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  • Hear the incredible real stories behind the making of the biggest documentary series & films on Netflix. Host Rebecca Lavoie leads in-depth interviews with creators and subjects, exploring how these stories are produced & their impact, while uncovering new information. New episodes every Wednesday.

  • Bill Maher rewrites the rules of podcasting the way he did in television in this series of one on one, hour long conversations with a wide variety of unexpected guests in the undisclosed location called Club Random. There’s a whole big world out there that isn’t about politics and Bill and his guests talk about all of it.

  • In 2005, Sam and Dean Winchester set off on a road trip that would save the world and change television. For fifteen seasons and three hundred and twenty-seven episodes, the CW’s Supernatural (created by Eric Kripke) took audiences on a wild ride of family, fate, and faith with a rocking soundtrack and a seriously cool car. But that was then and now … it’s time for another ride.

    Join hosts Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurley/God) and Richard Speight Jr (Gabriel and director of many episodes) for Supernatural: Then and Now, a winding road trip through every episode of this iconic series, one by one, every week, with guests each episode from the cast and crew that made the wild ride possible.

    Buckle up for guests including Jared Padalecki (Sam), Jensen Ackles (Dean), Misha Collins, Ben Edlund, and Robert Singer (Executive producer), as well as many many more.

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  • A podcast dedicated to the hit comedies, Kim’s Convenience, Run The Burbs and other Asian content. We talk with fans and share our love, appreciation, stories and analysis on the topics covered.

  • Les belles histoires de l'oncle Jean et ses Ciné-Buddies. Le podcast sur la magie du Cinéma.
    Le réalisateur/podcasteur Jean Veber est tombé dedans quand il était petit. En compagnie de super invités/co-hôtes , ses « Ciné-Buddies », et souvent aux côtés de son père le cinéaste Francis Veber, il écrit une lettre d'humour au 7eme art et à la Pop Culture en général.
    Plus qu’un simple show, abracadaPod c’est un esprit ludique et informatif, un véritable network de programmes présent sur toutes les plates-formes digitales, avec KinoPod, Ciné-Buddies, Ciné-Busters, Ciné-Flop, Ciné-Family, Ciné-Chat’ et TV-Buddies et bien sûr pleins d’autres surprises à venir.
    SVP likez, commentez, partagez et abonnez-vous partout où l’on écoute des podcasts, et n’oubliez surtout pas de souscrire à la chaîne abracadaPod sur YouTube avec les fantastiques vidéos de Romain Lehnhoff, merci.

  • Struggle Session is the world's finest politics and pop culture podcast. Leslie Lee III and Jack Allison talk video games, movies, TV, wrestling, comic books, music, anime, and all of your problematic faves.

  • Hi, I am Bengali. My name is Madhurima . My show name ‘খোলা চিঠি' . It’s a talk show but not live,recorded . So you all feel free ask any questions .send Voice msg .
    Instagram id- Kholachithi_Official
    Facebook page- Khola chithi
    Website :

  • Tales from Godric’s Hollow is a Harry Potter podcast hosted by Marissa Dorado (A Ravenclaw who has read the books hundreds of times since childhood) and Joe Slionski (A Hufflepuff who has read the books only a handful of times since getting into it as an adult). TFGH originally started out as a book club style podcast introducing a Muggle to the Harry Potter series for the first time. After bringing original host "The Muggle" Josh Brown through his re-read of the series, The Platinum Duo, with their own unique perspectives, now plan to transfigure the show and tackle all things Wizarding World related including News, Side Stories, Fan Theories, Fanfic, Fantastic Beasts, new Wizarding World content and everything in between! Joe's creativity, humor and desire for controversy mixed with Marissa's knowledge and sass make this a show that any Witch, Wizard, Squib, Muggle or No-Maj will enjoy! So grab a butterbeer, and enjoy the banter!

  • Fans talking all things MCU! Going on 10 years of discussions and deep dives into every episode and movie connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
    Your one stop hub for all discussion, news, and insight into what is happening with Marvel Studios. We love this stuff and want you to, too!

  • Welcome to The Screenwriting Life, a podcast where Oscar-nominated writer Meg LeFauve and Emmy-nominated writer Lorien McKenna discuss not only the craft and business of Screenwriting, but also the emotional life: the ups and downs of being a creative, to remind you that you are not alone and to keep writing.

  • A weekly pop culture podcast that tries to put a positive voice out into the zeitgeist. The fake nerds talk news, reviews and interviews with the likes of Marc Guggenheim and Andrea Romano.

  • The Nerds Social Club is a podcast dedicated to all things Marvel, DC, Star Wars and general Nerd subjects from Movie, TV, Games and Comicbooks

  • Tommy Dreamer sits down behind the mic each week to give you inside tales from his early days in wrestling, to his time spent in ECW and WWE to now with his own promotion, House Of Hardcore. Tommy also breaks down wrestling today and gives you his take from all the main promotions and even some of the smaller ones. You can also listen in as Tommy invites his long time wrestling buddies on from time to time, to tell stories and bust chops. Plus we encourage fan interaction, with call in's, email submissions, social media, and SO MUCH MORE fun things to come! Please subscribe and download each week, so you won't miss out!

    Submit your questions for Tommy to: [email protected]

  • A chill film podcast that is by a Movie buff for a Movie buff. The podcast will focus on content from India and America including but not limited to Films, Series and Music discussions. If you want to listen to something that speaks to your love for entertainment or want to connect with someone to discuss/debate cinema- this is your show!

  • An Australian-made Doctor Who podcast by fans, for fans. Est 2016. Add this URL to your podcatcher:

  • Supergirl Radio, a spin-off show from The Flash Podcast and part of DC TV Podcasts, is dedicated to The CW's Supergirl. Each week, hosts Morgan Glennon and Rebecca Johnson will give an in-depth analysis of the latest episode and cover the latest news about the TV show as well as take listener feedback. Supergirl stars Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El/Supergirl on The CW show developed by Greg Berlanti, Ali Adler, Andrew Kreisberg and Sarah Schechter. Supergirl and all logos and images are trademarks of DC Comics. The podcast is not affiliated with DC Comics, Warner Bros. or The CW.

  • Small discussions about the new movies that are releasing every week

  • The podcast where MUSIC INSPIRES!

    9XM brings you a podcast with amazing in-depth conversations with the most creative minds in the music industry. Every week, you get a glimpse into a musician’s discipline and creative process as host Eva Bhatt talks to them while exploring into their personas, bringing forth unique life experiences that are sure to inspire.

    We start this journey off with some of the biggest names in the Bollywood music industry. Guests Include- Armaan & Amaal Malik, Tanishk Bagchi, Guru Randhawa, Shilpa Rao, Clinton Cerejo, Jubin Nautiyal, Asees Kaur, Jonita Gandhi, and more!

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