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  • Solidmighty is a fast-rising star. Born and brought up in Anambra state Nigeria
    Idemilii North local government.
    His real name is Obidike chigozie Joseph but popular known as Solidmighty.
    He has been into the music industry since he was 10 years

  • Cathryn Beeks has been sharing original music and shining a light on the folks who make it since her first podcast in San Diego in 2004 called The Listen Local Show. She debuted her brand “Listen Local” in 2003 offering acoustic showcases, festivals, podcasts, web shows and more in an effort to introduce folks to music makers, creatives, and inspiring people/places/things in San Diego and beyond. Here’s the menu:

    THE LISTEN LOCAL SHOW – A monthly “audio calendar” featuring original music by those performing in the San Diego area that month. The second half of the show is music submitted by makers from San Diego and beyond all introduced by the artists themselves. Get information about submitting your song and message at

    LISTEN LOCAL LOUNGE AT SATELLITE STUDIOS - Cathryn hosts this multi-guest interview show at Jeff Berkley's new digs Satellite Studios. Conversation and 2 songs each from our amazing guests. Watch "subscriber exclusive" video of the performances by subscribing for as little as $2 a month at

    THE LISTEN LOCAL SHOW FEATURES – These segments feature songs and stories from musicians and creatives folks from all over. Most of these shows are filmed and available on the Listen Local Radio Youtube channel called “1/2 Fast TV” at

    MANAGE PARTICIPANTS – This new series finds Cathryn and 5 guests sharing songs, stories, and company on zoom. You can watch these shows on ½ Fast TV at or listen to them on Listen Local Radio

    LADY BRAIN PRESENTS – This series features two guests from the Lady Brain Collective, a group of female creatives in the San Diego area. Songs, stories, fun. Watch these shows on ½ Fast TV or listen to them here on Listen Local Radio

    RONI LEE’S ROCK TIPS – This series features short “tips” from legendary guitar rock goddess, Roni Lee, pertaining to the music business. Great for beginners or those who’ve been in the industry, these tips are super helpful and interesting. This series was sponsored by Play Like A Girl Records

    We hope you enjoy these shows, upcoming shows, and all of the archives. Please consider helping Cathryn continue to share local music, art, and creative/inspiring people/places/things by subscribing for as little as $2 a month at Contact [email protected] and visit us on and on social media @golistenlocal THANK YOU!

  • Daddy's Home is a comedy podcast that discusses anything and everything that goes on. Join Steven Shear and Mel Escudero as they try to heal the world one topic at a time.

  • The Mix Tape Mafia decides the best songs to fit a certain theme, and delivers an incredible playlist each episode. Along the way, hosts Jason Papagan and Anthony Pisch nominate songs back and forth, crack wise and determine which songs make the cut, and which end up on the cutting room floor. Every episode is a musical and comical feast for the ears that results in a supreme "Mix Tape" playlist for the listeners to add to their Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Why are we the Mix Tape Mafia?... because we're paisans and what we say goes. Don't like it? send us a tweet and let us know. Strong opinions stir the stew...

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  • Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures, Certain Times call for Certain Song choice. Get a healthy prescription of songs you should listen to at specific seasons of your life, Unravel mysteries that makes a Great song, get music nuggets and lots more with STRANGEL on “Great Music|Great Talk”

  • In this episode of the Turn on the Music Podcast, we delve into the world of music with Victor Wooten's best-selling book, "The Spirit of Music." Join us as we explore and unravel the basic principles of music theory and practice. Whether you're a musician, music lover, or simply curious about the art of music, this episode will inspire and enlighten you. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey of discovering music with Victor Wooten's 'The Spirit of Music'. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share this video with your friends and fellow music enthusiasts!

    Welcome to 'Turn On The Music Podcast YouTube channel - where we shine a light on talented, up-and-coming artists from all genres. Our passion for music has led us on a journey to discover hidden gems and bring them to the forefront. Each episode, we talk about these talented musicians and delve into their stories, experiences, and, of course, their music. From indie rock to hip-hop, country to electronic, we cover it all and share our finds with you. Subscribe to our channel and turn on the music with us as we bring you fresh and exciting sounds from the world of emerging artists. Join us on this journey and discover your new favorite artist today.”

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  • Im a DJ from Gold Coast Australia!

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  • The show is about music, the music business and sometimes interviews with artists and industry folks.

    This podcast is a product of Nest lvl Management.

  • Dj, Producer, Label Owner (FK Records) & Entreprenuer...

  • Become a Paid Subscriber: interviews and everyday conversations from the host Bizzy BalBoa and some of the most amazing people all over the world. Topics around music, community, history, finances, and more. You will experience real-life testimonials, life lessons, and advice. Tune in every Saturday and follow us on Instagram @g2km_podcast.

  • Aidan Thomas (aka Emcee Aidos), an up and coming Australian rapper, talks about all things Australian hip hop, and worldwide hip hop.

  • Podcast Where We Talk About Everyday Things Over Shots Of Tequila!

  • ALL LIT FIVE Podcast, also known as AL5 (pronounced ‘al five’), is the baby of its host and producer Chrisfocus. He uses the music podcast to share what's at the top of what he's listening to in the Afro Culture, spread his luscious vibes, and keep his Urban Radio alter-ego afloat.

    Episodes span an average of 25 minutes, and feature a total of seven songs in radio-edit format. AL5 uses a typical radio countdown structure.

  • We've been around for a while and we have so much audio resources that are helpful to indie artists. We try to keep it fun, simple, short and informative over here.When they said, "follow who know road," they were referring to us โ€” that's if you're an artist.And if you're not a music artist, just listen. You'll learn things that you can apply outside of music and get great results.I'm oddFelix, the headmaster of this podclass. My assistant is my fiancee, Endy. We welcome you, love you and hope you learn something new and laugh whenever you listen. Support this podcast:

  • Introducing "Melody Makers Uncovered" hosted by DJ Swergvic! Get ready to uncover the secrets behind your favorite melodies, as DJ Swergvic takes you on a musical adventure like no other. Join us as we explore the stories, inspirations, and creative processes of the talented artists who bring us the music we love. From chart-topping hits to underground gems, we'll leave no melody unturned. Let's dive into the world of music together! ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽ™๏ธ