You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

United States

Everybody has secret weirdness, Pete Holmes gets comedians to share theirs.


Michael Ian Black  

Michael Ian Black (comedy! Stella! Wet Hot American Summer!) makes it weird!

Dan Soder  

Dan Soder (comedy! The Standups on Netflix!) makes it weird!

Melissa Villaseñor  

Melissa Villaseñor (SNL! Comedy!) makes it weird!

Roy Wood Jr.  

Roy Wood Jr. (comedian! The Daily Show!) makes it weird!

Bassem Youssef  

Bassem Youssef (Comedian! New documentary on Netflix Tickling Giants!) makes it weird!

Anthony Atamanuik  

Anthony Atamanuik (comedy! The President Show!) makes it weird!

Dr. Joel Fuhrman  

Dr. Joel Fuhrman (physician! nutrition expert!) makes it weird!


Matisyahu (new album Undercurrent!) makes it weird!

John Early  

John Early (comedy!) makes it weird!

JJ Redick  

JJ Redick (NBA player on LA Clippers!) makes it weird!

Rob Bell Returns  

Rob Bell (new book What is the Bible out now!) returns to make it weird again!

Larry Wilmore  

Larry Wilmore (The Daily Show! The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore!) makes it weird!

Azhar Usman  

Azhar Usman (comedian!) makes it weird!

Rachel Bloom  

Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!) makes it weird!

Lucas Bros  

Kenny and Keith Lucas (new special On Drugs on Netflix!) makes it weird!

Stanley Brothers of Charlotte's Web  

Joel and Jesse Stanley from Charlotte's Web makes it weird!

Allison Williams  

Allison Williams (Girls! Get Out!) makes it weird!

Jim Norton  

Jim Norton (new special Mouthful of Shame on Netflix!) makes it weird!

Kurt Braunohler Returns  

Kurt Braunohler (new Comedy Central special Trust Me!) returns to make it weird again!

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