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  • DJ Naid and Terence Rhoda along with guests, take you on a journey of Soulful & Deep House from a South African DJ's perspective. With featured guest DJ's from all over South Africa, you are sure to be entertained as a Soulful & Deep House music lover.

  • Mixing Music is a podcast hosted by mix engineer, Dee Kei (@DeeKeiMixes) and Lu Moreno (@MasteredByLu). A show about mixing techniques, audio production, mindsets, business advice, and all things Dee Kei & Lu have learned and will continue to learn through their music careers.

    The Mixing Music Podcast also covers topics like plugins, DAWs, mixing engineers, mastering engineers, producers, and even tips and tricks for Pro Tools, Logic, FL Studios, Ableton, Studio One, Cubase, and more.

    In our exclusive episodes, Braeden (@flintmastering) and Dee Kei react to interviews with various audio engineers, music producers, and YouTubers to help you understand the most useful advice for making better music

    The Mixing Music Podcast is sponsored by Antares (Auto Tune), Plugin Boutique, Lauten Audio, Spreaker, Filepass, & Canva


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    The Mixing Music Podcast is filmed and recorded at In the Mix Studios located in Los Angeles, California.

  • 24Herbs have lively and insightful conversations with top Hong Kong creatives.

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  • Baba Beach Club, located north of Phuket on the seemingly endless sands of Natai Beach, is the sassy little sister to Sri Panwa, one of Thailand's most fashionable hotels. Expect day drinking, rock star-ready rooms and flaming sunsets

  • HK Radio FM merupakan streaming radio Harian Kalbar. Ikuti HK Radio dan dapatkan info berita, musik dan pencerahan lainnya

  • 我的聯繫方式:*If you'd like to contact me, welcome email me here. 如有任何想交流歡迎 mail 聯繫:[email protected]*Providing Christian songs for personal worship is my commitment to service to God. 以提供无广告的诗歌钢琴独奏供做网友们的个人敬拜/灵修为志业。以提供無廣告的詩歌鋼琴獨奏供做網友們的個人敬拜/靈修為志業。*The newest songs will be upload on YouTube Channel:*目前主要彈奏為:讚美之泉, 約書亞樂團等華語詩歌--Hosting provided by SoundOn

  • Conversations With Matt Dwyer is a music podcast that focuses on the lives and work of legendary, established and emerging new artists. The interviews are not your typical Q&A format but an unfolding organic conversation that shines a light on the lesser explored corners of an artist's work, life, triumphs and challenges. Some past guests included Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, Van Dyke Parks, Lou Barlow, Donita Sparks of L7, Boots Riley and Jenn Wassner of Wye Oak/Flock Of Dimes. Conversations With Dwyer was also the catalyst for John Lurie selling his series "Painting With John," to HBO.

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  • Get Physical Radio is all about bringing you your monthly dose of the newest music. Let's Get Physical!

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    ◆◆ "First of all, Romanian electronica is considered its own genre because of its very specific movements and ambient grooves which most other music doesn't have. No other genre of music that I've heard had such complex production methods where you can mix amazing bass grooves with minimalistic percussions/details, super organic sounds and elegant break-beat kicks which fit so perfectly together (and I've heard all from old school house to new deep techno and all in between). As far as Romania getting the title,it's mainly because they are the ones who took it to the next level,mind you this music is a form of micro-house/minimal that had been already in production for many years but on a very underground level - until Romania made it more popular (of course with the help of Ricardo Villalobos). The style of music really is something special,more intellectual in my opinion,because it takes a very trained ear to really understand it and enjoy it. For everyone whom is criticizing that it's only for druggies, this is very invalid information. Maybe the fact that it's so complex - it takes the average listener to take drugs in order to expand their mindset to listen and understand, but for those that get it, they do not need anything in order to enjoy such great abstract style of music." ◆◆

  • The idea to create this podcast came to us during the quarantine of summer 2020 whenever the world seemed to be on pause. As three young music professionals at the very beginning of our career, we found ourselves continuously discussing various music topics as it related to the world around us. Topics ranging from orchestral repertoire, conducting, music education, etc. would come up in hour long Facetime calls. One day, we decided to share our discussions with the world, and Relative Pitch was born. We feel that the purpose of our podcast is to showcase the talent, leadership, and passion that we see within our field of music, and to help pave the way for much needed change in our community that will make it a more diverse, enriching, and equitable atmosphere for anyone who wants to be a part of it.

  • The Almanac of Rap is a Webby award winning show that examines trends in hip hop and their impact over time and it's way more fun than that description makes it sound. Each week our our host Donwill asks a question, presents a theory and finds a guest to come to some sort of consensus about it.

    Simply put, it’s a show about rap by a rapper who loves rap music.

  • Daman's Punjabi Podcast is an entertainment Punjabi podcast hosted by Daman Bagri. In this Podcast we are trying to talk with different personalities and explore about their life experiences and trying to learn something new.
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  • Il destino scritto nel nome, Rudeejay. Storia unica perché autentica, capace di trascinare, conquistare, ispirare la gente e la direzione del settore, anticipando tempi e tendenze in un vortice in cui passo per passo si conferma pioniere, scalatore, precursore in un percorso di crescita e maturazione fatto di conferme che si susseguono senza sosta.

  • A podcast featuring conversations with your favourite musicians.

    Come and sit in with us!

    ‘Sitting In’ is a colloquial term among musicians that describes the act of being invited to participate in a creative circle or session of music.

    Sitting In represents an open invitation to both our audience and guests to become a part of our online music network. Season 1 of Sitting In featured 20 long-form conversations with artists from all around the world.

    Featuring up-and-coming musicians and seasoned industry professionals such as; Ross Campbell, Annie Wagstaff (HANNIE), Rosie Frater-Taylor, Josh Meader, Emily C. Browning, Charlie Allen (McNasty), Nicholas Veinoglou (Bazzi, Jordan Fischer), Rotem Sivan, Eli Jitsuto (Snazzback), Oli Brown (Raven Eye), Daniel Weiss, Krystof Neyens, Audrey Bussanich, Chris Liggett (HRVY), Patrick Breen, Brandon Brown, Vincent Draaijer & Sean Angus Watson.

    Curated by Rhys Gilchrist, Jack Handyside & Callum Stevenson.

  • Sharing brand new independent artists to the global world. Music otherwise ignored by major radio stations.
    Brand new music from urban artists seven days a week.

  • 很多人從很久以前就聽過我的聲音,但其實一直到最近,我才覺得這是我第一次,真的開始做「唱歌」這件事情。





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  • Indie music lovers ,here's a treat you can't resist !! The RED INDIES RADIO FESTIVAL -168 hours of NON STOP Indie Music ! Stay Glued and get Wooed by over 100 artists ! Let's get this pardie started !!! 

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  • 音樂為何如此牽動人心?







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