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Exploring the world of fiber, one draft at a time.


YST Episode 139 Ravellenics 2016 and State Fair  

In the first part of this podcast I explain just what is this thing called ravellenics.  Then I go into the details of what I did for the event.

First is spinning, and after that, the next knit with hand spun yarn project, the Oslo Shawl.  

In the second part of the podcast, I talked about the seven items I took to my state's fair for the spinning category.

A few links for sources of the fiber I used to spin the yarns:

The Painted Tiger

Yarn Hollow fibers

Kundart Spindles  The spindle shown on this website is exactly like the one I got!

Photos of what I entered in the state fair can be seen here.




YST Episode 138 TdF16 podcast 3  

Final podcast about what I did during Tour de Fleece this year.  I talk about some yarn spun, including two breed studies, Romeldale and Racka.  I also dyed two different shetland fleeces, and an unknown breed ewe lamb fleece.

The Romeldale fiber was purchased at DyedintheWool,

The wash and dye product I used while dyeing is available at woolshampoo.

The shop I purchased the drum carder cloth from is no longer in business.  However, there are other sources available on Etsy.  Just got to that website and search from drum carder cloth.

To see photos of all of my TdF16 projects, sign into Ravelry first and then click this link.


YST Episode 137 TdF16 Podcast 2  

This is the 2nd TdF16 podcasts, there will be one more.

I talk about washing alpaca fiber, dyeing shetland and lamb's wool fiber, and as my challenge day project, spinning banana fiber.

All of the links below are information I found on the internet about banana fiber.

Home processing (something so unavailable to most of us!) is shown in a youtube video by Rix Jennings.

Commercial processing (and very poor audio, sorry) is shown here.

A non verbal commercial processing video. It is long, but if you only have time for one video, I recommend it be this one.

A video of felted banana cloth being made.

I only found one blog that talked about banana fiber, it is Fiber of my Being. There's part 1 and part 2.

Here's on crochet project I found for the yarn (lots of pop ups and ads, sorry).

Finally, Darn Good Yarn, shows banana yarn available on their website.

YST Episode 136 TdF16 podcast 1  

Let the spinning begin. I have the Tour de France on my DVR and fiber ready, it could only be the tour de fleece!

I do much more than spinning, as usual.  I have alpaca blanket washing, fiber dyeing, a challenge fiber and challenge processing planned all during these three weeks.

This is the first of three podcasts relating to this year's Tdf.

All information on the sheep breeds that I review are from the book Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook by Deborah Robson and Carol Ekarius.

The Devon fiber was purchased at Laughing Lamb Fibers.

The 3D printed flat pack bobbins for spinning wheels are available at Akerworks.

YST Episode 135 Pre TdF16 and a Swap  

It's tour time again, no not the spinning rock band, but the Tour de France.  And that means Tour de Fleece is rolling too.  In this podcast I give a synopsis of what I hope to accomplish during the next three weeks.

I also was in a wonderful fiber swap, and I talk all about the box I sent, and the box I got.

A few links for things I mention in this podcast:

My blog is here.

I will try a link to my Ravelry group, please be logged into Ravelry before clicking the link, then it should work.  It is yarnspinnerstales spin in, if you want to search groups.  It's a very good way to access a listing of past episodes, and I tell you how to find that in the podcast.

The Clouds of Luxury fibers came from Sericin on the Etsy store.  You may have to special request the item.

I will be recording podcasts during the TdF but will not be releasing them until after the tour.  This will give me time to do more of the spinning I want to do during the tour. See you in August!

YST Episode 134 June 2016  

In the first part of the podcast I fill you in on what Has happened in the last two months. I have spun some yarn, found some fiber that needs processing, and made some wonderful purchases (see links below)

I also talk about my plans to enter items in the State Fair, and some preliminary plans for the Tour de Fleece.

The last part of the podcast is about my recent knit with hand spun project the Kensington Steeked Pot by Gemma Pickford-Waugh.  It is shown in the photo for this podcast.

The different fiber breed tops came from Laughing Lamb Fibers.

The blended rolags are from Fellview Fibres and can be found in their Etsy store.

If you are looking for the spinners journal, it can be found here.

YST Episode 133  

This month's podcast has a review of Craftsy and also talks about my finished knitted with hand spun project and plans for the next project.

If you are looking to buy the Spinners Journal I made, it can be found here.

The fiber Three Feet of Sheep is from Frabjous Fibers. Google and buy it from your favorite vendor.

The shawl I plan to knit for Tour de Fleece this year is the Oslo Shawl.

The pattern for the fingerless mitts I knit is Te Ara.  You may have to sign into Ravelry to see this link.

The creator of the circular cable needle is Leslie Wind and her website is here.

YST Episode 132 A Hand spun hat and a mystery yarn  

My first completed project for this year of knitting with my hand spun yarn was a garter stitch hat made from a cabled yarn from a Jacob fleece.  This was a true start to finish project, I bought the fleece raw, processed it, spun it and then knit the hat,

The inspiration for the hat came from the book HomeSpun HandKnit by Linda Ligon.  The pattern was the garter stitch cap.

The second knitting project started in Jan 2016 was the Painted Sky Cowl provided free by KnittingFever.  I am using a worsted spun 2 ply yarn I also made from the Jacob.  

My blog can be found here.

Contact me with any comments (don't just talk to the podcast I can't hear you!) here or on Ravelry as Yarnspinnerstales.



YST Episode 131 New Year New Projects  

In this podcast there is news about what I have done with spinning, carding and my spinning wheels over the last six weeks.

I also talk about another big sorting of my hand spun.

And finally the first project for the year of knitting with hand spun has been chosen.

A thank you to Jon Caspi for his music that I use in the opening theme song.

The Unraveling podcast can be found here.

Find my group on Ravelry by searching under groups for Yarnspinnerstales Spin In.  Join us there for the discussions about spinning with hand spun and other topics.

The Spinners Journal that I published can be found here.

My blog is here.

Thanks for listening!


YST Episode 130 This, That and Daydreams  

A chatty podcast to close up the spinning year.  I review a fiber fair, talk about drum carding and what's on my spinning wheels.  Then after a bit of daydreaming, I have a plan for some of next year's projects.

There are no links to mention for this podcast.  

I want to say thank you to all my listeners for being there over these last eight years of podcasting.  I am truly thankful for every one!  Looking forward to many more years of spinning together.

Happy Holidays to one and all, see you on Roc Day.

YST Episode 129 Spinzilla 2015  

The Spinzilla report is actually the second part of the podcast.  In the first part, I continue the review of using the Ashford quill spindle, using mohair, angora, hemp, bamboo and cotton.

A few links for things mentioned in the podcast:

Needle Junkies podcast has a link on their website

Spinzilla total yards this years was 5,246,497.  See more details here.

Get your free pattern and yarn recommendations and help knit for Knitted Knockers at this website.

Fibers spun on the quill were from the following:

WC Mercantile

Sweet Pea Fibers

Mohair and More

YST Episode 128 The Big Wash up  

It seems I really have made many skeins of yarns over the last three years.  Since I had the habit of not washing yarns until I was ready to use them, I discovered I had many skeins that really should be washed.  In this podcast I talk about the sorting, and washing of these skeins, enjoying the memories of their making.

YST Episode 127 TdF15 Final Update  

Besides going over the spinning during the final days of the Tour de Fleece, I discuss several topics in detail.

First is my experience with spinning on a quill set up on my Ashford Traditional.  A photo of the quill can be seen here.  I also recommend searching Youtube for good videos if you plan to try this too.  Here is one that shows a quick method for wrapping the single onto the cop.

Second I talk about spinning Suri alpaca, both on a drop spindle and a spinning wheel.

Last is a discussion of plying and one of my observations and ah ha moments.

YST Episode 126 TdF update 2  

I continue talking about my TdF spinning projects in the first part of this podcast.  In the second part, I go over some tips and troubleshooting for an old Ashford Tradition spinning wheel.

The snippet of music today is Wild Mountain Thyme by Big Sea.  

The fiber I started spinning on my Ashford wheel is from Chamomile Connection.  Check out the website, she still has merino/seasilk listed.  And Sheep Street fibers has a fun website to check out too.  That is where I got the dyed Shetland fiber I am spinning.


I used this website for information about the seacell fiber.

YST Episode 125 TdF15 update 1  

It's that time again, Tour de Fleece errr France.

First update discusses what I have been doing during the first ten days of the tour.  Although the main focus is alpaca, there is one raw fleece processing part too.

The spindle I am using to spin alpaca top came from Linda Dyak, formerly Grafton Fibers, now DyakCrafts.

The three feet of sheep fiber came from Frabjous Fibers.

The wool shampoo I used to wash the fleece came from Namaste Farm's product, found here.

YST Episode 124 June 2015 podcast  

There's a few odds and ends of old business at the beginning of this podcast, and then I talk about my trip to the Kentucky sheep and fiber festival in May.  

The fiber I have been spinning is CVM batts from Wild Hare Fibers.

I could not find the April fool's joke emailed by the Woolery. Instead, take a look at their blog, it's really interesting.

The new designed drum carder by Majacraft can be seen here.

I must correct something in the podcast, the black merino fiber I got from Ohio Valley is dyed.  It is listed here and all there other colors too.

You can find the Fiber Pusher podcast on her website.

And the Transient Wool Merchants podcast is on this website.

A fiber processing mill is in North Carolina, called Echoview.

And there is a grand opening of the store July 1 2015 for a fiber processing mill in Cynthiana Ky, called Heartfelt Fleece and Fiber.

YST Episode 123  

I tackle yet more of my never ending stash of alpaca fiber and talk about using the wool shampoo to wash suri, and the wash and dye product for a white huacaya alpaca.  These are products available from Namaste Farms and can be purchased here.

Music for the show is by Project Grand Slam and is called Spring Dance.  Sadly the source for podsafe music. Musicalley, seems to have gone away.  It just does not do anything when I go to the site, nor can I find any information about it.  I will not link the group today, and certainly thank them publically for putting that music on the site for use.  I will continue to investigate into this, but feel the time has come that it is no longer available as a place for listeners to support the musicians that had allowed their music to be listened to in podcasts. It has been wonderful to add music to the podcast over these past years, for I love music as much as spinning.  All things change though, and new is always shiny and good.  

YST Episode 122 Remembering the Old Ways  

This podcast has a review of the DVD titled From Wool to Waulking, with Norman Kennedy.  Fulll of knowledge of the old ways of handling, spinning or weaving wool, this DVD is also good for new spinners just learning the craft.

The second part of the podcast is a chatty update of my life and spinning projects.

Music is from Musicalley.  The haunting interlude music is by Keldarin and is called Gaelic Shores.  The closing song is by John Torres and is titled Here in History.

If anyone is interesting in the video of the stitch I am using to crochet a blanket that I mention in the podcast, it can be found here.

YST Episode 121 Wool Shampoo Review  

There are two new products out for those of us that process raw fiber, DRB wool shampoo and the Wash and Dye.  I had the opportunity to try both and loved them so much I contacted Natalie Redding of Namaste Farms, the source of these products for an interview.  In this podcast, I talk to Natalie, via Skype. In the second part of the podcast I talk about my experiences using both products.

Here's a direct link to the wool shampoo website, where you can buy the products.

Other links for this podcast include: Namaste Farms and Fibery Goodness. 

Music in the podcast is from MusicAlley.

The opening interlude music is Nano Flowers by The DJ's.

Deep Space Ocean provides Live Free.

I chose the closing song, Techno Canon by DanMan because it is a great blending of the new meets the old. There is so much of that now in spinning, the new fiber community members bringing improvements to our craft.

YST Episode 120 Roc Day  

Rock day or Saint Distaff Day, Jan 7 is the spinner's New Year.  I talk about that and my year's plans in this podcast.

Music is from Musicalley and has a new year theme.

Opening song is Happy New Year by Colie Brice

Closing song is It's a New Year's Day with Denise Moser.

Here is a nice website with information about Rock Day.

St Distaff Day, or the Morrow after Twelfth Day is a poem by Robert Herrick. It has been recorded on LibriVox here. I also read the poem in the podcast.

The Spinner's Journal is available on lulu.com and here is a direct link.


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