You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

United States

Everybody has secret weirdness, Pete Holmes gets comedians to share theirs.


Jenn Wasner  

Jenn Wasner (musician! Wye Oak!) makes it weird!

Artie Lange and Judd Apatow  

Artie Lange and Judd Apatow make it weird!

Jesse Popp  

Jesse Popp (comedy!) makes it weird!

Laurie Kilmartin  

Laurie Kilmartin (comedy! The Jackie and Laurie Show!) makes it weird!

Billy Wayne Davis  

Billy Wayne Davis (comedy! Live at Third Man record!) makes it weird!

Seth Rogen  

Seth Rogen (Knocked Up! Superbad! so much more!) makes it weird!

Matt McCarthy Returns  

Matt McCarthy (comedy! Pro Wrestling Fan album!) returns to make it weird again!

Andy Richter  

Andy Richter (comedy! Conan!) makes it weird!

Rich Roll  

Rich Roll (author! The Rich Roll Podcast! wellness advocate!) makes it weird!

Kevin Pollak  

Kevin Pollak (comedy! Kevin Pollak Chat Show!) makes it weird!

Jim Adkins  

Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World!) makes it weird!

Moshe Kasher #3  

Moshe Kasher (Medium Soup! Hound Tall with Moshe Kasher!) returns to make it weird for a third time!

Louie Anderson  

Louie Anderson (comedy! Life with Louie! Baskets!) makes it weird!


Whitmer Thomas  

Whitmer Thomas (comedy! Power Violence!) makes it weird!

Janet Leahy  

Janet Leahy (writer/producer, Mad Men) makes it weird!

Norman Lear and Judd Apatow  

Norman Lear (creator of All in the Family, Sanford and Son, The Jeffersons and more!) makes it weird with special co-host Judd Apatow!

Johnny Pemberton Returns  

Johnny Pemberton (comedy! Son of Zorn! We're Workin' Today!) makes it weird again!

Aaron Bonner-Jackson  

Pete's oldest friend Aaron Bonner-Jackson sit down with Sweet Lady Val and discuss junior high, high school and play never before heard tracks from their high school punk band "Nude" as well as one other special surprise. It's real, it's wonderful and very, very weird. Get into it!!

Adam Ray  

Adam Ray (comedy! About Last Night podcast!) makes it weird!

Reggie Watts  

Reggie Watts (comedy! Comedy Bang Bang! The YMIW theme song!!) makes it weird!

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