Week in Westminster

Week in Westminster

United Kingdom

Radio 4's weekly assessment of developments at Westminster



Steve Richards rounds up a year of extraordinary events at Westminster with Isabel Hardman of The Spectator, Helen Lewis of the New Statesman, and Jim Waterson of Buzzfeed. The Editor is Marie Jessel.


Tom Newton Dunn political editor of the Sun looks behind the scenes at Westminster. A week of upheaval and drama-one prime minister bows out another comes in making big changes in government and Whitehall departments. And what is the lesser unknown Teresa May really like? Plus the Labour party in turmoil over its leadership challenge. The editor is Marie Jessel.


Paul Waugh of The Huffington Post looks behind the scenes at Westminster. The verdict of the Chilcot Report, the battle for the leadership of the Conservative party and the next prime minster, what next for UKIP, and how parliament will have to be involved when it comes to settling the UK's exit from the European Union. The Editor is Marie Jessel.


George Parker of The Financial Times looks behind the scenes at Westminster. It has been an extraordinary week in Westminster - political betrayals and assassinations in the Conservative party leadership contest, a challenge to Jeremy Corbyn from the majority of his parliamentary party, and still uncertainty about what exactly Brexit means. The Editor is Marie Jessel.


Steve Richards reports on the result of the EU referendum. The editor is Marie Jessel.


Isabel Hardman of the Spectator explores the art of select committee interrogation with an expert practitioner, the Labour MP Margaret Hodge, and a leading barrister, John Cooper QC. She also discusses the troubled question of how to define Englishness with MPs Jamie Reed, Douglas Carswell and Tommy Sheppard. And is parliament still plagued by a culture of boozing to excess? The sketchwriter Quentin Letts and Tory MP Dr Dan Poulter discuss. The editor is Leala Padmanabhan.


Peter Oborne of the Daily Mail looks behind the scenes at Westminster. Is the European Union a properly democratic institution? How does the government implement a policy of counter-extremism? And how vigorously can parliament investigate the BHS debacle? Plus one year on at Westminster for the SNP. The Editor is Marie Jessel.

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