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  • Program Pembelajaran Bahasa Korea 반짝반짝 한국어 & Review K-Movie, K-Drama dan K-Variety di Radio Suara Indah 92.1 FM / Instagram: @suaraindah92.1 / Website: / Alamat: Gateway Pasteur Apartment - Ruko Gracia No. 03A - Bandung 40175/ Whatsapp: 0812 921 11 921

  • The spot to be for anyone who says to themselves, "I want to watch more movies, or read more books, but I don't know where to start." Co-hosts Evan English and Addie Rzonca bring a passion for media consumption that is hard to find, and dive into the culture of movie-watching and book-reading from a unique perspective. A fun and interesting time for all involved.

  • Hey c’est Margo :)

    Si tu aimes les dramas tu es au bon endroit ! Ici, tu trouveras : des recommandations dramas, des interviews de célébrités et bien plus ! Généralement, les épisodes sortent le lundi.

    Ce podcast est disponible sur toutes les plateformes d'écoutes dont Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Youtube et Deezer. Tu peux me retrouver sur Instagram pour suivre les actualités du podcast: @margo_dramas et pour Christelle @creationofaknd

    lien pour trouver toutes les infos:

  • Hello! In this podcast we (Lauren and Ivy) analyze each episode of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series! Join us every Friday as we share our thoughts! Connect with us on Instagram and Twitter @justforapodcast! Support this podcast:

  • The official podcast site for Old School Lane where we talk about movies, TV shows, video games, and everything else in between. In addition, we interview special guests from actors, actresses, authors, show creators, online content creators, and more. Support this podcast:

  • #ZHAFVLOG is one of the fastest-growing Bahasa Malaysia YouTube creators in Malaysia creating content centered exclusively on our local and international film industries.

    Locally dubbed as “Jeremy Jahns Malaysia” by his stalwart regime of hardcore fans and even more hardcore haters, #ZHAFVLOG is known for his no-holds-barred attitude, generally gritty bedside manner and always honest review – which Malaysian fans have come to embrace and crave as the final words on all things regarding Malaysian cinemas.

  • "Suspense" was a highly influential and acclaimed old-time radio show that aired from 1942 to 1962. It is often regarded as one of the greatest and most enduring radio drama series in the history of American radio. Created by its original director, William Spier, "Suspense" was known for its thrilling and suspenseful tales that kept listeners on the edge of their seats.Format and Content: "Suspense" primarily featured standalone episodes, each presenting a self-contained story with a focus on mystery, thriller, crime, horror, or the supernatural. The show's tagline, "Radio's Outstanding Theater of Thrills," aptly described its genre. The stories covered a wide range of themes and settings, from murder mysteries and psychological thrillers to tales of espionage and the occult.The series was known for its skilled use of tension-building techniques, dramatic music, and sound effects to create an immersive and suspenseful atmosphere. Each episode often began with a chilling introduction by the "Man in Black," played by various actors over the years, who set the stage for the upcoming story with a foreboding tone.Notable Episodes and Performers: "Suspense" featured a rotating cast of talented actors who delivered memorable performances. Many Hollywood stars appeared on the show, both in leading and supporting roles. Some notable episodes and performers include:
    "Sorry, Wrong Number" (1943) - Starring Agnes Moorehead, this episode is one of the most famous in the series, featuring a woman who overhears a murder plot while trying to make a phone call."The Hitch-Hiker" (1942) - Starring Orson Welles, this episode follows a man on a cross-country trip who becomes increasingly unnerved by the presence of a mysterious hitchhiker."The House in Cypress Canyon" (1946) - This episode is a chilling tale of a new homeowner who discovers a strange and horrifying secret in the walls of his house."Sorry, Wrong Number" (1943) - Starring Agnes Moorehead, this episode is one of the most famous in the series, featuring a woman who overhears a murder plot while trying to make a phone call."The House in Cypress Canyon" (1946) - This episode is a chilling tale of a new homeowner who discovers a strange and horrifying secret in the walls of his house.Legacy: "Suspense" was a groundbreaking series that set the standard for radio suspense and thriller dramas. It played a significant role in shaping the conventions of the genre and influenced subsequent generations of writers, filmmakers, and storytellers. Even today, its episodes are celebrated for their high-quality writing, acting, and production values.The show's success and enduring popularity are a testament to the enduring appeal of suspenseful storytelling in the medium of radio. It remains a classic and beloved example of the art of old-time radio drama.

  • Three friends (Rook, Archon, Wigit) get together and talk all things nerdy.

  • A place for people to have their stories animated and shared with the world.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • The movie reviews of the past have more times than not been from the perspective of white and male critics; it’s time to diversify. Join us, queer movie enthusiasts Mo (she/her) and Keekz (they/them), as we critique films across genres, eras, languages and cultures, with a dash of history for reference and perspective.

    This is Afro Movie Review, the podcast.

    Come talk sh*t with us.

  • I'm a middle-aged jerk that likes to talk about the movies I watch and the video games I play. I also like to talk about Marvel, DC, comics, and Cosmic Horror.

    If you're tired of typical reviews listen to me for some high end garbage as
    I discuss why I love or hate the electronic entertainment I've immersed
    myself in.

    Join me, your host, Gabe, as I drink and swear at movie
    producers and game developers.

    Metal Intro by Angel Tarin. Flesh Hoarder at
    Synthwave intro by Xander Skullion.

  • If you’re a fan of Marvel, DC, or Star Wars then you have come to the perfect place. On our weekly podcast, “In Other Nerds,” we discuss and navigate the various films, TV shows, and video games from all across the Nerdverse. Each week, hosts Samira Bouakka, Sevon Davison, and Lucious Burton III, conduct a thorough review of the nerdier side of pop culture. Tune in to get the latest news, developments, premiere dates, major plotlines and theories as well as the insider scoop from cast and crew.

  • Oh, I'm happy you found this podcast!
    The Box Tales is an audible series to entertain you through tales and the box tales(yeah, "the box tales" is movies in my own words). This is where I have a conversation with my listeners by giving relaxing and soothing vibes through reading of books and delving deep into the realm of movies.
    New episodes to be updated two times in a week.

  • Late to the Party is a film, fashion, and pop culture podcast.

    Check in every Thursday to hear hosts Nikki Jensen and Bri Picone discuss the age-old question: why was the Chanel S/S 1996 runway show SO iconic? Lament about Dakota Johnson's Architectural Digest interview, and give their full thesis on why Sofia Coppola is their favorite nepo baby (and should be yours too).

    We are curious about why we are so collectively obsessed with film and pop culture and how it shapes us into the weirdos that we are.

    Nikki and Bri are here to crash your party... we just might be late.

  • After the opening multi-part Fast & Furious Series, follow the '30 Year Kids' as they discuss movies and sometimes TV shows that they most likely fell asleep on. Also there will be special episodes, fancasts, watch-alongs, reviews, and news. Enjoy!

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  • A podcast covering each of the films to only receive a single Oscar nomination - in an acting category. Each week I'm joined by a different guest where we talk about the nominated performances, the rest of the film surrounding them, and their place at the Oscars in their respective years. Hosted by Gordon McNulty.

    Twitter - @loneactingnoms
    Letterboxd - @loneactingnoms
    Instagram - @theloneactingnominees

  • Starting in 1953, the first year the Oscars were broadcast on television, we randomly select a merit award category winner, watch the film, then talk about why it won that award. But that's not all, this is our Oscars! We also randomly select three other categories, and decide if that film could have won those awards as well.