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  • Through interviews with innovative and culturally diverse poets, to examine how the most original writers create and reinvigorate their craft, we may be able identify transferable skills to help other poets improve their writing.

  • There is something in the jungle of Irma Flores that has terrorized Sarah for years. As a scientist she needs to know what it is and by confronting this evil she is about to be awakened from her nightmare. She doesn’t know it but she will also begin her first faltering steps toward enlightenment. Along the way, she will have to contend with a strange dwarf people, pirates, corporate raiders and an obstinate lover. Her road to nirvana will be a raw and bruising journey that is certain to be both entertaining and moving for the listener.

    The media eagerly made the startling announcement about the unique hobbit fossil find and the existence of hobbit human relatives on Flores Island 16,000 years ago, prehistoric survivors that seemingly went extinct just a few short years ago. Only, the scientists were dead wrong! They are still alive today and two American scientists are going to discover them and unwittingly they will introduce this tribe of small, archaic people to the ultimate modern predator: humanity.

    These three-foot tall bipeds are not the Hobbits of the JRR Tolkien's stories, but a small tribe of dwarf prehistoric people, Homo Floresiensis, living in seeming isolation for nearly a half million years on the Indonesian tropical island of Irma Flores. In their unrelenting quest for knowledge, Sarah and Richard inadvertently expose these innocents to the onslaught of the modern world including corporate raiders, Indonesian pirates and ardent religious zealots. In the process of discovery and befriending these ancient people, Sarah and Richard must survive a serious clash of divergent personalities while rediscovering their own humanity and need for love. This is their adventure, combining a clash of cultures, religious ardor with the oldest stories of all: the meaning of friendship and true love.

    This as a rousing, humorous adventure novel with serious undertones about our very definition of humanity, and how we treat the other sentient creatures that share our small planet. Many elements within the novel have a strong connection with the topical issues of today ranging from Creationism, the environment, stem cell research and finally to the voracious appetite of our ever expanding consumer economy. Moreover, the so-called Hobbit people described within the novel, locally known by Flores natives as the Ebu Gogo, are being searched for by scientists in Indonesia as we speak. This story is so gripping that both "Sixty Minutes" on CBS and National Geographic ran numerous specials on the controversial Flores Island fossil find.

    The Children God Forgot is the first novel in the Flores Girl Trilogy and the second novel is nearing completion!

    Warning: this adventure novel contains adult themes, numerous naked hobbits, some sexuality, adult language, a dose of graphic violence and a complete disdain for most authority figures.

  • Tune in to the new Podcast from young actor Sam Gittins (Await Further Instructions, Ray & Liz) for an in-depth conversation with a different entertainment industry insider every week. This is a different kind of Podcast; we speak to real people carving out their own niche in this fascinating, competitive and uncompromising business. Upcoming guests include directors, producers, actors, make-up artists, casting agents and critics - all of whom will be explaining how they do what they do and how they got where they are as well as giving practical advice to those wishing to do the same.

  • A daily skincare podcast from Skincerely Clare sharing tips, news, research and recommendations in 90 seconds or less.

  • Cztery miłośniczki książek dyskutują na wszystkie okołoliterackie tematy, jakie przyjdą im do głowy.

  • Lezioni del prof. Gaudio su Testo poetico

  • Join Mary Clay Watt as she reads the Lord of the Rings Trilogy for the first time. She will go chapter by chapter with a new guest each week to take a deep dive into the books.

  • Historian of music and listening in Mughal India. Through stories about powerful courtesans, legendary maestros and captivated patrons I write of sovereignty and selfhood, friendship and desire, sympathy and loss, and power, worldly and strange as the Mughal empire gave way to British rule. My latest co-edited book is Monsoon Feelings: A History of Emotions in the Rain.

  • A monthly(ish) podcast on which hosts Matty Hemming and Rosie Haward discuss genre-bending queer and feminist books. Each episode will focus on one book that blurs, or messes with, boundaries - be those of literary genre, gender norms, or even chronological time.

  • Agata Szydłowska i Michał Szota rozmawiają o projektowaniu graficznym

  • „Znam się z....” to seria rozmów z moimi znajomymi. Nie, nie będziemy gadać o tym co u nas słychać 😀 Kim są moi znajomi? Może niekoniecznie znajdziecie ich na okładkach gazet, ale mnie inspirują bardziej niż gwiazdy Hollywood. Będą to świetni ludzie z sukcesami na koncie, którzy do wszystkiego co mają, doszli samodzielnie. Znam ich osobiście, widziałam ich upadki i wzloty. W różnych branżach, choć sprawiedliwie uprzedzam, że najwięcej znajomych mam w świecie mody. Jak zaczynali? Jak wygląda ich praca? Z czego są dumni? Będę pytać o ich kariery, pasje i wtrącać swoje własne doświadczenia.

  • Casual conversations about art, creative business and more. An art podcast by Ekaterina Popova, artist and founder of Create! Magazine.

  • Podcast o tym co przeczytałyśmy i co warto przeczytać. Opowiadamy o dobrych książkach "lub czasopismach". Nie lubimy tracić czasu na kiepskie teksty i wiemy, że macie tak samo. Dlatego polecamy tylko to, po co warto sięgnąć.

  • Програма про класиків літератури та сучасних письменників, визнані шедеври та нові цікаві книги.

  • The North of Rapture podcast is a look at a designer’s career through the lens of my personal experiences. I distill everything from communication with clients, through improving my workshop, to everyday hurdles in agencies and freelancing. In bite-sized episodes I discuss my own approach to work, so you can learn from my mistakes instead of your own.