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  • Zwei Männer. Zwei Städte. Eine Heimat.
    Schauspieler und Musiker Raphael Christoph Grosch und Fotograf Jannis Mattar sprechen über Kunst, Kreativität und ihr Leben als Belgier in Deutschland.

    Wer Lust hat auf Plauderei aus dem kreativen Nähkästchen, auf eine Mischung aus Fakt und Fun ist hier genau richtig:

    Mullejan - Deutschlands belgischster Podcast.

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  • Song, in its many forms, surrounds us - and may have been a feature of life since the very beginnings of human history. It is practiced in every society in the world, its importance undiminished in modern times. The tracks on this album focus on English Folk singing, the traditions behind the songs, and the stories behind the traditions. Performances from folk singer Norma Waterson complete the fascinating journey through English folk heritage. This material is drawn from The Open University course AA317 Words and music.

  • Insieme a Jack Jaselli si parla di luoghi, idee, musica, libri e interviste. Da venerdì 29 maggio, un racconto nuovo a settimana di cui non potrete fare meno.

    Shiprock è un monadock che si erge nel deserto del New Mexico. Chiamata dai Navajo “roccia con le ali”, si narra che un tempo viaggiasse per la Terra portando sulle sue spalle il popolo umano, fermandosi ovunque ci fosse da seminare o da raccogliere.

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  • Je vous partage ma passion pour l'horlogerie avec des invités, afin de découvrir et de débattre sur les gardes-temps.

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  • Folgendes: Das Internet ist voll. Es gibt so viele, denen Gags wichtiger sind als Inhalte, die länger benötigen als den Gang zum Bäcker. Es gibt zu viele Informationen. Wenn Du was wissen willst, UNTENDURCH erzählt es Dir in der sprachlichen Präzision eines BWL Studenten nach 7 billigen Rotwein. Auch wenn Du es nicht wissen willst. UNTENDURCH kümmert sich um alles. Lifestyle, Lifesucks und Entertainment. UNTENDURCH macht vor nichts Halt. Dein neuer Lieblingspodcast.

  • My name is Kimberly Hankins and I am a Violist, Yoga Teacher, Group Fitness Instructor, and Breathwork Facilitator. Having my own experiences with playing-related injuries + performance anxiety, in addition to struggles with my overall physical and mental wellbeing, I've learned the importance of understanding the connection between mind and body. I created this podcast to empower musicians to find their own path to healing, and normalize talking about our struggles without shame. Have questions or want to be on the podcast? Connect with me on Instagram @thealignedmusician

  • This is The Big Stage: where our host, Adam Sansiveri, Bernstein Managing Director and Co-head of Sports & Entertainment, along with Bernstein advisors, will talk to the biggest names in pop culture, sports, and the arts about their lives. We offer behind-the-scenes insights into how ambitious and successful individuals make investments, manage multiple business and social ventures, and give back to their communities. Tune in to find out how these esteemed athletes, artists, and entertainers navigate entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

  • Amanda Palmer is a rock star, best-selling author, TED speaker and community leader who does everything on her own terms simply by asking. Now, she turns the tables on her colleagues and heroes to find out how they create art, love difficult people, work for change, and survive the worst moments of their lives. From porn stars to empathy researchers, and cartoonists to climate scientists, no topic is out of bounds.

  • Kortárs magyar irodalom és hangoskönyv újratöltve. 27 történet, 27 elképzelt világ a Radnóti Színház színészei által felbeszélve. A podcast műsorvezetője Till Attila.