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  • Tinklalaidė skirta diskusijai apie nusikalstamumą kaip reiškinį, nusikaltimų keliamą žalą visuomenei, aktualius mokslinius tyrimus ir konkrečius rezonansinius įvykius. Daugiausia dėmesio tinklalaidėje bus skiriama visuomenės paraštėse atsidūrusioms grupėms (kaliniams, sekso darbuotojams, narkotikų vartotojams ir t.t.), tačiau taip pat bus analizuojami ir galingųjų daromi nusikaltimai. „Baltųjų apykaklių“ nusikaltimai ir „didžioji“ korupcija. Kodėl vargšai keliauja į kalėjimą, o turtingieji išvengia atsakomybės?.Laisvės atėmimo bausmė Lietuvoje. Kodėl mes vis dar turime tiek daug kalinių? Narkotikai ir nusikaltimai. Kaip narkotikų vartojimas siejasi su nusikaltimais ir kaip galima būtų šią problemą sumažinti? Vedėjai: Matas Tamošaitis ir Mindaugas Lankauskas.

  • ”Researching the court documents so you don’t have to!”

    If you use computers and phones in your crimes, fear a roasting by us!

    This podcast is a lighthearted and sarcastic look into interesting electronic true crime stories from around the world.

    Each week we take on a new case in depth, splitting up the episode throughout the week into shorter Acts.

    Join us on your favorite podcasting app for audio only, or visit us for video at YouTube linked at the top of our home page at!

  • Are you ready to venture into the shadows? Dirty Deeds unravels the hidden stories of the fraud and deceit behind some of the biggest international scandals in recent years, told by the investigative journalists who uncovered them.

    We’ll bring you reporting from the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), a worldwide network of journalists who cross borders and bad guys to shine a bright light on some of the world’s most dangerous criminal networks. We’ll travel the globe from the oil fields of Venezuela to the rosewood forests of Namibia to the steppes of Central Asia. And don’t forget the posh London real estate where much of the dirty cash ends up. These are the inside stories of how the powerful, unscrupulous, and well-connected can acquire unimaginable wealth — and of what it takes to expose them.

    Dirty Deeds is a Little Gem production for OCCRP. The host is Nick Wallis. The producer is Lindsay Riley at Rethink Audio, with research from Phoebe Adler-Ryan and Riham Moussa.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Crime Coffee е подкаст за реални криминални истории и мистерии. Мария и Звезди влизат в дълбоките тъмни води на незабравими криминални случаи и загадки, които ще ви накарат да настръхнете. 

    Music by Wide Boys - Underbelly  Ty Mayer

  • Welcome weirdos! I’m Sheri and I discuss disappearances, true crime cases and other strange stuff without all the banter. Please subscribe! 💀I lost my teenage son Michael in 2019 and grief and heartache are a part of my daily life. I understand what it’s like to lose someone who is a part of you. A person who’s life meant more to you than your own and you loved more than you love yourself. I’d trade places with him in a heartbeat. All podcasts are for entertainment purposes only. Support this podcast:

  • A podcast about cult hacking! Cracking the cult code to understand what they are, how they work, how people leave and how to make sense of the world after leaving.

    Father and daughter team, media graduate Celine, and former cult member now organizational psychologist Stephen, explore how cults work, why they are so dangerous and the experience of leaving and making sense of the world. They speak to cult hackers from all over the world, from ex members to academics, from writers to filmmakers, and from therapists to activists.

    Music is Snap by Purple Planet Music

  • A storytelling podcast on True Crime, Folklore and the Paranormal in and around Appalachia with a focus on West Virginia.

  • Insomniacs Anonymous present retellings of the creepiest true stories collected from around the dark corners of the web.
    We hope you weren't planning on sleeping tonight...

  • Join host Bobby Strickland and cohost Hunter Strickland as they discuss and analyze people and organizations that acquired dirty money through money laundering, deception, and so much more.

  • Pieced is a True crime podcast.

    We will be going into the smallest detail to try and understand mysteries, disappearances, most notorious unsolved mysteries, and a lot more, Whether it's strange or unusual we will be explaining it as best as we can to try and understand the unknown.

    In each episode of Pieced, we will be explaining and breaking down individual events, mystery or murder, to the finest detail.

    Sit back, listen & relax.

  • You know those people who love everything scary but is actually scared once the movie is off, or just scared of the dark? (what lurks in it) That's me! I decided I wanted to create this podcast for fellow weirdos who love creepy, paranormal, disturbing or unexplained stories. whether they are true, or not..

    New stories every Saturday!

    If you would like to submit your scary stories email-

    [email protected]

  • April and Caroline host a weekly podcast bringing you bloody stories while sippin' on your favorite beverages!

  • Nordic Noir Finland on podcast pohjoismaisesta rikoskirjallisuudesta. Äänikirjadekkareiden suurkuluttajat Markus ja Mäxä jutustelevat kuulemastaan, lukemastaan tai katselemastaan epävirallisesti, rennosti ja fanipohjalta. Usein samaan virtuaaliseen pöytään istahtaa myös kirjailijoita ja muita aiheeseen liittyviä vieraita. Nordic noirin käsite venyy tässä ohjelmassa juuri sinne minne se parhaiten palvelee tekijöiden tarkoitusperiä. Jos vaikkapa true crime -teokset tai omaelämänkerrat ovat keskustelun arvoisia, ei ohjelman nimi tule esteeksi. 

  • Hometown Ghost Stories dives into the history of haunted locations and investigates why and how these places earned their terrifying reputation. Rob, Dave and Jesse go live every Tuesday night, after a 15-20 minute uninterrupted, documentary-style breakdown on the case. You can even join the show - as many do, during the live broadcasts on YouTube, Tuesday nights at 9pm EST, as we talk ghosts, demons, poltergeists, and the horrifying true tales that led to these hauntings.

  • Hosts Yashavi Upasani and Arvind Ragunathan explore the true stories that inspired some of the most famous horror movies of all time. Covering movies like The Conjuring, The Exorcist, and more, paranormal believer Yashavi and skeptic Arvind argue over the existence of the supernatural: whether it's real, or if it's just a creation of the human psyche. Subscribe to this podcast and follow it on social media @behi.ndthestory. After all, there's always more to uncover, Behind The Story.

  • Ιστορίες εγκλήματος, μυστήριο, σκοτεινά μυαλά και ερωτήματα που ζητούν απαντήσεις. Γιατί υπάρχει το έγκλημα; Ο εγκληματίας γεννιέται ή γίνεται; Ο Μάνος Τεχνίτης δικηγόρος - εγκληματολόγος, υποδέχεται επιστήμονες και επαγγελματίες και μέσα από διηγήσεις και εγκληματολογικές συζητήσεις, προσπαθήσει να "μπει" στο μυαλό του εγκληματία.

    Το CrimeCast τελεί υπό την αιγίδα και επιστημονική διεύθυνση του Κέντρου Μελέτης Εγκλήματος (KE.M.E.) και σε συνεργασία με το ηλ. περιοδικό

  • Это подкаст «Арест активов». Мы делаем его на основе книги Билла Браудера «В поисках правосудия. Арест активов». Каждый эпизод – это одна глава книги, её вы можете скачать и прочитать по ссылке в описании к этому подкасту.

    А если вам удобнее слушать, просто включайте этот подкаст, новые эпизоды будут выходить каждую неделю.

    Билл Браудер – основатель фонда Hermitage Capital, автор закона Магнитского. Он написал эту книгу, чтобы рассказать про расследование убийства своего адвоката Сергея Магнитского и про организованную политическую кампанию направленную на замораживание всех зарубежных активов российских коррумпированных политиков.

  • In this podcast, we dive deep into the mysterious case of the serial killer who went by the name of Axeman. Who was he and what was his effect on the innocent people?

  • About Last Night brings small town crimes to the forefront. We work with local sources to get the facts and bring attention to situations that need it. This justice-driven show not only provides a thrilling account of true crime, but will also inspire you to advocate on behalf of voices that have been silenced.

  • Spending late nights watching true crime series on Netflix? Us too. From cases widely reported in the news to 30 year old cold cases, Crime Spotlight discusses each story and its chilling facts.