• Going by how he felt when she arrived, Harrison never thought he’d be sorry to see Daisy go home. He thinks Fallon’s been brilliant with accommodating Daisy. Harrison’s now looking forward to a rest but Fallon has invited Joy over for a cup of tea. Fallon’s parceled up a panda that Daisy took a shine to during her stay. When Harrison searches for his wallet to post it, he finds a scratch card that Daisy found.

    Tony needs to get the Flying Scotsman model train off Henry after Pat let him take it to his room. He finally hears from Johnny that he doesn’t want the train set. Tony wishes he’d set it up permanently somewhere during John’s childhood. Henry and Jack weren’t keen on it after all so Tony sets it up in his workshop. He looks forward to expanding it now it’s working with a new transformer.

    After Joy’s visit, Harrison wants to set a romantic mood for him and Fallon but then Joy rings. The man who took away her rubbish that was then fly-tipped is back. Harrison can hear how intimidating he’s being so heads round there. Outside Joy’s house, Harrison watches Tim Oatey being arrested for number plates not matching his vehicle. The police will pass Tim’s details onto the Environment Agency which is looking at his waste disposal scam. Harrison has a quick chat with Joy but is eager to get back to Fallon to – finally – have the couple time he’d planned at the start of the week!

  • Fallon catches a few moments rest while Daisy plays with Rosie and Pip on The Green. Fallon wasn’t expecting Daisy to not sleep through the night. Meanwhile, Joy watches Daisy and Rosie from a bench on The Green and worries that Pip might be avoiding her after her rubbish was fly-tipped. Watching the girls play makes Joy miss her grandchildren. She wishes Rochelle would get in touch more.
    Johnny doesn’t want to have John’s old model railway set on display at 1, The Green. As he tries to drum up the courage to talk to Tony, Johnny finds another scratch card. It’s not a winner but when he reads the small print he wonders if one that he’s already thrown away actually qualified for a prize. Later, Joy spots Johnny going through the bin outside 1, The Green. Johnny can’t find the thrown away scratch card. He’s not even sure it’s a winner. He thanks Joy for picking up some rubbish that has escaped his bin.
    Fallon watches Harrison and Daisy have fun in the garden. Daisy’s settled with them now. Fallon’s surprised by what’s she’s enjoyed about looking after a toddler. Her thoughts turn to Joy and she realises she’s quite lonely so vows to be in touch with Joy more and to be a better neighbour.

  • Tony bumps his head in the attic as he tries to sort out what’s stored up there at Pat’s request. He finds a Flying Scotsman toy train which was John’s. He sets it up but something seems to be wrong with its electrics. Pat thinks Henry should have it but Tony’s worried it’ll get damaged. Tony looks through old photo albums to place when the train was a gift for John. Tony decides the train should go to Johnny – it’s his birthday on Saturday after all.

    Tony asks Johnny to deliver an extra veg box to Joy. Johnny’s relieved to take a break from weeding. He’d love a holiday, the money he was saving for a hair transplant could fund it but he can’t see he’ll get away anytime soon. He’s been getting compliments on his shaved head and thinks he should have done it sooner. Now, he’d like a better car but will need more money than what he’s already saved. After hearing his horoscope from Joy, Johnny takes up Freddie’s suggestion and spends £50 on scratch cards. None of them come up good. Johnny’s not keen on the model railway Tony wants to show him.

  • Harrison prepares Woodbine Cottage and its garden for a surprise ‘holiday at home’ for Fallon. He receives another fan message after giving Susan his email address following his appearance on her radio show last week. He runs through the plan for when Fallon gets home; airport security at the front door, paddling pool in the garden, cocktails, games then dinner and disco.

    Tired after a full day of baking at the Tearoom, Fallon looks forward to Harrison picking her up. She reflects on his radio interview last week – she didn’t know he had been bullied. She thinks she will always worry about his safety while he’s a police officer. Harrison messages her to ask her make her own way home as he’s got a surprise for her.

    Fallon’s impressed with Harrison’s surprise ‘holiday at home’ while lounging in the garden she answers a call from Harrison's brother Marcus. They have to cut their romantic plans short as Marcus needs to leave two-year-old daughter Daisy with them. Harrison is grateful Fallon is so understanding, especially as they don’t see much of Marcus and family.

  • Emma’s incredulous Ed isn’t prepared to grass on fly tipper and old foe Tim Oatey. He was partly responsible for their marriage crisis! She ruins her trial bake of Nic’s Harvest Pie, and has to start again. Her second attempt’s better, and she’s able to follow through on her plan to deliver fresh slices with handwritten notes from the children to the gardening community, asking them to reconsider her Flower & Produce Show idea. It works! Bert and Jill are behind it; she just needs them to persuade the others, and for Clarrie to relinquish control of the veg patch.Alice is out of booze. She heads to the shops to re-stock. She’s unhappy with her dad’s idea that she works at the farm. She’s had enough of being told what to do. As she drives she relents; she might have been a bit harsh. She resolves to call Brian and apologise. Later, having shared things with her dad and prepared a delicious dinner for Chris, she’s happy to have no more worries about working on the farm. She has a well-deserved Rioja break. Ed thinks it would be a bad move to shop Tim Oatey. He considers just warning him off. Then he considers how Tim’s treated Emma in the past. After a tussle with his conscience he decides it’s Emma he owes, not Tim. He calls Crimestoppers.

  • Emma’s exasperated with Chris pouring cold water on her Flower & Produce Show idea, but she thinks he might have a point about some people struggling with the technology. She’s sure Bert will be up for it though and eager to show off his prowess with veg. Disappointingly she later discovers even Bert isn’t on board with it.
    Ed’s shocked to find the padlock has been removed from his field gate and replaced with a new one. He’s been locked out by the fly tippers, and surely this means they’re coming back. He enlists Will’s help to plan a stake out. Emma’s not happy – it’s bound to end in a fight. Some escaped pigs come to her aid, and she hopes the delay caused by the round up means Ed will have missed any returning fly tippers. As they set off she settles in for an anxious wait.
    Chris has been getting some savage treatment online from Thandi over the injury to her horse’s foot. He thinks it’s just embarrassment over the gossip about her affair. But on Jakob’s advice he apologises to her, hoping she’ll lay off the online abuse now.
    Undeterred by the delay caused by the escaped pigs, Ed and Will lie in wait in the dark. And Ed can’t believe what he sees.

  • Brian’s combining, to take some of the load from busy Adam. He muses that Xander’s growing fast. He’d briefly wondered if Alice might be next for parenthood, but her announcement earlier to Jennifer was that she’d quit her job. Brian has no problem with Alice setting up on her own, though is a bit surprised she didn’t speak to him first. But she has her head screwed on. Later he’s mystified when he’s cold shouldered in a chance encounter with someone she used to work with.

    Emma’s still frustrated Clarrie’s not letting her have the run of the veg patch, and that she opposes her Flower & Produce Show idea. She thinks Clarrie’s against change. But later she finds out Clarrie’s just worried about letting Joe down.

    Alice is feeling the worse for wear. She tries to knuckle down to the task of finding new clients, but can’t shake thoughts of her mum’s disapproval of her decision. She has another drink to clear her head, but hurriedly hides the alcohol when she realises her dad’s about to drop in. She needn’t have worried. After he’s gone she finishes the whisky he’d recommended as a steadier. He had faith in her when she explained the stress she’d been under at work. Finally remembering her laptop password, she drinks to her wonderful dad.

  • Ed’s appalled to find evidence of more fly tipping on Grange Farm land. It’s in a field of sheep, and a ewe’s injured. He tends to her cut lip as best he can, and resolves to fit a strong padlock and chain on the field gate.
    Emma’s growing veg, though she’s wary of trespassing on Clarrie’s domain. She has to admit, however, that her tomatoes are tastier than anything Clarrie’s grown. She used some old seeds she found in Joe’s collection. Having endured a long call full of helpful gardening tips from Jennifer, who’d been put up to it by Chris, she laments that all she needs is new ideas, not chapter and verse. She wonders whether she should take over the organisational bits of the garden to lighten Clarrie’s load. An idea for an online Flower & Produce show occurs to her.
    Chris is irritated that Emma’s left it to Alice to get birthday presents for Gary and Tracy, instead of their usual joint arrangement. Emma doesn’t agree with Alice giving up her job, but Chris reckons she doesn’t understand how stressful it was for Alice at Pryce Baumann.
    Chris is amused by client Thandi’s latest boyfriend, who’s married. Later Chris is accused by Thandi of pricking a horse’s foot. He’s sure the horse was fine when he left her property. Thandi’s a keyboard warrior and he’s worried for his reputation.

  • Elizabeth’s happy with Jolene’s three word summary for her online dating profile: ‘sophisticated – quietly wild’. The rest of it needs some minor tweaking but on the whole Jolene’s done a good job. With some trepidation Elizabeth clicks ‘submit’.
    Cooped up in his car, Harrison’s nervous about his appearance on Susan’s radio show. He doesn’t want to be awful. He wishes he hadn’t agreed to it, especially with the way Fallon’s feeling about the date night non-event. Once on air he recounts a couple of policing experiences, before moving on to his own personal story, and how he got into his career. His past meant he vowed never to ignore someone in trouble. Kenton listens in incredulity and with some sympathy. He had no idea Harrison had been bullied at school. All his tips suddenly seem irrelevant; Harrison’s way ahead of him and has gone down a storm. Someone’s messaged to suggest applause for Harrison. Kenton’s happy to oblige and make some noise on the Green. As Harrison gives a shout out to his wife, he hears people clapping outside. He realises it’s for him, and that Fallon’s joining in.

  • David rehearses what he’s going to say to the fly tipper – who he believes is Joy Horville. However when he arrives he’s offered cake, and feels bad when he realises it wasn’t Joy at all. She was just as much a victim, having had her rubbish removed by conmen. David’s embarrassed and amused all at once, both by his mistake and Joy’s reaction as they screeched apologies to one another across the garden.
    Jolene can’t work out yet what Kenton’s up to with the new peacock aviary. Later she realises what he’s doing, and stops him in his tracks. Elizabeth has sent her a draft profile to use on the dating app. It’s not great. Jolene sets about improving it. She’s glad to see Elizabeth getting her sparkle back and seeking new company. Comparing Sid and Kenton, Jolene observes wryly that no two peacocks are alike.
    Harrison’s distraught that Fallon’s still upset with him – serves him right for having his head turned by the radio offer. Even David thinks he’s no longer interested in ‘little crime’, which isn’t true. He misses Fallon. He should have noticed earlier that she wasn’t happy. With little work to do herself lately, their date night was important to her. He needs to make it up to her.

  • Elizabeth reminisces about Nigel. She admires Jolene’s ability to move on, but also to keep Sid alive in her memories. Perhaps now’s the time for her to move on and stop procrastinating. She struggles to describe herself in three words on a dating app, and gives it up.
    Kenton thinks if he helps Harrison to be brilliant on the radio not only will it encourage Fallon to forgive him but will also get Kenton noticed. He concedes Jolene’s been smart with her ‘name the peacock’ campaign, and hatches a plan to prevent the peacock’s arrival by offering to build an aviary with materials which have an impossibly long delivery time.
    Frustrated David’s waiting to take delivery of Josh’s new henhouse. He reads about the competition to name the Bull’s new peacock, and amuses himself with possible names. News from Brian about the mess from the fly tippers causing damage to the combine is disturbing. The batch of grain will have to be dumped. It makes his late henhouse delivery issue seem rather small. Amidst the fly tipped rubbish he finds an envelope, and believes he’s unearthed the culprit.

  • Kenton’s not keen on Jolene’s plan to have a peacock from Elizabeth. He also has radio envy. He’s a little jealous of Harrison’s upcoming appearance on Susan’s Radio Borsetshire slot, showcasing a ‘dreary’ week in the life of a police sergeant; he’s eager to give Harrison tips on what makes a good interview. He feels he would have made a better candidate: the panics and perils of a post-pandemic publican. He has the personality, and the chat.
    Jolene misses Eccles, and says yes to one of Elizabeth’s peacocks. She knows Kenton won’t be happy, but she’ll make it a big deal on social media and get the punters onside, so that Kenton won’t be able to object. She’s spotted Fallon’s out of sorts, and is on the verge of ringing her when she has second thoughts. Fallon and Harrison are grown-ups, they don’t need her interfering. She decides to follow Kenton’s advice and let them sort it out between them.
    Excited Harrison’s doing some practising for his interview, before clocking with horror that it clashes with his date night. Fallon’s hardly seen him lately… but he’s sure she’ll understand. He’s going to do an interesting spot on the radio show and make Fallon proud.

  • Adam organises those who have come to help with the cherry harvest. Brian is overseeing them all. The Grundys are running the transport and the cooler. Ed was nervous when he arrived but he shook hands with Adam.

    Ian is also picking cherries while Adam spends the day with Xander. Adam thinks he’s got the easy side of the deal but then quickly realises entertaining Xander is hard work and messy! But he’s had a good time with his son nonetheless.

    Debbie is happy she spoke to Chris, any concerns she had about Alice have been put to rest. She feels that being separated from her family makes the need to fix everything much stronger. She thinks she’s been trying to prove how responsible she is ever since she quit her degree because of Simon Gerrard.

    Debbie enjoys speaking to Roger, she hadn’t realised how much she misses him. Later, Debbie muses on how chaotic the Aldridges can be and it’s Jennifer that holds them together. She wants to keep up her reconnection with Roger. She passes on her update on Roger to Adam which Adam is pleased to hear. Adam is grateful to Brian for his help with cherry harvest – and he’s no better than Brian when it comes to fidelity. Adam recognises the madness of the Aldridge family but that somehow it works.

  • Content with his semi-retired status, Brian doesn’t envy Adam running Home Farm and juggling family time. He’s surprised Adam didn’t mention his trouble finding cherry pickers. Brian visits Grange Farm and recruits Eddie, Clarrie, Ed, Will and Emma for the cherry harvest. Brian’s pleased to see Eddie looks happy after the year the Grundys have had with Will. Alice also helps with picking, persuaded by Chris. Alice tells Adam she’s pulled a sickie with Pryce Baumann. She wants to come up with a plan for her future before she tells her family she no longer has a job.

    After talking to Jennifer, Debbie video calls Alice. She’s relieved both Jennifer and Brian are healthy. She wonders whether Jennifer would have been happier staying with Roger and feels bad for not staying in better contact with Roger herself. Over a call, Alice has a lot to say about why she has left Pryce Baumann. Debbie notices that Alice was drinking a lot of wine and calls Chris to check that Alice is OK.

    Alice reflects on why she talked so much, reasoning that she had no choice but to quit after she was threatened with the sack. But she worries that Pryce Baumann may not give her a reference and it’s not a good time to find employment. Meanwhile, Chris thinks Alice looks peaceful and like the girl he married ten years ago. He reassures Debbie that Alice has done the right thing - and he likes a drink as much as she does.

    Chris feels the effects of their drinking last night but Alice looks great and stress-free. Chris’s sculpture commission for a new baby has changed from an oak to a birch tree. Chris wonders if this time next year he and Alice might have a child of their own.

  • Alice is annoyed by Arun’s request to discuss a re-launch of GPS crop monitoring software. He was recently chosen over her for a promotion to manager. Meanwhile she’s waiting for a wine delivery to arrive. Alice rang Adam to ask for some cherries to make homebrew cherry brandy and hears about his picker problem. She thinks working for Pryce Baumann is a lot worse than struggling to find people for the cherry harvest. Then Adam asks her to ring round people in Ambridge to see if they will pick cherries.

    Emma gives Alice short shrift about helping with the cherry harvest. Alice has only recruited Molly Button so far. Freddie’s unavailable and she doesn’t have Bert’s number. Her focus on finding pickers is interrupted by an email from the Pryce Baumann Managing Director.

    Chris has had a commission off the back of the garden ornament he made for Harrison and Fallon’s wedding. Harrison’s friend Louis wants a tree sculpture for the birth of his baby. Chris thinks about the willow tree in the back garden at The Nest. Alice used to get Debbie to help her climb it until Jennifer found out. Chris decides on an oak tree for the commission.

    Chris has a call from Alice and is amazed to hear that she’s quit her job. He thought she loved it but admits the office politics got her down. She sounded happier than he’s heard her in months. Meanwhile, Alice muses on what her MD said. He phoned to give her a pep talk. She doesn’t feel she’s being shown any respect so she’s taking her qualifications, expertise and contacts elsewhere.

  • Brian looks after Xander while Jennifer catches up on sleep. Xander stayed the night with them last night but he woke up a lot. Brian misses the Home Farm farmhouse and tells Xander that the Aldridges are a funny old bunch. He draws a parallel between Xander and Ian and himself and Debbie and Adam – even though they’re not biologically his children he loves them.

    Adam is struggling to find enough people to pick cherries. He’s finding that UK-based people aren’t as reliable as Eastern Europeans. He doesn’t want to tell Brian about the picker problem. He reminisces about Brian’s affair with Siobhan and Jennifer agreeing to raise Ruairi.

    Debbie comes off the phone with Elaine, Roger Travers-Macy’s wife. Roger has been recovering from coronavirus but has gone downhill again. Adam’s shocked to hear how badly Debbie's taking it but thinks she can’t expect much of him in her absence – he’s too busy with work and Xander. Debbie thinks Adam is being unfeeling in his lack of enthusiasm for getting in touch with Roger.