk of the overrated Palm Springs, what it’s like to watch comedy, and how they both simply aren’t invited to Iliza’s Halloween party. It’s a hilarious episode so check it out!

Peri Gilpin  

Brace yourselves. Not only is Peri Gilpin the most perfect guest of all time—Because not only is she stunning. Not only is she from Dallas, too. But simply, she provides a phenomenal, substantive conversation about acting, raising children, and just simply being rad

Margaret Cho  

This week Iliza gets to sit down with comedy royalty, Margaret Cho. They start off with mutual annoyance around hugging, the more personal space the better! Then they dive into a thoughtful conversation about the struggles of being a woman in the world, and in comedy.

Kyle Kinane  

One of the most well known voices in comedy, Kyle Kinane joins Iliza to talk about his Netflix special (dropping on October 15th). They talk about Crab Daiquiris, why being angry all the time isn't sustainable, and how awkward it is to take press photos.


Check out this interview I had done previously with the great Jay Leno. From the original post: "Iliza Shlesinger basks in the glow of Jay Leno as they discuss success, comedy ethics, struggles and The Tonight Show- it's all the stories comics need to hear froma man who has lived through all of it. You want to know about comedy and about yourself as a comic? Listen to this man." Catch me at the Denver Comedy Works, 10/13 to 10/15. More dates at

Kevin Nealon  

This week the hilarious, and talented Kevin Nealon sits down to chat with Iliza. They cover everything from comedy to punctuality. It's a must listen!!

Jane Leeves  

The funny, graceful, talented Jane Leeves (Hot in Cleveland, and Iliza's all time favorite, Frasier) stops by to talk with Iliza. It started as a respectable discussion about acting and slowly began to unravel and at one point the phrase, "Can I do my favorite Frasier quote for you?" fell out of Iliza's mouth. Enjoy!! This is a can't miss!

Russell Howard (LIVE from Just For Laughs 2016)  

Russell Howard, brilliant English comedian, actor, and television presenter, joins Iliza at Just For Laughs Festival for the first ever LIVE episode of Truth and Iliza!

Chris Kelly  

Iliza is joined by new SNL co head writer Chris Kelly. They talk life and discuss the movie he wrote and directed, Other People (out in theaters now)

Jen Kirkman  

Iliza is joined by the hilarious and talented, Jen Kirkman. They cover the epic saga that is the American healthcare system, what it's like being on the road most of the year, and the strange compliments fans give you.

Rolling Solo  

After a last minute cancellation, Iliza decides to Facebook Live a solo episode. She talks pet peeves around Hollywood men, getting sick, and busts out her interview alter ego.

Sarah Colonna  

Newly married, Sarah Colonna, joins Iliza to talk about her wedding, what it's actually like working as touring comedian, writing books, and so much more.

Phil Hendrie  

This week Iliza brings a conversation with radio legend Phil Hendrie. They talk about how he created his radio characters, and a couple even stop by, and Iliza talks about how influential Phil is to the comedy community.

Michele Morrow  

Stepping out of the comedy realm and into video games this week, Iliza sits down with Michele Morrow (Geek & Sundry, WoW). They talk about Michele's start playing video games, and how it led her to Twitch streaming. Iliza shares a story about her car, and Michele explains how she injured her shoulder.

Howie Mandel  

Iliza goes remote to Howie Mandel's offices in Van Nuys. He shares stories about his struggles with OCD and Hollywood. Iliza asks about his prank shows, and why he thinks practical jokes are so hilarious. Plus Howie shares his tips for how to be truly happy.

Mayim Bialik  

Back again with an all new episode with her new best friend, Iliza sits down with Mayim Bialik (BLOSSOM, BIG BANG THEORY). Iliza learns what it means to have a degree in Jewish studies (and what that means in terms of understanding all those rules). They also talk about Blossom in the cultural canon, and what it was like playing a young Bette Midler in BEACHES.

Doug Benson  

Iliza's back with an all new episode with podcast great, and comedian, Doug Benson. Topics include pot smoking pet peeves, participating in panel shows, and eager fanbases.

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