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  • In this podcast you will find interesting topics and tips to improve your English skills.
    Follow me every week to know more English and become a successful learner.
    Be ready to improve and become fluent in the english language with me, Sam.
    Don't forget to stay tune and TURN YOUR ENGLISH ON!

  • Подкаст «5 по Гринвичу» - новое слово в образовательных аудиопроектах. Здесь мы обсуждаем учебу и жизнь за границей, начиная от получения полных стипендий и заканчивая трудностями быта зарубежных студентов. Мы - менторы в поступлении за границу. Мы сами поступили в топовые вузы мира и получили стипендии на сумму свыше $1.000.000. Обещаем стать вашим гидом по образованию и карьере за рубежом.

  • Happy Like Buddha Podcast with Adewale Adejumo is a personal growth podcast with a mission to teach wisdom and transformational thoughts that you will not learn in school.Happy Like Buddha brings you the greatest and best entrepreneurs and personal growth Mentors on the planet, and they'll be sharing the best ideas on personal growth for mind, body, spirit and work.

  • How do I find the right relationship when dating apps suck? How can I find better dates? How can I deal with that nagging anxiety that no one is out there for me? How can I navigate dating with more confidence and find that right relationship?

    Welcome to The Date Brazen Podcast, where we’ll answer ALL of these questions and so much more. Week after week, host, former top matchmaker and dating coach, Lily Womble brings you all the tools, strategies and coaching you need to build a clear path to the best relationship of your life.

    After matching hundreds, Lily realized that with training, women can match themselves better than anyone else ever could. Now she helps thousands of women around the world build fulfilling, joyful and successful dating lives on their own terms. She’s here to help you do the same.

    If you’re looking for unconventional, feminist leaning dating advice that works, this podcast is for you.

    Along with her best kept secrets, Lily will share interviews with experts and live coaching sessions, so you can feel seen, heard and inspired.

  • A writer and a software engineer from Google's People + AI Research team explore the human choices that shape machine learning systems by building competing tic-tac-toe agents.

  • Podcast ma umożliwić uczniom rosyjskojęzycznym naukę języka polskiego. Zapraszam:)

  • Испанский язык с ноля. Вместе мы узнаём правила испанского языка, основные слова и фразы для разных жизненных ситуаций. Начинаем с основных правил и шаг за шагом улучшаем уровень владения языком.

    E-mail для связи: 123ispanskiy@gmail.com

    Twitter: @123ispanskiy

    Music from https://filmmusic.io "Modern Jazz Samba", "Local Forecast" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com) License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

  • Мы работаем только и исключительно в Санатана Дхарме.

    Йога, Веды, Тантра - консультации; обучение и занятия; Ведические ритуалы; Аюрведические процедуры; Нади Санхита; Ретриты и Ятры.

    Подробнее о нас > https://shiva.center/o-nas/

  • Mythillogical is the podcast where two enthusiasts of history and mythology try and make sense of the wide variety of fantastic tales told by cultures around the world. We discuss why the same idea can show up in the mythology of cultures on opposite sides of the world, how stories can completely change over time, and where possible try to figure out what could have inspired people to dream up dragons, demons, gods and monsters. May contain wild speculation, terrible puns, and if we’re lucky, actual facts.