• Lynda meets the new-born twins and is impressed at how calm Natasha seems. Natasha credits her mum for all the helping out she’s doing including with Summer Orchard. Harrison arrives and Lynda wastes no time in trying to recruit him for ‘Beat The Goalie’ at the village fete. Harrison denies he’d be any good but Lynda presses him, and he announces a hand injury makes it out of the question. Later at The Bull, Lynda deftly engineers a situation in which Harrison quickly catches a falling pint of beer, proving that he isn’t hindered by an injured hand. Harrison admits defeat and agrees to be goalkeeper.

    Natasha tells Pat that Caitlin has to leave tonight because her dad’s unwell. He’s bi-polar and has gone into a manic phase. Natasha feels guilty for keeping her mum away for so long, and knows it’s going to be a lot harder without her.

    Chelsea tries to boost Tracy’s confidence before she joins a work social organised by Gemma. When Tracy emerges from the pub she recounts Gemma’s mean words, which angers Chelsea. Tracy just wants to go home, but indignant Chelsea deliberately scrapes the side of Gemma’s car with the buckle of her bag as they leave. They flee, and Tracy worries what will come of it. On their doorstep, they clam up when Harrison asks if they’ve seen or heard anything about the vandalised car. They deny any knowledge, Chelsea rather too forcefully. After Harrison leaves, Chelsea assures Tracy they won’t get found out – they’ve just got to keep denying it.

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  • Tony’s enjoying milking again while he covers for Johnny. He and Pat realise one cow needs Alistair’s attention. Tony’s not sure if Pat should tell Peggy how Helen feels about the stained-glass window, but Pat is certain that she needs to know what a sensitive issue it is. Later, Pat relays Peggy’s surprise at Helen’s reaction to the planned window. Peggy has said she’ll talk to Helen, but she’s still pressing on with the window. Pat tells Tony that Peggy then went on to say nice things about her. Pat felt like Peggy was making her peace with her. They agree Peggy’s an extraordinary woman.

    Tracy’s aware trouble at work is making her grumpy and now Gemma has organised a work social at The Bull, only Tracy’s not invited. It gets heated as Jazzer tries to encourage Tracy to stick up for herself. Chelsea walks in and asks what they’re arguing about. Tracy quickly changes the subject, but Chelsea isn’t fooled. She later berates Jazzer for giving her mum a hard time. When Tracy realises this, she finally tells Chelsea what’s really going on. Chelsea feels bad for thinking it was Jazzer who was giving her mum grief. Chelsea offers to go with Tracy to The Bull tomorrow. She’s sure once she gets chatting to Gemma socially they can start to work things out. Jazzer agrees it’s got to be worth a try.

  • Lynda eventually finds a role for Adil at the fete that he can’t say no to – palm reading. It’s much needed with this year’s fortune teller pulling out. Lilian arrives and Lynda ropes her in so that Adil can demonstrate his skills. Lilian can’t help but snigger when Adil refers to her prominent Mount of Venus while reading her palm. She then feels sorry for Adil for having his arm twisted by Lynda. Adil really doesn’t want to lose any credibility in the village so Lilian offers to brief him on those who visit the fortune teller tent’s regulars.

    A grumpy Tracy drags the cricket team out for practice. Natasha chats to Pat and Tony during a break – she’s taking Seren for a stroll while Caitlin looks after Nova at home. She then asks if they can keep an eye on Seren while she makes a work call. The person employed to help cover Natasha’s maternity leave isn’t shaping up as hoped. Natasha’s surprised to learn that all is well with Summer Orchard and that her mum had helped out without taking over. Tony assures Natasha that Caitlin can stay as long as she likes at Bridge Farm. Meanwhile Tracy pulls up Tony for gossiping when he should be training. Tony can’t understand what’s got into her recently.

  • Writer, Liz John
    Director, Julie Beckett
    Editor, Jeremy Howe

    Helen Archer ….. Louiza Patikas
    Natasha Archer ….. Mali Harries
    Pat Archer ….. Patricia Gallimore
    Tom Archer ….. William Troughton
    Tony Archer ….. David Troughton
    Lilian Bellamy ….. Sunny Ormonde
    Alice Carter ….. Hollie Chapman
    Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin
    Justin Elliott ….. Simon Williams
    Shula Hebden Lloyd ….. Judy Bennett
    Tracy Horrobin ….. Susie Riddell
    Alistair Lloyd ….. Michael Lumsden
    Adil Shah ….. Ronny Jhutti
    Lynda Snell ….. Carole Boyd
    Oliver Sterling ….. Michael Cochrane
    Caitlin Thomas ….. Di Botcher
    Roy Tucker ….. Ian Pepperell
    Peggy Woolley ….. June Spencer
    Denise ….. Clare Perkins

  • Alistair and Denise make a great team as Alistair operates on Ruby. Adil comforts Justin whilst they await news. When Alistair rings, it’s good news and Adil and Justin can’t contain their joy. Justin again tries to discuss a possible link-up between the Stables and Grey Gables. Adil interrupts him saying Justin should take the day off – it would be understandable if he did, as he obviously cares deeply about Ruby. Embarrassed Justin bats him away saying Ruby’s more Lilian’s than his. Can Adil please not say anything to Lilian about how ‘concerned’ he was about Ruby? Alistair buys Denise lunch as a thank you for helping Ruby pull through. They comment on how attached Justin is to Ruby – Denise thinks he may’ve shed a few tears. Alistair makes Denise blush when he says that Denise was robbed of the Vet Nurse of the Year award; she’s the best one he’s ever worked with.
    Helen enjoys a bit of baby therapy holding Seren. She tells Tom that he and Natasha are doing an incredible job. He responds it doesn’t feel like it. Helen apologises for adding to Tom’s worries by overreacting to the church window, but Tom says he and Natasha were wrong to agree to it. They’re going to thank Peggy, but refuse the offer. Helen insists Tom should accept, as Henry and Jack don’t mind, but Tom says Natasha’s dead-set on refusing now. Helen says she’ll try to convince Natasha to change her mind, then they all can enjoy the beautiful window when it’s done.

  • When Tracy asks if there’s been any more gossip about the post box fire, Susan quickly changes the subject. Susan thinks Tracy looks tired and says what made the work bearable for Emma at the chicken factory was the mates; they never stopped laughing. It’s Tracy’s turn to change the subject. Oliver appears and broaches the subject of Brad’s Maths summer school. There’s another one at Christmas – he’d like to pay Brad’s expenses. When Tracy declares she not a charity case, Oliver says it was his fault Brad lost the harvest work. He doesn’t blame Tracy for losing trust in him, but Brad has so much potential, and nothing should get in the way of that. Tracy’s taken aback and agrees to think about it. When Oliver asks how her job’s going she says it’s fine.
    At Ambridge Hall, Adil comments it’s a shame Justin missed the Grey Gables launch event. Justin tries to engage Adil in possible partnership options between Grey Gables and The Stables. But Adil’s only half listening, noticing that Ruby doesn’t look right. He suggests that Justin ring the vets. When Justin tells Alistair that Ruby’s really not well, Alistair agrees to see Ruby before he closes up. Adil drives Justin there. It’s bad news – there’s a tumour on Ruby’s spleen, which can’t be removed until tomorrow because Ruby needs a blood transfusion first. When Adil asks if Justin’s ok, Justin covers saying he’s fine, it’s Lilian who’ll be upset. Supportive Adil suggests getting back to Ambridge Hall for dinner, but Justin’s lost his appetite.

  • At Bridge Farm Tony and Helen tell everyone that people were bowled over by the Grey Gables launch event. They’re interrupted by a customer complaining about food missing from the veg boxes – it’s the third complaint today. Tom insists he’d checked the boxes twice, but everyone blames it on his sleep deprivation. When Caitlin brings up the subject of Peggy’s church window, it’s clear no-one’s told Helen about it. Later Tom admits to Helen that he and Natasha were so amazed by the idea they didn’t think about anyone else. Helen feels that Peggy’s implying her children don’t deserve something unique, but that Tom’s do. Tom thinks it’s simply because he’s had twins. He asks Helen not to spoil it for Natasha, who thinks it’s an incredible gift.
    Later Tom’s cross with Caitlin when she admits she’s been taking things from the veg boxes – she thought she could help herself. She’s apologetic when Tom asks her to steer clear of farm stuff.
    When Pat tells Helen that Tom should’ve told her about the church window, Helen’s more cross with Peggy as it’s so unfair on Henry and Jack. When Pat points out it also affects Peggy’s other grandchildren, Helen admits she’s discovered they’re all really happy for Tom and Natasha and that makes her feel selfish. Pat says she doesn’t always understand Peggy’s actions, but not to let it come between Helen and Tom. Later Pat talks to Tony saying Peggy’s so clumsy in the way she does things. Tony says it’s unintentional and it was a heartfelt gesture. Pat agrees; Peggy will always remain a mystery to her, but no-one could question her love for their family.

  • It’s the Grey Gables launch event at the Village Hall. When Oliver, Adil and Roy arrive to set up, they find the hall’s been double-booked with the Borsetshire Scottish Dance Society and they’re not budging. When they discover Audrey Fisher and Hilary Noakes are involved Roy thinks they need to get in the big guns, and he contacts Lynda. Meanwhile Adil goes in to talk them. When Lynda arrives, Adil still hasn’t reappeared, and they realise he’s joined in with the dancing. When he emerges he says it’s all sorted. Oliver and Roy agree that Adil’s brilliant in a crisis.

    Tony’s at the launch with Helen – he admits that one of the reasons he’s there is to get away from Pat and Caitlin reminiscing about all things Welsh. There’s a large turnout and Tony points out that anyone who’s anyone in their area is there, including Ambridge residents. Adil makes a speech outlining their plans, from sourcing food from Grey Gables land and nearby farms to bringing finance and prosperity to the local economy via guests. Oliver chips in saying they’ll be staffing the hotel as much as possible from Ambridge. Afterwards Helen, Tony and Lynda are all impressed. Roy says it was a fantastic presentation and the audience really got the point of what they’re trying to do. However he’s less impressed when he finds that he, Adil and Oliver will have to take part in the Highland fling – the only way Adil could get the dance society to budge was by agreeing to make up the numbers!

  • Alice and Shula walk the cross country course and chat about the Grey Gables launch event tomorrow – it’s now at the Village Hall. Shula’s touched when Alice asks her if she’ll lead Martha’s naming ceremony, explaining that it was Shula who helped her get back to rehab and so back to being Martha’s mum again. As they walk the course it becomes clear that the design has been altered – even novices would struggle with it. Initially dismissive, Justin finally concedes that he and an old business friend thought the first section was a bit tame, so they tinkered with it. Alice says it needs putting right. Chris knows someone who could help, but he won’t be cheap. Shula says that’s fine; Justin will be footing the bill.
    Peggy and Tony are with Nova and Seren while exhausted Tom and Natasha are sleeping. Peggy loves getting to know the babies. When Tony gets Seren off to sleep with his special rock, Peggy says he obviously makes her feel safe. It’s no surprise, he does that with everyone. As Peggy holds Nova she comments that all babies are special, but twins have a special connection. She’d like Nova and Seren to have a stained glass-window in St Stephens, like Jack’s which has been such a comfort to her over the years. Tony thinks it’s a wonderful idea and agrees to ask Tom and Natasha about it. Peggy hopes it would give the babies joy and strength whenever they’d need it.

  • Russ gets in the mood for Freddie’s DJ’ing gig by listening to some ‘nineties bangers’. Lily reckons Chelsea fancies him – she saw her looking at Russ last week. Russ thinks that’s ridiculous; last time he spoke to her she could barely give him the time of day. Lily worries about going back to university – she’ll be much older than everyone and they won’t be drop-outs like her. Russ reminds her of all the things that were happening in her life at the time; it wasn’t her fault. Later Russ suggests they share a place together in Felpersham, near the university. Then Lily will feel more part of things. Lily thinks it’s a wonderful idea and tells Russ she loves him very much.
    When Kirsty notices things are a bit fraught between Natasha and Caitlin, Caitlin admits they’re always arguing, but she wants to make sure Natasha can cope on her own when it’s time to go home. Tom tells Kirsty that Caitlin’s driving Natasha up the wall and Kirsty thinks Caitlin’s feeling a bit put upon. Later Natasha’s surprised when Caitlin says she’s accepted Pat and Tony’s offer to stay at Bridge Farm – Natasha needs to be more independent. Natasha counters she would love her own routine, but everything has to be done Caitlin’s way. After Caitlin’s gone, Natasha and Tom enjoy some alone time with the babies. Tom admits he might’ve had something to do with Caitlin’s defection and Natasha concedes that although she likes having her mum around, you can have too much of a good thing.

  • Alice and Chris discuss having an outdoor naming ceremony for Martha. When Chris says he’d quite like Alan to do the blessing, Alice says there’s someone else she’d like to ask. Toby asks Chris if he knows who torched the post box but Chris says Susan kept saying it will have to remain a mystery. Later Eddie also comments it will have to remain a mystery.
    Toby declines Eddie’s sweepstake on Chris and Alice getting back together. Eddie joins Chris and Alice and is confused when Alice says it’s their wedding anniversary and then talks about having a ‘Suddenly Single’ party like Steph. When Eddie goes, Chris admits he’s doesn’t regret their Las Vegas wedding. Alice says she’s found a photo of them there – one she’d ripped up. It has a corner missing. Chris has the missing piece in his wallet. Alice suggests repairing the photo and putting it in Martha’s baby book. Later Chris overhears Eddie’s talking about his sweepstake to Toby and tells them that he and Alice will only ever be friends and he hasn’t felt this happy in years.
    Chelsea’s stressed when The Orangery till packs up, and suggests turning it off and on again. Brad has a better idea – he can add the orders up in his head. Freddie’s impressed with Brad’s mathematical genius and tells him he’ll get a bonus. Chelsea’s put out and when the till comes back on she points out that her idea worked, so Brad’s not that smart. Oliver praises Freddie for taking Brad on.

  • Caitlin’s unhappy to discover Natasha turned off the baby monitor so that Caitlin could get some sleep. There’s no point being there if Natasha won’t let her help. But Natasha’s determined to do things for herself. Later when Natasha confides that her mum makes her feel incapable, Tom suggests she clears the air. Natasha declines; it would a difficult conversation. Later Tom tries to talk to Caitlin, but she’s dismissive. She understands his concerns and she’s sure between them, they can keep Natasha on the straight and narrow.
    When Clarrie finds a can of lighter fluid in George’s hoodie, he innocently explains he was using it to degrease his bike chain. He promises that the post box fire was nothing to do with him. Anyway, Clarrie and Susan got what they wanted – no more letter. Clarrie’s thinks it’s a very strange coincidence. Worried Susan tells Clarrie that Harrison wants her to do a witness statement. He might ask some awkward questions and she can’t lie. Clarrie says it’s a better alternative than admitting to planning to blackmail Jean! Afterwards Susan tells George it was excruciating pretending to Harrison she had no clue who did it. When George says now no-one will ever know what was in Jean Harvey’s letter, Susan asks what he means. He explains he’s pieced it all together from things he’d overheard. Now the letter’s burned there’s no evidence – like there’s no evidence it was George who torched the post box. It’ll have to remain one big mystery.

  • Tom shares the responses he’s had to his past about the birth of the twins. He hopes the good will turns into orders. Tony says it’s just nice that people care. He jokes he feels done out of a job now Caitlin’s arrived – it must be great for Natasha to have her mum around. Tom concedes that it is. His anxiety about the farm, and his assertion that he’s not needed at home, concern Tony. Tom admits he feels like a spare part at home. Everything he does is for the girls, and right now he feels excluded. Tony reassures him: he’s still tired, it’s been a lot and it’s early days. But Tom’s come a long way, and Tony’s really proud of him.
    Susan’s dumbfounded when Clarrie says Jean’s article is already on the Echo website. But it’s positive and about how Ian saved Jean’s life. George reminds Susan that she’s never liked Jean. Susan sends him off to sort stock, and admits to Clarrie that she’s already posted a note to Jean saying if she didn’t make the article go away people would hear about her affair. She’s put it in the post box. She panics when she realises the post’s about to be collected. Quick-thinking Susan tells Clarrie to ask the postman to give her letter back but Clarrie’s refuses; it’s Susan who’s got them into this mess. As they quickly try to think of ways to fish the letter out, they’re stopped in their tracks when they notice the post box is on fire!

  • Brian’s back in Ambridge having missed his old life. He’d have found it stressful staying away in Hungary any longer. Alice catches him up with the news, including Chris’s decision to settle for a holiday cottage and nothing more from Home Farm. Brian’s delighted. Chris arrives, and while Alice tends to newly mobile Martha, he and Brian chat awkwardly. At last Chris declares that since Martha’s accident he’s realised what’s really important, and Brian in turn thanks Chris for being so decent about the divorce. They both apologise for their parts in the battle, and Chris announces he’ll probably rent out the cottage. He needs to move on properly. Brian tells him he’s a good man. Later Brian confides to Eddie that things are looking a lot more positive between Alice and Chris.
    Clarrie and Susan are worried that folk are spreading rumours that Jean Harvey’s pizza was deliberately nobbled when she choked on an olive stone, and that it might scare people away from the pizza van. Eddie doubts that – one sniff and they’ll love the pizzas. Susan suggests Clarrie has a chat with Jean to put a stop to it all. Clarrie discovers Jean’s spoken to a reporter from the Echo about the incident. Susan suggests that they head it all off by anonymously outing Jean’s past affair with Derek Fletcher. Clarrie feels blackmail’s a bit sordid, but she’s won over when Eddie reveals later that a report has approached Adam and Ian. Susan insists they need to fight fire with fire. What choice have they got?

  • Freddie charges Chelsea with looking after a new member of the Orangery serving team. He thinks she might find they have things in common. Chelsea’s horrified when she later discovers the new recruit is her brother Brad. Chelsea reckons she can’t train Brad, he’s hopeless. Freddie asserts that while he understands it’s hard for her to work with her brother, she can’t pick and choose, and reminds her of her own shaky early days at the Orangery. Chelsea’s impatient with Brad but puts on a good front to Freddie. Oblivious Freddie declares he knew Chelsea would be the best person to show Brad the ropes. Privately Chelsea hisses to Brad that she doesn’t want him showing her up. She’s worked hard to get to this point, so while they’re at work, they’re not related.

    Freddie offers to put tickets aside for Russ to his upcoming 90s DJ night. He asks Russ to cast his expert eye over the proposed playlist, which Russ is delighted to do.

    Fussy Tom helps Natasha get the twins over the April Cottage threshold, but before they can make it Natasha’s mum emerges to greet them. Caitlin’s happy to take over from here. Later with the new parents frantically juggling babies, and Tom finding it hard to settle wailing Nova, Natasha reckons they should call on their mums' help. Sure enough Caitlin and Natasha are soon happily singing a lullaby to the sleeping babies. Realising he’s surplus to requirements, Tom sets about posting an announcement of the twins’ arrival on their business website.

  • Lilian and Justin are enjoying staying at Ambridge Hall while their kitchen is being completed. Their breakfast is interrupted by Adil pointing out that Ruby is on his bed, could they please remove her? When they go up to look, Lilian and Adil discover Ruby has actually got into his bed.

    Adil admits to Justin that his stay at Ambridge Hall hasn’t all been plain sailing. Lynda’s been very vocal about her views on the closure of Grey Gables. Adil hopes when she sees the plans for the ‘Future of Grey Gables’ she’ll change her mind. When Lilian reappears, it becomes clear that Justin’s the one who spoils Ruby and allows her on his bed at home. To Justin’s consternation, Lilian and Adil tease him about the funny little voice he puts on when he’s talking to Ruby. Justin flatly denies he has any feelings for her.

    Natasha has her caesarean and first out is a girl, Nova. But they’re all surprised when the second baby out is… another girl! They agree to call her Seren, naming both after stars. When the doctor asks whether they’re disappointed she’s not a boy, both Natasha and Tom say that all that matters is that she’s fit and healthy. When Natasha asks Tom whether he minds about not having a son, he says he couldn’t be more thrilled to be the father of girls. They both declare they’ll dedicate their lives to keeping their children safe and well. Tom’s never realised it before, but this is all he’s ever wanted.

  • Oliver wants to drop a birthday card round to Tracy, but Brad puts him off and says he’ll take it. Tracy’s still mad at Oliver for putting Brad out of the job at Grange Farm. Oliver wishes he and Tracy could be friends again. When he asks if Brad’s found another job, Brad says he’s just had an interview, but won’t say what for in case he jinxes it. Oliver’s concerned when Brad says he’s no longer doing the maths summer school. Brad explains that his mum’s struggle with debt has made him realise how unimportant it is.

    When Tom worries about handing over his Bridge Farm tasks, Pats says they’ll cope without him. Tom admits he knows where he is with farm work, but he hasn’t a clue about babies. Pat reminds him she’s only a phone call away. She can’t wait to meet her new grandchildren.

    At the hospital Natasha’s feeling anxious about tomorrow’s caesarean, on top of coping with the twins when they’re born. Natasha’s mum Caitlin rings and Tom’s unsettled when Natasha says Caitlin’s coming to stay with them on Saturday, earlier than expected. She’ll be there when they bring the babies home. Natasha explains knowing her mum will be there makes all the difference; she needs her mum.

    Later Tom shares his concerns about Caitlin staying to Pat - he had a vision of him and Natasha alone with their little family. But Pat’s pragmatic, saying it will be great for them to have an extra pair of hands. And Pat will still be there if he needs her.

  • Jill tells Pip that the WI were won over at Adam and Ian’s pizza tasting, but then Jean Harvey choked on an olive. Ian had to give her the Heimlich manoeuvre. Now Jean’s saying they’re going to rethink having the pizza van at the fete.

    When Jill says she’s buying Rosie an ice-cream making kit for her birthday, Pip broaches the subject of Rosie’s diet. Pip points out that Rosie’s getting quite plump, and she doesn’t think Jill’s baked treats are helping. Jill’s mortified and says she’ll take the ice-cream maker back to the shop.

    Alice mentions to Shula that she was thinking about her future and couldn’t imagine Shula as a vicar, it’s too staid. Shula admits it chimes with what she’s thinking. She’s really inspired by the pioneer project, particularly one up north. And she could continue with her training there. Alice says she can’t imagine Ambridge without Shula, but she must go where her heart’s pulling her.

    Lilian despairs at the mayhem the kitchen people are making in her house. Lynda suggests she stays at Ambridge Hall, Adil shah’s the only guest there and Robert’s away so she’d be glad of the company. Lynda admits she finds it hard having Adil as a guest; he’s ruined so many lives in the village. Talk turns to Adil’s ‘Future of Grey Gables’ event – they’ve both been invited. Later Lynda’s very civil to Adil. When Lilian remarks on this, Lynda replies she’s “keeping her friends close, but keeping her enemies closer.”