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  • Kaks ja pool aju podcasti teevad kaks ja pool stand-up koomikut, kelle saadetel pole absoluutselt mitte mingisugust sisulist mõtet ega eesmärki. Tõenäoliselt me seame selle saatega ohtu oma karjäärid ja võimalused kunagi poliitikasse minna. Uhkust tunneme selle üle, et ükski podcast pole rohkem demograafilisi gruppe välja vihastanud.

    Saateid teevad Steven Tiirk, Tauri Einberg ja Piibe Kirke Aljas

    NB! Episoodides mainitud tegelased ja võetud seisukohad on väljamõeldud ja ei esinda podcasti tegijate ega toetajate seisukohti!

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  • Saade, kuhu ma kutsun külla inimesi, kes mulle huvi pakuvad ja kelle tegemiste kohta tahaks rohkem teada saada!

  • Stand-up koomikud Ardo Asperk ja Sten-Erik Allikas räägivad elust ja asjadest, kombivad piire ja murravad stereotüüpe.

  • ”Pohmellipäev Mattias Naaniga” on täpselt see, mis esialgu tundub: päeval, mil Mattias Naanil (või podcasti kuulajal) on pohmell, on ta surutud mikrofoni ette ja rohkemat ei oskagi praegu lisada ega lubada.

  • Saated, mida on raske raamidesse suruda.

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    Saadetes esitatud vaated, mõtted ja arvamused on personaalsed, ega kandideeri tõele!

  • Hosted by Kelin Daugherty and Leah Nielsen, Sorta 'Splained is a weekly podcast that delves into curious and peculiar subjects. From history to science to pop culture, Kelin and Leah will just sort of explain something of interest to each other.

    Please find all of our great sources for our research here:

  • What if we told you everything you know about the world is wrong? What if we told you that all the things you believe to be impossible are in fact very much possible? Reality is not what you think it is. It is so much more complicated, fascinating and, above all, terrifying. Welcome to Adamโ€™s World of Darkness where we go Beyond the Map. Join us in this anthology series of unspeakable horrors set in a world not that different from our own.

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  • pidime alustama aastal 2056, aga näed, kus joppas. alustasime hoopis 34 aastat varem. podcast, kus andrei zevakin & robin valting hämavad midagi mikritesse.
    mis siin toimub podcastis räägime elust-enesest, meelelahutusest ja kutsume ka põnevaid külalisi.

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  • Spencer and Wendy are besties who share the gift of gab and infectious laughter. These self-proclaimed basic blondes aren’t afraid to be real, dive into influencer culture and have unfiltered conversations on everyday topics that we can all relate to. Grab your drink of choice and join them every Tuesday for girl time and giggles. 

  • Rian Reyes, Dominic Angel and Gerardo Alarcon are Mexicans who gather together to discuss different aspects of their culture!

  • UNHINGED is an off the rails, no seatbelts ride with comedian Chris Klemens. Chris gives his irreverent takes on timely topics both serious and trivial, with surprise guests stopping by to dish on all the deets. Think of Unhinged with Chris Klemens as the love child that The Daily Show and Tosh.0 never knew they needed.
    Unhinged with Chris Klemens is a Big Spark Studios production.

  • I'm Quitting Alcohol, is a 5 minute daily podcast by comedian David Boyle. Join Boyle as he transitions from Alcoholic maniac to sober lunatic and attempts to process the past 20 years of booze soaked mayhem. To listen from DAY 1 head to SPOTIFY.

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  • Incredibly famous internet celebrity Aksel a.k.a. Aksually talks about life and interviews his super cool and attractive friends

  • Kas olete vahel tabanud ennast mõttelt...a misasja...päriselt?! Siin ongi mehed, mikrite ees & taga rääkimas vähemal ning rohkemal määral teemadel, mida nad naiste juuresolekul ei räägiks. Jutustamistel puuduvad selged piirid ning vahel läheb algne teemapüstitus ka laia maailma rändama. Kuulamine rangelt omal vastutusel!

  • Three comedians and best friends bring you the latest on NBC's Saturday Night Live and the culture that surrounds it. Each week, Arielle, Alexei, and Avery review an episode of the show, revisit old eras and movies, or deep-dive into a discussion about the sketch comedy giant's struggles, in their own unique way. A comedy podcast where respect comes to die.

  • Investigating the best bits of nature Bill Oddie never talked about. Each episode also pits a host against a new species of animal to decide how many they could take in a fight. The show for nature lovers who recognise that failing to plan is planning to fail! So have a think: if it was you vs geese - how many geese?

    Twitter @JackBaddams, @RoddyShaw email:

  • Casual Shenanigans Gaming is a podcast all about the irreverent love of gaming.

  • This is a Father and Son MMA and TTRPG Podcast and destination for the best NPCs in ALL THE PLANES. We host a wide range of interesting guests and bring you intriguing dialogue across a bunch of different topics, especially MMA and D&D. Enjoy! #MMA #DnD #OtherCoolGuests

  • The history of mankind is rife with accounts of swindlers and charlatans. Some for good, most for greed, and a surprising number who manage to get away with it over and over again. But they all make for good stories. Join hosts Austin and Dalton as they dive deep into the murky world of con-artists, grifters, thieves, and the unscrupulous types on "If You Catch My Grift".