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  • Sábado a la noche. En casa, en una cena o por salir. Música, música, música. De siempre. De hoy. Todos los estilos. Todas las décadas. Soledad Rodríguez Zubieta propone un recorrido musical cargado de data gracias a su experiencia de más de una década dedicada a la musicalización radial, programación de espacios, shows y artistas. Un mix de clásicos y novedades combinadas casi científicamente. Cuanto más se sabe más se disfruta y la música y sus hacedores lo merecen. Un programa de autor con una playlist a medida, sin algoritmos.


    Bloom Records Podcast
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  • Cuestionar lo que nos es dado.
    Con Gustavo Olmedo.
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  • Hi, my name is Cory Wong. This is my podcast. I'm going to talk to your favorite artists as they discuss their personal tricks of the trade, never-before-heard stories, and the proper response when Sinatra wants to peep your master tapes.

  • Recorremos los discos de rock mรกs importantes que se editan constantemente en Argentina. Un material de libre descarga y emisiรณn para radios independientes.

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  • A podcast with conversations with famous and celebrated musicians from the world of Argentine TANGO

  • Storyteller, historian, and music celebrator Patrick Hicks is bringing music history to life in podcast form. The best stories in music from every genre; fascinating, heartfelt, and inspirational tales about your most beloved artists and songs.

  • Una manera diferente de sentir la música clásica

  • Victros is a NYC based DJ & Producer who tells stories through music.

    He creates intimate journeys that thread emotion & narrative throughout tracks and sets. Sometimes soulful, sometimes hypnotic, and always multi-faceted, Victros’ music is a study in contrasts.

    Victros blends a combination of Afro House, Melodic Techno, Indie Dance & Nu Disco to tell his stories.

    He counts Solomun, Black Coffee, Frank Sinatra, Depeche Mode, Queen, AC/DC, Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre, Tupac, Daft Punk, and Eric Prydz among his list of influential artists.

  • This Is Modern Rock is a podcast about Alternative Rock Music of the 80's & 90's. Each episode takes a look at one month on the Billboard Modern Rock charts, beginning with September 1988. This Is Modern Rock is currently in Season 5 (1992).
    Hosted by Will Westercauw - [email protected]

  • feeder art & sound live ๐Ÿ”ด with Vlad Caia & Ortaku

    feeder art & sound live ๐Ÿ”ด with Xandru & Alexandra Iliesco

    feeder art & sound live ๐Ÿ”ด with Tulbure & Coon One awards

    FSRO005 Unisson - Neverending Story EP

    PEACE IN UKRAINE ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ VA - vol III

    PEACE IN UKRAINE ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ VA - vol II

    PEACE IN UKRAINE ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’› VA - vol I

    FSRO004 Bucurie - Mirror Time EP

    FSRO003 Oana - Transmisiune Intergalacticฤƒ EPฤƒ_FSRO003_Vinyl__957813

    FSRO002 Piktor - Similar Feeling EP (collecting)

    FSRO001 Dragutesku - Suflet Prezent EP (collecting)

    feeder sound podcast series

    feeder sound exclusive premieres

    feeder sound EP reviews

    feeder art & sound live ๐Ÿ”ด with Primฤƒrie & Pisica Pฤƒtratฤƒ

    feeder art & sound live ๐Ÿ”ด with Bucurie & iZZY, Dan Andrei & Serebe, Vlad Arapasu & John Dot S, Miss I & Pass, Cr15tina & Aeul, Kozo & Irlo, Teluric & Maria Bฤƒlan, Deez & Robert Obert, Piktor & Irina Mocanu, Ada Kaleh & Ksele, Oana & Livi Po, Dragutesku & Erps

  • โ€œThe Good Olโ€™ Grateful Deadcast,โ€ the official Grateful Dead podcast, is a series devoted to exploring the music and mythology behind one of the most enduring, progressive, and influential bands in the history of recorded music. The podcastโ€™s tagline is โ€œFor The Committed And The Curious,โ€ as episodes will invite new fans to explore the bandโ€™s enormous mythology in digestible chunks and enlighten life-long Dead Heads about corners of the bandโ€™s history they never knew existed. No topic will be off limits on โ€œThe Good Olโ€™ Grateful Deadcastโ€ as hosts Rich Mahan and Jesse Jarnow explore the bandโ€™s outrageous history, innovations, and impact from 1965 to today.

  • Cantar es un viaje difícil de comenzar, pero imposible de terminar.

    Hola, mi nombre es Bruno Fariña y soy profesor de canto especializado en técnica vocal.
    En este Podcast sobre el canto y la voz, te acerco a ideas, conocimientos, técnicas, experiencias y personas increíbles.

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  • Podcast by Shut Up Dog Productions

  • La historia de METALLICA es extensa, rica en anécdotas y obviamente, llena de rock.
    Este podcasts es una adaptación en audio del libro NACER, CRECER, METALLICA, MORIR, Volumen 1, de Paul Brannigan y Ian Winwood, editado en Argentina por la editorial MALPASO, y realizado con permiso y colaboración de la misma.

  • Entrevistas, reversiones y las colaboraciones exclusivas de

  • Programa dedicado a la música urbana; noticias y Análisis de lo último en el género.

    Para publicidad: [email protected]
    *Subimos episodios semanales

  • Join pop culture obsessed actress Lia Russo ( as she travels through the music, movies, reality shows, scandals, and everything in between featuring your y2k faves and beyond.

  • Adam Foster's Weekly Dialect Radio show.

    Featuring the best deep & tropical house uk garage, and nu-disco tunes out each week and mixed to perfection by Adam Foster.

    It's not about the genre. It's about the feeling.

  • Heavy Metal, 'You either love it, or hate it'.

    Each episode, our host, and my friend, Tom, walks us through the history of the genre, from Sabbath to Slipknot, the '60s to modern day, and gives us a little background on each artist, all through the use of a selection of songs and albums, that he feels, defines the band and the genre as a whole.

    A fan of heavy metal? Not a fan? Or just open to the experience, like me? Well then join us as we discuss the artists, songs, and albums that define this genre.

    If you would like to listen along to all the songs that we have listened to on the show, then you can check out the 'Metal Marmite Playlist' on Spotify or Apple Music. Just click the link below and start listening now.



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