• Jolene’s impressed to discover that Lynda’s still chained to the pub sign. Lynda’s been in contact with a journalist from The Echo, who wants to interview her. Wouldn’t it be marvellous if the ReBull cause was all over the press?

    Ed explains To Kirsty he’s just had a job interview but it was a waste of time. Kirsty wonders if he’d consider building work. She’s worried about how much pressure Philip is under. Ed approaches Philip to see if he’d consider hiring him. Philip assets that right now he needs to keep an eye on the balance sheets, and he can’t see any opportunities coming up in the near future.

    Later Philip tells Kirsty that she put him in a difficult position with Ed. He can’t offer Ed a job because of Gavin. He couldn’t risk the awkwardness between them if Gavin were to end up going out with Emma.

    Lilian tells Jolene she’s signed her horses up to Jakob’s equine weight loss clinic.

    During the night Jolene brings Lynda refreshments, but receives no response. When Jolene senses Lynda’s not moving she panics, and Lilian hurriedly pulls off the layers of blankets. Lynda’s left a dummy in her place! Lilian swears that Lynda won’t be laughing by the time she’s finished with her.

  • Lynda and Lilian bicker about The Bull, and Lynda promises that the ReBulls resolve is stronger than ever. Lilian counters that the success of their events means they can survive without a few locals.

    Ben’s been taking liberties with Josh’s car, driving his friends all over the county and leaving take away packets everywhere. Before Ben drives Bess to her competition, Josh gives him strict instructions for how to look after the car.

    Freddie encounters Lynda outside The B at Ambridge. He tries to explain how complicated his situation is, but Lynda doesn’t want to know. Jolene comes outside to see what the fuss is about and discovers that Lynda has chained herself to the pub sign. Jolene’s confident Lynda will give up in a couple of hours, but Lynda tells her not to underestimate her.

    Freddie and Josh joke about how they’ve become the black sheep of the family. Josh just wants to turn back time, but Freddie explains that he felt the same way. Josh just has to shut out the gossip and ignore the stares – he’ll soon realise who his real friends are.

    Lynda gets honks of support from passing cars, and Jolene and Lilian are surprised to discover that she’s still outside when they close the pub for the evening. She bids them goodnight and promises to see them bright and early in the morning.

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  • Lilian is affronted to discover that Shula and Jakob have put Amir and Aziz on a diet. She thinks it’s no wonder Jakob was looking shifty. Shula takes responsibility for the horses’ weight gain, but she’s confident a diet is the right course of action.

    Gavin and Emma get to know one another over a drink. Having been roped into a game of cribbage with Barry, Gavin thinks it’s not the name of the pub that should be banned, it’s cribbage. Awkwardness ensues when Ed arrives and is introduced to Gavin. Emma explains that Gavin’s just a friend, but Ed reminds her she’s a free agent.

    Lilian confides to Shula that Gavin and Emma’s body language suggest they’re more than friends. Seeing Ed in the pub has made Lilian think the Grundys’ resistance to attending is waning. There’s been no action in days, and all their efforts have done is persuade The B to push harder for new customers.

    Ed finds Jazzer having a cheeky drink at the aquaponics polytunnel. Jazzer has plans to kit out his area with a mini fridge and curtain. Ed admits he walked in on Emma’s ‘date’. Despite Jazzer’s reassurance, Ed reckons Emma is better off with flashy Gavin. Jazzer tells him not to give up on her now. Ed wants to be happy for Emma, but he can’t.

  • Josh has been feeling lost since having his phone and laptop confiscated by the police. Ben wants him to realise how his actions have affected the family. Ben’s getting stick from people at college and David has had to face the NFU. Taking advantage while Josh is at his lowest, Ben persuades Josh to lend him his car for the Young Farmers’ quiz and various upcoming social events.

    Jakob is taken aback when Kate returns home early from her course. Kate’s cross when she discovers Alice and Chris have already told Jakob about her pregnancy. Nonetheless, she feels pure joy at being pregnant. Though Jakob’s apprehensive, he’s adamant he’ll do his best for Kate and the baby. Kate thinks Jakob’s being practical and boring in trying to work out the logistics of where Kate will stay. If he had his way, he’d have been planning since the moment she took the pregnancy test. But Kate says that’s not her way, besides, she hasn’t taken a test. She’s got three children and knows her own body, all the signs are there. Later, Kate takes a test, which comes out negative. How could she have got it so wrong? Jakob assures her they’re still the same couple and tries to persuade her to stay. After all, she’s had a shock. Kate just wants to be alone and leaves for The Lodge. She apologises for everything.

  • Lynda and Jazzer fill Tracy in on the latest meeting of the ReBulls. They have to think of ways to hit them where it most hurts: their profit margins. Ed’s concerned that the ReBulls' actions will hurt more than just Kenton and Jolene.

    Tracy asks Lynda why she raised drug use at yesterday's staff meeting. Lynda has no evidence it was Freddie, but she believes he's dealing again. Tracy agrees to keep an eye on him. Lynda's disheartened to find that The B's Valentine's event has had glowing reviews, and a number of people have refuted the comment she left in Dylan Nells' name. They'll have to think bigger to persuade Jolene and Lillian to restore its name to The Bull.

    Freddie confronts Johnny: thanks to him, Lynda thinks he's dealing again. Freddie implores Johnny to give up the steroids; they'll screw him up. Johnny breaks down and says he can't stop taking them: they're not steroids, they're for his hair loss. He feels so low about his appearance he can't even look in a mirror. That's why he's been wearing a hat. He's sure it's why Bella dumped him, and it's only ever going to get worse. Johnny tells Freddie he'll come clean to Lynda, but Freddie’s confident she’ll forget all about it in time.

  • Determined to work out what's wrong with Johnny, Freddie riffles through his bag at the gym and finds a small bag of pills. When Johnny won't admit they're not steroids, Freddie resolves to flush them down the toilet. Lynda catches them arguing outside the changing rooms. She confronts Freddie and explains she believes he's been trying to sell drugs to Johnny. She won't tell Oliver yet, but she will raise the matter at tomorrow's staff meeting.
    Kenton’s pleased to see punters are taking advantage of his love letterbox at the pub. Tracy reports that there's been no sign of trouble from the ReBulls so far. Roman's been keeping her entertained by sending anonymous notes to the other diners. By the end of the night, good reviews of the pub are starting to come in online. These are dampened by a scathing review signed 'Dylan Nells' - Lynda's alter ego. They realise Tracy must have been reporting to her. This means war.
    When Alistair tackles Jakob, he explains he's had a rather unexpected pregnancy diagnosis. They discuss how Jakob feels about the prospect of becoming a father. Alistair explains that being a dad to Dan was one of his proudest achievements. Jakob's not ready to speak to Kate yet, and decides instead to research fatherhood online before Kate returns.

  • Tracy tells Emma about the amazing afternoon tea she had for free at Grey Gables, thanks to Lynda. She can't wait for her complimentary Valentine's meal at The Bull either. Emma asks which side Tracy's actually on, the pub's or the ReBulls'. She says she's on the right side - her own. Emma tells Tracy she'll be meeting Gavin for a drink next week. Neither of them is interested in dating, but Emma still feels odd about meeting up. Tracy gives Emma her best dating advice and encourages her to go ahead.
    David's pleased that the cow's test results for contagious diseases were all clear. Alistair recommends checking their feed storage is air-tight, as he suspects the cow had a fungal abortion. David tells Alistair he’s decided to pay for the dairy herd health plan, as he'd never hear the end of it from Ruth and Pip otherwise.
    Jakob seems agitated and forgetful when tending to one of Shula's horses. He explains that it's just down to a bad night's sleep. He's decided to offer a weigh-in to the surgery's horse-owning clients, followed by a clinic for the really obese animals. Jakob points out that Amir and Aziz both have weight issues. Shula and Alistair can't help but notice that Jakob's been particularly rude today. Alistair's determined to get to the bottom of it.

  • Ben arrives home early from college as his tutor's off sick. He finds Jill in the orchard checking the hen house roof. She congratulates Ben on his three university offers. Ben realises that it's been ten years since Phil died, and shares his memories of him with Jill. She tells Ben that when Phil suggested she keep some hens, she finally felt that Brookfield was going to be her home. Ben likes hearing about his family history, but Jill is cautious of maundering on and asks Ben about his Valentine's plans and university choices. He explains that there would be loads of advantages in going to Felpersham university, like living at home and working with Bess. Besides, he'd miss Jill's cakes and biscuits.
    Jakob diagnoses Cranford Crystal with laminitis and recommends putting her in a smaller stable as soon as possible with another pony for company. Jakob thinks the most plausible explanation for her condition is that she's been over-eating, as she's showing other signs of obesity. He puts her on a strict diet. After Jakob's finished treating the horse, Chris offers him his congratulations on becoming a father. Jakob is stunned - Kate's told Alice and not him. Now he understands her cryptic messages. He's going to become a father.

  • It’s another quiet night at The B at Ambridge. Emma agrees to work on Valentine’s Day, it’s not like she has other plans. Jolene’s cynical about the event, but Kenton is confident it’ll be a success. They notice Emma has spent a long time talking to Gavin. Jolene assures Emma that’s fine, she was just demonstrating good customer relations.
    Jolene’s pleased that they’ve got Tracy acting as a double agent. She’s promised to keep Jolene in the loop about any planned disruptions in exchange for a free meal.
    Shula fills Freddie in on her meeting with Alan, in which they decided on a theme for the Lent appeal. As Ambridge is feeling fractured right now, they are going to ask parishioners to say positive, complimentary things to one another. Freddie raises his concerns about Johnny. Shula thinks Johnny's probably still hurting from the break up.
    Robert wants to talk llamas with Jakob. Jakob asks if Robert is angling for some free advice. He sends Robert packing with instructions to check over the llama himself before phoning Alistair and paying him for his time. Shula’s intrigued by the special news Kate wants to impart to Jakob, but Jakob's less taken in. She's probably just bought a nice new dreamcatcher.

  • Alistair helps out at Brookfield with a cow that’s lost her calf. Ruth and David fill him in on the situation with Josh. They’ve had to deal with snide remarks from the likes of Nathan Booth about the legitimacy of Josh’s business. Alistair takes the opportunity to promote a herd health package to Ruth and David, though David is wary.
    Freddie and Ben call in on Johnny and are amazed to see he’s set up a make-shift gym in the barn. They try to persuade Johnny to join them for a Valentine’s night out at a club in town – they need a group of twelve to get decent drink discounts. They give him a hard sell and tell him about all the girls that’ll be going. Johnny loses his temper with them. All he wants to do on Friday is go to the gym, why can’t they understand that? Johnny storms off. They wonder what on earth could have got into him.

  • Alistair’s surprised to see Jakob in the office on a Sunday. He explains that he’s taken on some extra work. With Kate on a course, Jakob is relieved to have free rein of his flat again. Alistair asks Jakob for advice ahead of his review with Doug Lovell. His herd health package sign-up rate is thin. Jakob’s always been successful at signing up clients to the equine packages and offers him some advice.
    Lynda and Robert watch a pair of blackbirds who are nesting in their paddock. Talk turns to Valentine’s Day and Lynda admits she’s agreed to work on that evening. She’s concocted a plan to send Tracy to The B’s Valentine event as a mole. Still, there’s no need to be constrained by dates. They take a leaf out of the blackbird’s book and decide to head home for some pair-bonding of their own.
    Alice is sad that Spearmint has died, though he reached a good age. She’s decided to start competing on her new horse Banjo, to make the most of him. While Chris shoes Banjo, they discuss readings for Xander’s naming ceremony. Chris remarks to an exasperated Alice that maybe they’ll have a naming ceremony of their own to attend one day. Chris heads off for lunch with the Aldridges and swears he won’t mention Kate’s pregnancy. He just wonders how Jakob has taken the news…

  • Writer, Liz John
    Director, Jeremy Howe
    Editor, Jeremy Howe

    Jill Archer ….. Patricia Greene
    David Archer ….. Timothy Bentinck
    Pip Archer ….. Daisy Badger
    Josh Archer ….. Angus Imrie
    Jolene Archer ….. Buffy Davis
    Kenton Archer ….. Richard Attlee
    Helen Archer ….. Louiza Patikas
    Lilian Bellamy ….. Sunny Ormonde
    Neil Carter ….. Brian Hewlett
    Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin
    Alice Carter ….. Hollie Chapman
    Rex Fairbrother ….. Nick Barber
    Bert Fry ….. Eric Allan
    Kate Madikane ….. Perdita Avery
    Kirsty Miller ….. Annabelle Dowler
    Freddie Pargetter ….. Toby Laurence
    Johnny Phillips ….. Tom Gibbons
    Hannah Riley ….. Helen Longworth
    Lynda Snell ….. Carole Boyd
    Peggy Woolley ….. June Spencer
    Jakob Hakansson ….. Paul Venables
    Philip Moss ….. Andy Hockley
    Lee Bryce ….. Ryan Early
    Gavin ….. Gareth Pierce

  • Jill tries to persuade the family to have dinner at The B at Ambridge to show their support to Kenton and Jolene. Josh is reluctant; he feels the whole village is talking about him. Jill reminds him he’s not the only member of the family who’s been on the wrong side of the law. Besides, how can Josh be worried about people staring at him when the pub is so empty?
    Pip attempts peace talks with Rex and offers him use of the Brookfield trailer at any time, but he’s not in a forgiving mood. Josh assures Rex it’ll all blow over soon, and then he’ll have plenty of work again. Rex lets rip. He declares he’ll never work for Josh again. That includes the egg business; he wants paying out for his wages, the trailer, and the eggs by the end of the month.
    Jolene’s feeling really under the weather. She and Kenton are concerned by how empty the pub is. It’s made them appreciate the importance of the locals. They acknowledge Jill’s meal was a success. Kenton hopes it will all be worth it in the end. Tentatively, he broaches the subject of Eccles, and Jolene assures him all is forgiven.

  • Freddie’s aghast to discover how much a gym membership at Grey Gables costs. Kirsty secretly offers him some free day passes. Freddie sets about trying to show off his strength and promptly embarrasses himself when he gets stuck under some weights. Freddie’s not convinced he’ll invest in a membership, but Johnny wants to start going every day.
    Helen meets Kirsty after her shift for a much-needed drink. Gavin’s still being a nightmare houseguest. Helen sympathises; Lee’s girls really didn’t warm to her the other day. They agree that whatever’s going on with your partner’s children, you can’t let it get in the way of your relationship. Helen suggests a meal out on Valentine’s Day, but Lee’s wary about going out. The truth is, with the cost of rent and maintenance, he can’t afford it. Helen understands. She’s happy to stay in – that can be just as nice as a night out.
    Kate has fully made herself at home at Jakob’s – she’s even started getting parcels delivered to his flat. Her mess exasperates him, and she discovers that Peggy has already returned to The Lodge. He hints that he likes having his own space and suggests Kate returns home. Kate makes an excuse about hating her mattress at The Lodge. She’ll have to stay until she can buy a new one.

  • Business is still slow at The Bull, so Jill insists on buying a drink for her and for Neil. She sympathises with him over his tricky work situation and wonders if he’d be better sticking with the devil he knows, than risk finding a job elsewhere. Meanwhile, Lynda briefs Bert on how to sabotage the cocktail night. He, Jazzer and Lynda head inside to mingle with the young crowd. Their aim is to bore them witless.
    Neil catches Hannah as she’s leaving Berrow. She informs him she’s accepted her job offer and is surprised to hear that Neil’s new role comes with a pay cut. He admits he’s just accepted his new job too, so from now on he’ll be supplying Hannah’s unit with weaners.
    Later that evening, Lynda is dismayed to discover that Jazzer and Bert’s boring stories are going down a treat. The young crowd love them. Lynda sweeps out of the pub. Kenton says it’s made his week. Lilian reckons it’s made her whole year.

  • Lilian and Lynda have an altercation in the village shop over Lynda’s petition against The Bull’s name change.
    Neil’s feeling glum after a hard day at work with Hannah. He feels he’s let Susan down in having his pay cut. Susan insists she’s still proud of Neil and doesn’t care about the money. His happiness is what matters to her, and whether he decides to take the new job or quit, she’ll support him. Just as they are about to sit down to eat, Lynda arrives with her petition. Susan is uncomfortable about signing it now that Emma works there, but Neil admits that they hate the new name. He signs it and persuades Susan to follow suit. After all, no customers at The Bull means no work for Emma.
    Kate tries to interest Peggy in her plans for Xander’s naming ceremony, but with a broken boiler, Peggy’s too cold to concentrate. Kate makes arrangements to stay with Jakob until it’s fixed, and Peggy decides to stay at the Dower House, as long as she can bring Hilda and the kittens. Kate makes her presence felt as soon as she arrives at Jakob’s, having brought half her belongings and the contents of Peggy’s fridge. Kate insists she’s far too tired to cook and leaves Jakob to navigate her vegan cookery book.

  • With Gavin monopolising the telly with his games console, Philip and Kirsty are resigned to the kitchen. He goes off on one when Philip switches off the telly and insists he joins them for roast lunch. It’s like having a stroppy teenager in the house. Kirsty is keen to keep the peace after Philip makes an insensitive remark and sends Gavin back to play on his game.
    Lee and Helen get ready for a day out cycling with his girls. Helen notices how quiet they are around her, and Lee explains it’s because they’re so protective of him.
    Josh reports David’s on the warpath after Vince asked for a twenty per cent discount on the wedding venue. Josh is keeping a low profile, and seeks solace in Pip, who lectures him on his poor record-keeping. Offended by a tactless remark from Josh, Pip leaves him to sort the dung spreader himself. If she stays, she might just throttle him. Ben has to take over when Josh struggles with his task. Josh isn’t sure he fits in on the farm anymore, and feels lost without his business. Pip is confident he’ll land on his feet, he always does. In the meantime, he has to stay positive and help out where he can.

  • Join one of Ambridge’s more outspoken residents, Tracy Horrobin, for her unique take on the highs and lows of life in Borsetshire’s most talked about village.

  • Today’s the day Stephanie will decide whether she still wants Brookfield as her wedding venue. Josh is feeling the pressure. With Josh’s kit confiscated by the police, and his reputation in tatters, he’s stuck for things to do. David assigns him some tasks around the farm. David is dismayed to discover that Vince has come in Stephanie’s place, as she’s at a dress fitting. Vince plays up the risk he’d be taking in booking Brookfield when the police could show up and ruin the whole day. Josh steps in and takes all the blame. The police were there on account of his stupid mistake, and it wouldn’t be fair for the wedding business to suffer from his actions. Stephanie needs more time to mull it over. Vince admires Josh’s honesty, and hands him his business card and the details of his hot shot lawyer.
    While Jack is distracted by the new playground, Kirsty fills Helen in on her plans for a secret wedding. Helen is touched to be invited. Kirsty’s surprised to find Gavin waiting outside her house. As Philip arrives, Gavin breaks down and explains that his fiancée Kelly has chucked him out. His wedding’s off. With the state he’s in, Kirsty insists Gavin stays with them for a few days.

  • Jim and Fiona take a day trip to the Iron Age site at Heybury. Jim asks Fiona whether her travelling companion, Angie, is a friend or a partner. Fiona says she’s a partner and asks if Jim is ok with that. Why on earth wouldn’t he be? Fiona wishes she’d told him she was gay sooner. All that matters to Jim is that she’s happy.
    The Bull is looking particularly empty, and Lilian feels that Lynda and her petition aren't helping. She’s cheered, however, when a young crowd from Felpersham make a big booking for a cocktail night next week. What with that and their Valentine’s event, things are starting to look up.
    Neil is convinced he’s for the chop ahead of his meeting with the BL board. At the meeting, Martyn asks Neil his opinion of Hannah’s management skills. Neil offers a diplomatic response. Back at home, Susan distracts him with talk of their upcoming holiday to Lanzarote. Neil braces himself for the worst when Justin tells him the upshot of the meeting. While they’ll be restructuring, Berrow certainly won’t be firing Neil. Instead, they’d like to launch an outdoor breeding unit. Hannah would manage the indoor unit; Neil the outdoor. It would mean a pay cut, but Justin advises Neil to give it some careful consideration.