• One of the hardest about scaling a services business is knowing how to turn a Done-For-You service into a Done-With-You service — without sacrificing the results of your clients.
    What do you add?
    What do you take away?

    What do you change?
    What do you keep?
    ...And after you've gone through that conversation 100 times in your head…how do you even know where to start?
    One of our clients, Callum Armstrong, went through that same frustrating cycle.
    He wanted to turn his current DFY offer into something he could scale — but how?
    In this episode, we find out from Callum himself exactly what helped him finally build an offer he could scale…after over 9 different iterations!
    Connect with Callum here: https://www.pasteandpublish.com/evergreen-leads
    How I Turn Short Books Into 7 Figures: https://www.peacefulprofits.com/obmm-v3
    How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Months: • New Book One Year Later
    P.S. One of the biggest advantages Callum cites for his success is having a “sounding board” to bounce ideas off about his offer before he took them to market.
    Without this sounding board, it can be easy to get caught in a frustrating spiral of second-guessing yourself at every turn.
    For Callum, that sounding board came in the form of our coaching team here at Peaceful Profits.
    And if you’d like access to that same “Peaceful Profits sounding board” that can make it easier to steer your offer in the right direction, head over here to chat with one of our advisors:
    We have different options for support based on the kind of help you need at this point in your business.
    Maybe you need a sounding board to help you build out your first ever offer.
    Maybe you need help scaling an existing one.
    Maybe you just want a team of people that can steer you in the right direction and give you the “heads up” about any obstacles before you encounter them.
    We’ve got different ways of helping for each of those scenarios.
    That call ^^^ is designed to point you in the right direction and get you the help you need.

  • What do you do when you’ve done everything to build a good offer…

    When you’ve tried all the strategies you’ve learned to help you get clients…

    When you’ve tried to build systems into your business to remove yourself from the day to day…

    …And nothing is working?

    What do you do?

    We asked a couple of our coaches here at Peaceful Profits the same question.

    Suzanne Burns, Zaida Hager, and Chanelle Neilson are part of the coaching team that help our clients to answer this same question week in, week out.

    In this insightful podcast episode, they share their thoughts on what they wish every client knew about hitting the brick wall of change, despite all their efforts.

    This lesson applies whether you’re at Chapter 1 of your business, or Chapter 100.

    Listen in to hear what Zaida and Suzanne have to say!

    How I Turn Short Books Into 7 Figures: https://www.peacefulprofits.com/obmm-v3

    How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Months: https://youtu.be/8O9K7YzuUYA

    P.S. If you feel like your business is broken, but you don't even know where to start looking, our team of coaches may be able to help.

    They can not only help steer you in the right direction when it feels like you have no bearings, but they can also steer you away from any obstacles they anticipate will be in your way.

    If that’s something you think you’d like help with, then simply book a call to chat with a program advisor here:

    >> https://join.peacefulprofits.com/bac-step-1

    This isn’t a sales call, but simply a call that helps us point you in the direction of what we feel could be the next best step for your business.

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  • After selling his software company for 8-figures, Alexx Leyva saw firsthand the strain that building a business can put on people (and what can happen if you don’t prioritize your health alongside that.)

    That’s why Alexx’s next pursuit after his exit was to become a performance expert, helping entrepreneurs optimize their health and performance without sacrificing the growth of their business.

    We recently did an interview with Alexx, and he shared some really important ideas about aligning your health with your business that every business owner ought to know before starting a company.

    Listen to this podcast to hear what he has to say!

    Connect with Alexx here: @alexleyva on Instagram

    How I Turn Short Books Into 7 Figures: https://www.peacefulprofits.com/obmm-v3

    How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Months: https://youtu.be/8O9K7YzuUYA

    P.S. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about creating a peaceful business is that most stress isn’t actually created by marketing problems, but by offer problems.

    Offers that are stressful to deliver.

    Offers that are totally reliant on the business owner to fulfill.

    And non-existent systems for those offers which actively create unpredictability in the business.

    The state of your business is a direct result of the state of your offer. Period.

    That’s why offers are one of the very first things we start with when working with our clients.

    Helping them charge higher prices. Helping them create more exciting offers that are easier to market. Offers which can deliver incredible results for their clients, whether the business owner is the one fulfilling the offer or not.

    And importantly: Offers that can be fulfilled with or without the business owner needing to provide their input.

    If you’d like help doing that, then please head over here to book a call with a Peaceful Profits Advisor:

    >> Chat With My Team

    This isn’t a sales call.

    We just have different ways of helping based on wherever you’re at, and the aim of that call is to point you in the right direction and find out if that’s the kind of help you need.

  • We recently invited our own expert Book Coach, Tina Konstant, onto the Peaceful Profits podcast.

    She shared her valuable insights on exactly what any author needs to do (new or seasoned) to write books that people love to read, love to share, and love to actually engage with.

    That doesn’t just come from Tina’s extensive work before joining us as one of our experts at Peaceful Profits, but also includes her expertise from having helped us ghostwrite and launch very many of our own clients’ books.

    Rarely do I consider something a “drop what you’re doing and do this instead” kind of thing, but this podcast is definitely one of those things (if you’re interested in writing a non-fiction book).

    Listen to this podcast as soon as you can.

    Connect with Tina here: https://tinakonstant.com/

    How I Turn Short Books Into 7 Figures: https://www.peacefulprofits.com/obmm-v3

    How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Months: https://youtu.be/8O9K7YzuUYA

    P.S. Want my team to help you write your book, turn it into a bestseller, and use it to consistently get clients?

    We can do that one of two ways for you:

    A) Holding your hand through the process and being your sounding board for ideas.


    B) Actually just write the whole darn thing for you.

    Got different options to suit your needs, your budget, all that kind of stuff.

    Just head over here to book a call and chat about what’d suit your goals best:

    Book a call: https://join.peacefulprofits.com/bac-step-1

  • You might have 5-10 clients in your Facebook friend list that need your help right now. The best part is, you don’t have to spend a cent on your marketing to reach them.

    But how do you find those people and get their attention in a way that feels authentic?

    We’ll let our resident Facebook expert and coach, Amanda Kijek, tell you all about the strategy you’ll need in this exciting interview we did with Amanda.

    Discover the big difference between marketing through your own Facebook profile using organic strategies (i.e. no paid ads), and why those differences are important to take note of in your approach.

    You’ll see too just how simple and authentic that approach can be – as well as how effective it is as a client-getting tool, in that chat we did with Amanda here.

    Connect with Amanda here: https://amandakijek.com/about-us/

    How I Turn Short Books Into 7 Figures: https://www.peacefulprofits.com/obmm-v3

    How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Months: https://youtu.be/8O9K7YzuUYA

    P.S. Amanda holds weekly Live Q&A sessions on all things Facebook Organic inside of the Peaceful Profits Implementation Program.

    Pretty much any questions you have about using your Facebook profile to get clients, Amanda can answer.

    She’s also just one of our many coaching experts who provide feedback on a weekly basis to our clients on topics like Sales, Funnels, Systems, Offers, and more.

    It’s almost like having this big ol’ team I’ve built in your pocket whenever you have questions, without actually having to build the team yourself.

    If you’d like to get access to that same coaching team, then please go here to book a call.

    There’s a quick questionnaire to answer.

    We’ve got a couple of different options to suit whatever stage of your business you’re currently at, so answering those questions helps us know how to help you best.


  • If you had to step back from your business for a week tomorrow – with no ability to check in on it in the meantime – could you do it?

    For most business owners, the thought is anxiety-inducing.

    That’s how a client of ours, Dan, admitted he felt when he had to take the first major “unplugged” vacation away from his business a few months back.

    Dan is a filmmaker and business owner who helps other creatives put together mini-movies around messages they want to share, then uses the power of simple advertising to create movements from those mini-movies.

    Before joining us, Dan confessed that his business felt chaotic and unpredictable.

    And it wasn’t until Dan went away on vacation and couldn’t check on his business that he had a breakthrough moment that changed the way he operated his business for good (and for the better, too).

    To his surprise and delight, he came back to find that everything had been running smoothly in his absence.

    Want to see how he did it?

    Listen to the interview we recently did with Dan here where he breaks it down!

    Connect with Dan here: https://minimovies.optimisticproductions.co.uk/book

    How I Turn Short Books Into 7 Figures: https://www.peacefulprofits.com/obmm-v3

    How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Months: https://youtu.be/8O9K7YzuUYA

    P.S. – A short message from Mike:

    One of the key pillars we focus on with our clients is the importance of building systems.

    Harsh as it may sound, I actually don’t consider a business a “business” without actual systems.

    It’s just a job that you own.

    Systems are the reason I spend just a handful of hours on this business (Peaceful Profits), yet it’s still a 7-figure company.

    It’s also the same reason I’m able to have a couple of other businesses that each do 6 and 7-figures each, and still have time to hang out with my kids during the week.

    If you’d like my team’s help in building those kinds of “freedom” systems that mean your business can continue to run even if you have to take a vacation then please go here to have a chat with my team.

    We’re currently helping a bunch of business owners, service providers, and “help” businesses across the world do exactly that ^^^.

    I’d love for you to also be one of those businesses.

  • If copywriting isn’t your strong suit…

    Or if you don’t have a bunch of time to write a book…

    Or if you’re just much better at coming up with ideas than putting them into words…

    Then you might land on AI as the solution to do all of that ^^^ for you.

    But can it?

    Perhaps even more importantly, should it?

    We asked Mike Connolly, a seasoned copywriter, marketing strategist, and Peaceful Profits client, for his opinion.

    Mike is a former Colorado State Fiddle champion turned business owner in the Direct Marketing space, and he recently shared his thoughts on what AI can (and can’t do) for any business owner.

    Specifically, how to use AI as a productivity tool and “helper” for your marketing, without it becoming a massive time-suck that you have to endlessly feed prompts until you get the info you want.

    Check out this recent interview with Mike to hear exactly what he had to say!

    Connect with Mike Connolly here: funnelhacker.com

    How I Turn Short Books Into 7 Figures: https://www.peacefulprofits.com/obmm-v3

    How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Months: https://youtu.be/8O9K7YzuUYA


    AI is pretty good, and it’s only going to get better.

    …But for some questions you might have about building your business, there are times when you just need a plain ol’ human to give you the answer.

    We’ve got a couple of programs at Peaceful Profits that’ll not only give you a trusted “sounding board” of ideas that AI can’t answer for you…

    But you’ll also get access to my own team of experts that work inside of Peaceful Profits to serve our clients every single day.

    No exaggeration here: The kind of wisdom and knowledge that you will find in their brains around Offers, Sales, Copywriting, Funnels, Systems, and pretty much any other part of growing your business can NOT be provided by even the best AI.

    (At least not right now).

    If you want access to them, plus our awesome community, then please go here and book a call.

    We’ve got a couple different programs depending on what your goals are.

    It would be great to see you in one of them.

  • LinkedIn is an incredible tool to get clients and build a consistent stream of leads into your business.

    It’s also an easy way to annoy people – if you’re not careful.

    So how do you strike the balance between using LinkedIn as an effective sales tool, without being like every other marketer you see in your “connection requests” list on your own LinkedIn?

    Mildred Talabi, our resident LinkedIn Coach at Peaceful Profits, is here to show you how!

    Connect with Mildred here: https://www.mildredtalabi.com/

    How I Turn Short Books Into 7 Figures: https://www.peacefulprofits.com/obmm-v3

    How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Months: https://youtu.be/8O9K7YzuUYA

    P.S. Want Mildred and my team of other experts to help you turn your LinkedIn into a source of consistent clients?

    Step 1 is to build a premium offer that helps you stand out from competition without having to offer crazy guarantees or “price-drop” incentives.

    Step 2 is to plug that into a low-effort LinkedIn system that delivers consistent clients to your business.

    If you’d like my team and I to help you build that, please go here and book a call:

    >> https://join.peacefulprofits.com/one-offer-no-ads-no-funnel

    We might be able to help.

    (We’ll let you know if we probably can’t too).

  • Natalie had been burning herself out trying a bunch of different marketing strategies, trying to figure out how to fill her premium program with more students.

    And despite building an email list of 5,000 subscribers (and potential buyers), she was having a hard time actually turning those subscribers into buyers of her premium program. It was almost like her list was tapped out, with nothing else left to buy anything else she had to offer.

    …That was until she followed the email nurture process we outline inside the Peaceful Profits Implementation Program.

    And from that “tapped out” email list, came 8 new student enrollments in her course in just 2 months.

    Wanna see how Natalie did it?

    Listen to this exciting interview we did with her here!

    Connect with Natalie here: https://nataliehill.me/

    How I Turn Short Books Into 7 Figures: https://www.peacefulprofits.com/obmm-v3

    How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Months: https://youtu.be/8O9K7YzuUYA

    P.S. If you’ve got a premium program that you’re struggling to attract clients for (despite throwing everything and the kitchen sink at it)...my team and I can help.

    We’ve got a couple different options depending on where you are in the process, whether that’s adding more students to an existing program of yours with more consistency, or actually just building the program in the first place.

    Just send an email to [email protected] and chat to Lacey.

    She can help you figure out what the next best step is for you and your business.

  • Is “the curse of genius” preventing you from being able to connect with your ideal prospects? If you’re having trouble getting your marketing to land right with your people, you might just be talking about the wrong thing. Our client, Rachel Duffy, shares her advice and experience for correcting this issue in her own business.

    As a divorce lawyer turned parenting coach, Rachel knows the importance of effective communication more than just about anybody else. Her coaching business is helping parents have stronger relationships with their kids to improve family dynamics and raise the next generation on a solid emotional foundation.

    Whether you’re a parent of young children or not, there’s a ton of wisdom to be gleaned in this episode. Don’t skip this one.

    P.S. Want my team and I to help you clarify your message and create an offer so irresistible your clients will think it was made just for them?

    Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll let you know all the ways we can help you do that.

  • Is it really true that you need a big team to run your business if you want to go hands-off? Amber Renae is proof that it’s not. In this client case study, she’s telling us how she’s managed to build a business that gives her the freedom and ease she’s always wanted, without requiring a huge team to pull it off.

    As a serial entrepreneur, Amber has been through extreme highs and devastating lows. Now she’s achieved the kind of stability in her business that allows her to pursue her dreams – including multiple reality TV shows!

    Whether or not your goal is to hit 7 figures, build a big team, or even be on TV, there’s a lot you can learn in this interview.

    P.S. If you want our help in writing a book, selling 50 – 150 copies per day, and turning readers into clients for your premium programs and services, we should chat.

    Send an email to us at [email protected] and we’ll let you know exactly what kind of help we can give you to do what Amber did.

  • If you’re considering launching a high-ticket program, this episode is for you. Every day at Peaceful Profits, we help our clients build, grow, and scale high-ticket programs filled with their ideal clients.

    In this episode, we will dive deep into what it takes to launch a successful program with Jessica Berlin, Peaceful Profits’ Head of Program Fulfillment.

    She’ll be sharing her best tips about:

    Where to start when you want to launch a program.

    How to make sure your clients are getting what they really need.

    How to nail who your offer is for

    The fastest way to go from idea to money-making program.

    She is even going to be talking about the steps you need to take to deliver a program successfully and make clients VERY HAPPY.

    Jessica has helped hundreds of Peaceful Profit clients launch 6- and 7-figure programs, so you definitely want to listen up.

    Jessica and the rest of the Peaceful Profits team can help you plan, build, grow, and scale a successful high-ticket program.

    Want to tap into her wisdom (and the wisdom of the whole coaching team here at Peaceful Profits) to help you write your book, launch it, and start selling 50 – 150 copies per day?

    Send us an email at [email protected]!

  • Can creating and marketing a course actually SIMPLIFY your life? It certainly did for Ashton Levarek.

    After finding substantial success in the vacation rentals business, Ashton was getting questions left and right about his methods… to the point that it was interfering with his ability to maintain a family-first approach to his schedule. He needed a way to communicate with people at scale, to answer all their questions while still maintaining the kind of time freedom he wanted.

    He found the solution in the Peaceful Profits methodology, and he’s been building it out ever since. Now he’s able to share his knowledge at scale… at a profit… and without having to get into the dreaded “grind” to do so. This generous interview shares how he made it all happen… with valuable lessons for any expert running any kind of business. You’ll love it.

    P.S. If you want to simplify your marketing with the help of a book, just like Ashton did, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll let you know exactly what options we have for helping you do that.

  • How do you take a 1:1 service and turn it into something you can deliver online? Our client Amanda Plevell was wrestling with that exact question when she first came to us. Is it even possible? Will clients be willing to pay the same rates for online services? How will the demands on staff time work with a shift to online services?

    As a trauma-informed naturopath with many years in holistic health, Amanda understood the damage her overloaded client schedule would cause if she tried to keep up the pace. At the same time, she was frustrated by the limitations of 1:1 client work. But with some intentional redesign of her offering and an openness to shift some of her work to an online, more scalable model, she’s able to serve 3 times as many people as before, with at higher rates, working fewer hours.

    If it can work for Amanda, it can work for you, too.

    P.S. If you want to learn how to create an irresistible offer that sells in your sleep, send an email to us at [email protected].

  • Ready to crank up your business growth? Get ready to dive into actionable insights with Pete Manktelow, Chief Growth Officer at Peaceful Profits. We're talking about supercharging your Facebook ads with spot-on marketing messages that truly hit home. But before we get to that, here's the big question: Why do I want these leads?

    He talks about the art of laser-focused traffic strategies that are tightly woven into your core business functions. And that's not all – Pete spills the beans on how to smartly position your products or services for sales success, drawing in a crowd that's genuinely interested.

    Let's talk about the nuances of messaging – it's not just words, it's the magic key to attracting the leads that are primed to buy. But it's not all magic; numbers matter too. Pete breaks down the real world numbers you need to watch to pump up your growth while keeping your acquisition costs in check.

    Plus, Pete debunks myths surrounding organic traffic, showcasing the value of smart time allocation and self-liquidation strategies for business expansion. Learn to distinguish between reach and meaningful engagement, crafting marketing that captures intentional interactions.

    If you're a coach, service provider, expert, or entrepreneur who’s ready to put these insights into action? Send us an email at: [email protected]

    The team at Peaceful Profits is ready to help you create the nuanced messaging you need to create a marketing strategy that brings in the clients you need to grow your business to 6-and 7-figures.

  • If you’re writing a book or you think you might write one someday, listen up. Every day at Peaceful Profits, we help our clients write books and build businesses with them.

    Anyone can write a book, but if you don’t write the RIGHT book the right way… it’s going to be a painful process, my friend. So how do you avoid the pitfalls and make sure you’re not wasting your time on a dud? This interview with Meredith Trunkett, one of our ghostwriters, will help. In it, Meredith gives her best insights and proven advice for writing the best possible book without getting caught up in the same problems most new authors do.

    Take her advice to heart, and your book-writing journey will be much more enjoyable… and much more profitable.

    Meredith and the rest of the Peaceful Profits team can help you put together products and services that are useful, profitable, and easy to scale. Go to PeacefulProfits.com/call and let’s chat.

  • Is it possible to run your business just by doing the fun stuff? Raquel Deville thinks it is. In this client case study, she’s telling us exactly what she does to keep the fun level high while avoiding things she doesn’t like doing. The key to making it work might surprise you.

    As a person with neurodivergence, Raquel has optimized the Peaceful Profits system to work for her brain and her business, with great success. We’ve learned a lot from Raquel, and we hope you will, too. Connect with Raquel on Facebook and LinkedIn.

    P.S. If you want an irresistible offer that sells in your sleep, go to PeacefulProfits.com/call and let’s chat.

  • LinkedIn is full of your ideal people, but it can be difficult to build a platform there. But our coach, Mildred Talabi, can tell you! We recently brought Mildred onto the Peaceful Profits team to help our clients build a thriving audience on LinkedIn, and we’re so excited to offer these insights to the Peaceful Profits Implementation Program. But you don’t have to be in the program to benefit from what Mildred is teaching… because she breaks it all down in this insightful interview. Enjoy!

    P.S. Want Mildred and the rest of my team to help you grow your business? Book a chat here: https://www.peacefulprofits.com/call

  • Sue Choi sold her first 1,700 books at a profit!

    For Sue Choi, it was a struggle for a long time. But once she committed to following the Peaceful Profits system taught inside our Implementation Program, everything changed for her.

    Today Sue’s business is easier and more enjoyable to run than ever. She’s working with her ideal clients, she’s spending less time on “orientation” thanks to her book, and to make things even better, her ads are selling her book and profitable!

    Enjoy! Connect with Sue at https://coherendbody.com

    How I Use Books to Get Clients: https://www.peacefulprofits.com/obmm-v3

  • If you’re having trouble selling your products or services, this one’s for you. Every day at Peaceful Profits, we help our clients with something called offer development: the process of creating products and services that are exactly what your ideal buyers want and need.

    If you haven’t put together the right offer, it’s going to be really hard to sell. So what do you do if you’re in that situation? This interview with Alex Moore, one of our expert coaches in the Peaceful Profits, will help. In it, Alex tells you what not to do, what to look out for, and how to approach the process of developing an offer that is exactly what your ideal buyers want and need… so that they’re easy to sell.

    Alex and the rest of the Peaceful Profits team can help you put together products and services that are useful, profitable, and easy to scale. Go to PeacefulProfits.com/call and let’s chat.