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  • The Core is the new Red Apple Digital podcast packed with tips and insight from industry experts to help you create the best advertising campaigns of your career.

    So whether you’re a media planner, an agency creative or a marketeer at a brand, subscribe to The Core to hear from platforms and publishers. In under 30 mins you'll learn all about native advertising, the possibilities of personalisation with data targeting, future innovations, tackle common misconceptions and get inspired with some stand out ideas.

  • A podcast by two friends who play way too many video games. Join Player One (Michael Butler) and Player 2 (Dave Cannon) as they preview and review games coming out for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, PC, and Vive as well as talk gaming news, tech, and the games of yesteryear in their "Retro Round 2" segments. All in a format like the gaming magazines they grew up reading. So sit back, flip the page, and enjoy 2pB!

  • Industry leaders discuss the hottest topics hitting the media, marketing and advertising world.

    Join some of the most influential voices from across the media, advertising and marketing community worldwide to hear about the latest developments impacting their sector. This podcast series eavesdrops on the conversations of industry leaders from all over the world discussing the issues that are front of mind in 2020. Topics include advances in AI, Sustainability, Events, Brand Safety, Audience Engagement, Diversity Audio, 5G, newsroom development and many more.

    The World Media Group is a strategic alliance of leading international media organisations that connects brands with highly engaged, influential audiences in the context of trusted and renowned journalism. Its members include The Atlantic, BBC Global News, Bloomberg Media Group, Business Insider, The Economist, The Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, National Geographic, Reuters, The New York Times Company, Time, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and associate members: Moat, and The Smithsonian.

    See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Conversations about building, pivoting or spinning off your business for greater impact with entrepreneurs, industry leaders and investors focusing on tech, business and design.

  • We guide business and IT leaders through the exciting new world of Low Code software development tools. Interviews, project walk-throughs, best practices, tutorials, and all the latest news on Low Code!

  • โ€œNFT All-Starsโ€ is an animated podcast series hosted by NFT OGs Jason Bailey, also known as Artnome, and Marguerite deCourcelle, the CEO of blockchain game studio Blockade Games. Co-hosts also include EDM pioneer and NFT artisan BT and Highstreet Co-founder Jenny Guo. Get ready for eye-opening and entertaining conversations about the fast-evolving, exploding world of non-fungible tokens, where niche meets mainstream culture, featuring guests like Pete Holmes, FEWOCiOUS, Deadmau5, Damon Dash, James โ€œMunkyโ€ Shaffer and others. Text us at (507) 4787-NFT for live updates and to ask us anything.

  • Join us each month as we explore the exciting world of robotics, artificial intelligence, and autonomous machines. Each episode, Dr Claire Asher — science communicator and robot enthusiast — chats with robotics scientists from across the UK to find out how their cutting-edge research is influencing the future of every aspect of science, technology, and engineering, from the mundane to the extraordinary.

  • DTV is a Digital Transformation Channel brought to you by Infostretch, focused on the current and future technology trends of software development and delivery. DTV interviews industry experts, Fortune 1000 companies and leading technology providers to give you a 360-degree view of digital transformation.

  • It’s the show, that bridges the requirements of regulations, compliance, and privacy with those of security. Your trusted source for complying with various mandates, building effective programs, and current compliance news. It’s time for Security and Compliance Weekly.

  • ‘Roaming’ is brought to you by Vodafone Foundation to uncover untold stories of progress and change.

    With a people-centric approach, we explore the concept of technology for good, the power of connectivity, and the way lives are changed by networks.

    Each episode combines on-the-ground stories of Vodafone Foundation’s work - covering issues from education for refugees to maternal health - with untold stories from our guests about the connections that have changed their lives.

    Hosted by Vodafone Foundation’s Group Director, Andrew Dunnett and Head of Engagement, Natasha Dalton.

    Vodafone Foundation is a UK registered charity (number 1089625).

  • A monthly analysis of AI technology, geopolitics, research, and startups by Nathan Benaich of Air Street Capital. Learn more at newsletter.airstreet.com

  • The ramblings and musings of a guy that has been in technology long enough to see the birth of the world wide web and the changes it has brought to our world. Let me use stories to share my experiences. Hopefully, I can share some knowledge that has value and you can relate to.

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    Pashi presents the Means of Production, a podcast about what it really takes to build, maintain, and scale the processes that produce the physical products that power our world. Every episode, we ask a manufacturing expert to walk us through the nuts and bolts of how they do their job. We explore how and why they got into manufacturing, dive deep into the hardest problems they've solved on production lines, and discuss their thoughts on what's broken in manufacturing today and how those things can be fixed.

  • TEK2day Podcast: Technology, Capital Markets, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Corporate Governance. Check out our content at TEK2day.com

  • Probably Nothing is always something when it comes to NFTs. Alexis Ohanian, Founder and Former Executive Chairman of Reddit and Founder of VC firm Seven Seven Six, and Tiffany Zhong, Founder and CEO of Islands, join forces to create the one-stop podcast for NFT news, deep dives, and interviews. Expect many interviews with up and coming industry experts from NFT creators to community leaders to guild founders and much more. If you want to get into the NFT world and not get left behind, this podcast is for you.

  • Le futur nous appartient, construisons-le ensemble. Maintenant.
    Nous faisons face à un changement radical de paradigmes. Il ne s’agit pas seulement de révolutions technologiques, sociales, géopolitiques ou environnementales. Il s’agit de modifications fondamentales au cœur de ce qui constitue nos systèmes de pensée, nos êtres, la vie et notre définition même d’Humanité. Nous avons créé la communauté Boma pour permettre à tous de suivre les mutations actuelles, d’anticiper le futur pour mieux le préparer, et créer un impact positif sur notre monde.

    Ce podcast explore les futurs de la finance.

    Découvrez les programmes de Brightness sur brightness.fr

  • Are you looking for information on Crypto & WEB3 projects and events? Do you want to learn more about this growing industry? Would you like to hear from seasoned business executives who use plain talk to explain the complexities? YWhales are business people talking about the business of crypto & WEB3.

    With the inception and traction that blockchain and crypto has gathered, the world is possibly on the verge of the largest evolution since the mainstream of the internet. Given the fluidity and dynamic nature of this technology, business leaders, enthusiasts, and veterans all need to band together to navigate the current and upcoming storms. Participants in Web 3.0 want a trusted resource that gives them pertinent information about projects, tokens, technology and businesses. Our community consists of International CEO’s, (most are members of YPO). We talk to crypto influencers, OG’s and up and coming projects that are getting ready to make their mark on the crypto & WEB3 space.

    We are Business People Talking The Business of Crypto.
    We are, YWhales.

  • Tierra means earth/land in Spanish.A Geospatial data company focusing on content creation, project management and in-depth research in the areas of humanitarian aid, development, agriculture, and emerging technologies. Through cutting edge research and analysis, we aim to offer our expertise on anything Geo-spatial data related. Get the latest insights on data science, remote sensing, business intelligence, capacity building, journal/article reviews, data collection/analysis, events, tutorials, white papers,M&E, UAV's, Geo-spatial content resources, R&D, trend analysis, and information manage