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  • In Zeiten des Corona-Virus sind viele MusikerInnen von Konzertabsagen und Honorarausfällen betroffen. Zudem schließen die (Musik-)Schulen und Akademien. Das stellt uns einerseits vor die Frage, wie wir unsere SchülerInnen auch über die wochenlange Zwangspause mit Input versorgen können und auch, was wir als Musikpädagogen mit der gewonnenen Zeit anfangen können.
    Kristin Thielemann & Max Gaertner, beide Musiker, Autoren und passionierte Musikpädagogen, nehmen sich dieser Frage an.

    Welche Chancen bietet die Situation, um das Thema "Online Lessons" kennen zu lernen und zu verfeinern?
    Wie können wir als MusikpädagogInnen etwas positives aus dieser misslichen Lage schöpfen und uns in verschiedenen Bereichen weiterbilden und interessante neue Impulse erhalten?

    Dies und noch viel mehr besprechen Kristin & Max in den zukünftigen Podcastfolgen und freuen sich jederzeit über Anregungen und Themenwünsche!

    Eure Fragen & Anregungen könnt ihr direkt per Mail an

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    Viel Spaß beim Hören :-)

  • Biografie Dj Cochano
    No matter whether it rains or snows, hot rhythms are guaranteed the best antidote to sadness winter.
    A fortiori, if they were selected as much heart and skill, and in his Sunday DJ Cochano Tropical CDs success. With several top chart positions in the Swiss DJ Charts Cochano earned a reputation in Switzerland. Also very good sales of CD’s in Germany, Austria and Sweden.
    Roberto Rodriguez aka DJ Cochano was born in Santo Domingo and has dedicated his life for about 17 years Music of Home. In 1993 he took the young artist in Switzerland. Here was hired as a DJ Hot Sauce radio.Gracias to People feel and their moods will happen several times with his music, the people to make a spell. By the varied development of Latin music in recent years, DJ Cochano today a specialist in the Latin-Areas; Raggaeton, salsa, Merengue, Bachata, etc. Everything is undoubtedly DJ Cochane now one of the most successful DJ in the world of Latin scene.
    His passion for music came from that was just a child. Recalls his mother put him to sleep the symphonies of Mozart, the old radio was still keeping a treasure trove of childhood skiing. Personal data is not shared by almost anyone, but to learn music is to start with the most profound and beautiful, classic. Then the young man troubled and research prove other musical currents to carry the general public. Hence, his deeply human understanding of the power of music. The universal language that unites all countries. Roberto is not only more than a DJ plays music, is a true artist who knows how to love your audience the best of musical art.
    At the end of the eighties working as a tailor, he met a DJ named John Pipe, who introduced him in a professional and competitive world of music. Your friend will baptize with the name of Cochano. He had already made inroads, but sporadically in family parties, weddings and festive events causing a tremendous impression in that type of audience, especially in festivities sponsored by a liquor company called Barceló.
    Within the tropical heat and gave musical chairs with other DJ music, work in popular nightclubs such as: Saturn Disco, The Yambú, El Palmar, El Volcan, Rossi Club, Chicago, Cambel Disco, all in the field of Cristo Rey . Fuego Fuego, Topaz, Chinese Aquarius, in the Sector of Los Mina. The Cobra, Happy Cache, Circuit Cobra in the Maximo Gomez. Style Club on the Malecon. Working with Johnny Mars, the employer of a program called Tele Offer, then had the opportunity to provide the group known as Juan Luis Guerra.Su 4:40 Swiss experience has been rewarding and fruitful, I come to this country by the year 1

  • We Like Deep & Classy. DJ mix sets from Deep House to Melodic Techno.

  • For Diagenetic, music is a universal language which can communicate feelings and experiences that words simply can’t. Diagenetic (Matt McNeil) is a Minneapolis-based progressive house and trance producer who broke into the electronic music scene in 2018 with “Winter” his three-track debut EP.

    Diagenetic derives his name from the geological process of diagenesis, the transformation of sediment to rock, which he draws parallels to in his artistry and everyday life.

    Since high school, Diagenetic has been immersed in music, when he learned piano and music theory. Today, his music draws inspiration from the likes of Jaytech and Above & Beyond, as well as his longtime passions for nature and travel.

    Diagenetic has a penchant for driving basslines, compounded with melodic and atmospheric elements. These airy yet consistently deep tracks have led him to local supporting slots for the likes of Markus Schulz, Yotto and Tinlicker.

    His 2019 trance EP, “Pacific North” was inspired by his travels to the Pacific Northwest region of the US and is unified by ethereal chords and deep basslines.

    His latest release, “Later days” is a deep house hit, inspired by and expressive of the golden summer days.

    Each Diagenetic track is a well-thought, energizing journey into his experiences -- and he hopes you come along for the sonic ride.

  • Star-Bariton Thomas Hampson präsentiert in der SWR2 Musikstunde insgesamt zehn Folgen über das Kunstlied als Spiegel der Zeitgeschichte.

  • Dennis und Nils sind Männer. Und sie starren auf Gitarren. Sie stehen im Wohnzimmer und rufen: "Nimm mich! Zupf mich... sing was!" Früher gingen beide davon aus, Rockstars zu werden. Und dann? Wurden sie was anderes. Auch gut! Es gibt ja auch andere schöne Dinge im Leben. Aber der Rock n Roll hat sie nie losgelassen. Von "Dracula Rock" bis "Born to Run", von REM bis Robbie Williams. Lange schwiegen sie. Jetzt nach all den Jahren reden sie endlich ganz offen über das Thema.

  • presented by Sector-Beatz. Switzerlands leading label in harderstylez...

  • Synthwave in a Synopsis! Every week, I talk about something related to synthwave. This is also a LIVE PODCAST (yes, you read that correctly): tune in to every Sunday at 8pm EST to hear me live!

    Be sure to follow on Twitter @SynthopsisPod for regular updates, new releases, and subpar humor!

  • Welcome to world of the rock band Small Town Titans off the stage. Anything goes every week! Go behind the scenes with us on life on the road, creating songs, commentary on what's trending right now, and more!

  • Ibiza Edition LLC.

    For more information and demo submissions please contact our team Caretta International Companies.

    Peter Thomas
    (US General Director)

    United States
    Phone : +1(321) 280-6727

  • Hey Guys, for all my listeners, I have now introduced a support button on my soundcloud page. Cancelled Shows and Events are a big problem for every Artist at the moment. So i decided to use the support button. I personally think it is a good soundcloud feature regarding the current covid 19 situation, where fans can instantly and directly support their artists. THANKS Eric

    Hallo Leute, für alle meine Zuhörer habe ich nun einen Support Button/Link (oben Rechts in blau) eingerichtet. Gestrichene Buchungen und abgesagte Events sind zur Zeit für jeden Künstler und DJ ein großes Problem. Deshalb habe ich mich nun auch entschieden, diesen Button ab sofort für Euch anzubieten. Ich denke, dass das ein gutes "SoundCloud-Tool" für uns DJs bei der Covid 19 Virus Situation inkl. der Eventproblematik ist, sodass Fans direkt und einfach ihren Künstler unterstützen können. DANKE Eric

  • Rhinoféroce, c'est tout simplement le pire du meilleur du lourd en toute légèreté! Le fan de hard et de déconne qui l'ignore n'est pas encorné.
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  • Music Legends is the new monthly magazine bringing you the inside stories of the greatest names in the history of rock music.

  • CLUBBING podcast station where you can find electronic, house, funky sound, dance, 80 style new funk
    good listening

  • Every month DEVN6 takes over your speakers with her DevTrax Podcast, where she presents her personal vision of Techno.
    DEVN6, a multi-disciplinary artist, crafts original compositions that weave emotional expression with techno music in a way that feels intensive and deep. Expect eclectic and emotive tracks that both play with the barriers of subgenre and pay homage to techno traditions.

    DEVN6 is a DJane/Producer based in Switzerland. She has immersed herself in the world of music creation, and that passionate angle shines beautifully. Her eclectic and emotive way with production allows for a completely refreshing sound that pays tribute to nostalgia but also breaks down the barriers between sub-genres.
    With her extraordinary musical blend she’s easily to notice.
    Member of @brainpainrecords

  • Lo & Leduc stellen in 2 Podcast-Folgen ihr neues Album "Zucker fürs Volk" vor.

  • En fin connaisseur du rock, Philippe Robin se balade dans les histoires des plus grands succès du genre.
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  • DJV music tastes like euphoric melodies as much as hard raw ass kicking in; dutch/electro/big room -HOUSE -HARDSTYLE & HARDCORE. Swedish/Polish Hardstyle DJ! Follow me on: - -