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  • Curling Hall of Famers Kevin Martin and Warren Hansen talk everything curling with host Jim Jerome. No show brings you more expertise, insight, and knowledge about curling’s past, present and future.

  • A BMX related podcast!๐ŸŽ™
    Hosted by Tory Nyhaug and James Palmer
    Catching up with our guests over coffee โ˜•๏ธ Covering BMX, insight, sport, and random BS

  • Courir 101 est un plan d'entraînement fait sous forme de podcast. C'est un programme pour amener un débutant à la course à courir après dix semaines, 4 km en continu et tout cela dans la plaisir. Trois fois par semaine, au moment qui vous convient, la coach Josée Prévost, fondatrice de Maison de la Course et coureuse de marathon passionnée ( elle en fait une douzaine par année) est avec vous virtuellement en audio pendant tout l'entraînement. Courir 101 est gratuit. Pour avoir accès à tout le matériel d'apprentissage dont des vidéos sur la technique, il est préférable de vous inscrire et non pas de seulement écouter les épisodes. Vous pouvez en apprendre plus en visitant la page de nos cliniques virtuelles:

  • Podcast de plein air animé par David et Marc-André. On peut y découvrir avec une couche d’humour, d’ironie et de plaisir les rudiments de la randonnée pédestre et d’autres activités extérieures. L’actualité, les montagnes, la préparation et autres sujets y sont couverts.

    Comme on dit : On sait où ça commence, mais on ne sait pas où ça se termine.

    Bonne écoute et à De Dehors!

  • Subscribe for free to WrestleZone and get access to weekly post shows, reviews, exclusive interviews and more!


  • Podcast entièrement dédié au powerlifting animé par Élodie Morin et Brandon Leclerc, kinésiologues spécialisés en force athlétique / dynamophilie. Ils aident les athlètes du Québec et de la France à atteindre leurs objectifs de musculation.

  • Sports, Entertainment and Comedy: Together at last. You may not win, but at least you'll have fun losing.

    Produced daily, Pat Mayo guides you through the world of NFL, PGA, and UFC betting and Fantasy Sports, along with the latest in TV and Movies.

  • The podcast will focus on the rules in both sports and life, mixing in humor, pop culture, and interviews with sports and entertainment personalities. Former NFL Senior Vice President of Officiating and current FOX Sports Rules Analyst Dean Blandino gives his unique take on officiating and rules in sports, entertainment, and every-day life.

  • New episodes EVERY weekday! Former TSN morning show partners Steve Warne and Jim Jerome check in daily with their unique takes on Ottawa sports, life, and whatever.

    "The best podcast I've ever heard. A triumph of the human spirit!" - Steve's Dad.

  • Hockey fans already know the name, but this is not the blog. From Sportsnet, 32 Thoughts: The Podcast with Jeff Marek and NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman is a weekly deep dive into the biggest news and interviews from the hockey world.

  • A circus act of a podcast. Get ready for the madness.

  • Podcast 100% trail. Je vais à la rencontre de gens fascinants et inspirants pour jaser de course en sentier. Simple de même!

  • Kate Fagan and Jessica Smetana host this magazine style podcast. The show will include a mix of interviews, skits and discussions that consider an alternative historical point of view on culture, as well as women’s sports and those who have critiqued them. While the show is *technically* about sports, it will mostly enter through the side doors of pop culture and comedy, with a northstar of telling the story of (women in) sports with humor, insight, and joy.

  • For over 20 years I've been collecting stories, photographs, interviews, out of print books and researching various aspects of the human history of Algonquin Park in Ontario Canada. In other words, capturing voices from the past. In the fall of 2020, I launched my podcast 'Algonquin Defining Moments' to both complement my published books but also to continue my mission of sharing stories, recollections, traditions, landmarks and other fun Algonquin Park human heritage curiosities. In this way that those who share my passion for everything Algonquin Park can listen to snippets of the park and its people while commuting, walking, cooking, working around the house or even just meditating on the back deck. Enjoy! Gaye Clemson

  • Dr. Andreo Spina interviews a diverse group of educators, athletes, and industry leaders in health & fitness.
    About Dr. Andreo Spina…
    A published author, and international speaker on the topics of joint health, human movement, sports performance, and injury management, Dr. Spina's training and manual therapy systems are currently utilized by practitioners world-wide including medical professionals and dozens of professional sports organizations, athletes, and performers in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, NCAA, UFC and more.

  • The Sickest Sports Podcast Around!
    Hosted by Tony Marinaro!
    A Sick Media Production.

  • The Equipped Bruised Tired Powerlifting Podcast covers the world of competitive equipped powerlifting. Episodes are released every two weeks and feature prominent guests from all over the world. Hosted by Bryce Krawczyk and Ryan Stinn, two powerlifters with microphones in Canada.

  • Legendary Boston sportswriter Bob Ryan sits down with a new guest each week to talk about all things that matter to true Bostonians.

  • Vegan and vegetarian nutrition, running and training tips, and healthy lifestyle and habit change with well-known guests like Rich Roll, Brendan Brazier, Heather Crosby, Leo Babauta, Rip Esselstyn, Pamela Fergusson, Dan Buettner, make for an entertaining, informative, no-preach listen.

  • Luc Bellemare et ses collaborateurs analysent les performances des Canadiens de Montréal.