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  • Podcast o osobnom rastu i razvoju kroz život i iskustvo jedne mame, supruge i 'slučajne' poduzetnice. Pridružite nam se u otvorenim razgovorima o svim onim bitnim stvarima koje često zaboravljamo, usvojite neka nova znanja i pronađite inspiraciju za one male životne promjene koje će vam pomoći da postanete bolja verzija sebe.

  • A fortnightly podcast chronicling the amazing story of the now ex-country of Yugoslavia -its formation, heights, and collapse.

  • Za one koji me ne mogu vidjeti ni nacrtanu! ;) Just kidding.
    Vratimo zajedno zabavu u čitanje i čitanje u naše živote.
    Tipkamo se i čitamo na i IG @bibliovca

  • Hosted by Jeanine Amapola, a Texas-born YouTuber, speaker, and influencer whose authentic and positive content has captivated over 2.5 million followers across all her platforms. Whether you’re searching for advice, Christian content, or just simply a genuine conversation, this podcast will be sure to help you on your journey of becoming happier and healthier! Join Jeanine to hear a genuine and candid conversation on topics from her personal experiences, dating, faith, health, trending topics, and so much more! New episodes every single Tuesday! Support this podcast:

  • Audio dei video pubblicati sul canale Youtube di Your Italian Teacher.
    In questo show troverete gli argomenti dedicati alla grammatica.

  • Getting to the bottom of why entrepreneurs choose to do what they do, how they do it, and how they view and approach profitability.

    How do people end up becoming an Entrepreneur? How do they scale and grow their businesses? How do they plan for profit? Are they in it for life or are they building to exit? These and a myriad of other topics will be discussed to pull back the veil on the wizardry of successful and fascinating entrepreneurs. Listen to this podcast if you want to learn how to scale and grow your business, build a team, and increase your bottom line.

  • My Dyslexic Life by Vanessa Victor is an honest, no holds barred account of what it's like to be an adult dyslexic today.

    Vanessa didn't know she was dyslexic until she was in her 40's and her journey to self discovery has been quite a ride!

    If you are looking for some help with your or your child's dyslexia, come and see us

    We would love to help you thrive in life.

  • Written summaries at

    5 minute podcast summaries with 1 quote, 3 ideas & 1 question from each episode of podcasts including: The Tim Ferriss Show, Hidden Brain, Making Sense with Sam Harris, Lex Fridman Podcast, The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, On Being with Krista Tippet, Super Soul with Oprah Winfrey & Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris.

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  • Amsterdam based youth radio.
    Events, radio, videos, articles, music, chat and everything in between.


  • Bible teacher Michael Brent helps listeners interpret the Word of God, currently teaching through Acts of the Apostles with a focus on the theology being communicated by Luke as he describes the spread of the Christian church from Jerusalem to Rome.

  • In Daily Self-Improvement Habits, we make deep and powerful self-development tactics simple. You'll gain motivation & inspiration to build the life you deserve.

    We talk about tips & tricks on how to improve yourself daily by doing small habits that develop your self-discipline, beat your procrastination and make you reach all the goals you set out to.

    My name is Nick and I help people create a future they love.

  • Kako bi ukazala na važnost mentalnog zdravlja i ohrabrila javnost da potraži pomoć stručnjaka, Hemofarm fondacija pokrenula je projekat “Na kafi sa psihologom”. Projekat ima za cilj da utiče na svest šire javnosti da se o mentalnom zdravlju mora brinuti jednako kao o fizičkom kao i da tegobe u vezi sa mentalnim zdravljem nisu lična slabost, već zdravstveni problem za koji postoji adekvatno rešenje ako se na vreme potraži stručna pomoć.Projekat “Na kafi sa psihologom” osmišljen je kao serija besplatnih sesija sa psiholozima gde svi zainteresovani mogu da steknu uvid o određenim psihološkim stanjima i dobiju savet kome da se obrate za podršku. Tribine su prilika da se o mentalnom zdravlju razgovara otvoreno sa stručnim licima - psiholozima i psihijatrima, ali i sa predstavnicima relevantnih institucija i javnim ličnostima koje su se i same tokom života susrele sa nekim od problema.Projekat “Na kafi sa psihologom” se realizuje uz podršku Instituta za psihologiju Filozofskog fakulteta u Beogradu i u partnerstvu sa Art komunom Dorćol Platz.Tokom realizacije projekta razgovaralo se o depresiji, stresu na poslu, karijeri vs. porodici, kako se izboriti sa bolešću, kako se pomiriti sa činjenicom da ne možete da ostanete u drugom stanju, razvodu, zavisnosti, kako ograničiti deci upotrebu elektronskih uređaja.

  • Daily morning motivation about life,health and making money. This is a 60 seconds boost you need daily to transform your life,mind and spirit.

  • Do you ever feel like your life is a never-ending string of “when I lose Xlbs, THEN I'll be happy” only to find yourself facefirst in the peanut butter jar with both hands full of snacks, shoving food in your mouth so quickly... Wondering why am I like this?

    Welcome to The Food Freedom Lab where we will address ALL things food, body image, and emotions so food and workouts can be a part of your life, without them BEING your life. Week after week, host Ryann Nicole brings you the best of the best improvement tips, therapeutic strategies, life hacks, and inspirational stories that can help YOU get to food freedom!

    Waiting until you look like that until you can do the thing? No more! Girlfriend, we are getting you back to your life NOW. Ryann is dishing the tea on how she overcame binge eating, food obsession, and body hate and is giving you everything you need to do it too! Along with sharing her best kept secrets, Ry interviews other incredible women who have also found food freedom are sharing have changed their life to find ultimate happiness and share their secrets to ensure you find hope that happiness is possible for you!

    What do you say? Are you in? Are you ready to stop obsessing over food and get back to your life?

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  • Welcome to Thrive After Abuse, I’m your host Dana Morningstar. This is a podcast where we discuss everything related to narcissistic abuse, self-love, and healthy relationships so that you can find the healing and clarity you are looking for.

    We cover:

    The most common words, definitions, concepts, and questions surrounding narcissism, and narcissistic abuse, such as:

    • Flying monkeys
    • Hoovering
    • Narcissistic abuse
    • Love bombing
    • Trauma bonding
    • C-PTSD
    • Scapegoat
    • Reactive abuse
    • And dozens more

    Frequently asked questions about narcissists, such as:

    • What is the difference between a selfish jerk and a narcissist?
    • How do I know for sure if they are a narcissist?
    • Can a narcissist change?
    • Why do I miss them?
    • How can I stop attracting narcissists?
    • How do I handle all this intense anger I have towards them?

    And much, much more.

    If you are looking for more information or support, please visit my YouTube channel, books, audiobooks, and other resources—all of which you can find over at

    Please know that you are not alone, you are not crazy, and you can move forward and heal from this.

  • Learn Italian: easy and comprehensible Italian podcast.

    Achieve fluency by acquiring the language the natural way through comprehensible input in Italian.


    IT: Podcast in italiano comprensibile e facile per imparare l'italiano con input comprensibile in italiano.


    DE: Italienisch lernen mit Podcast auf leicht verständlichem Italienisch, um die Sprache mit interessantem Content zu lernen. Verständlicher Input Italienisch.


    FR: Podcast facile pour apprendre l'italien avec la méthode naturelle.


    ES: Podcast para aprender italiano fácil, sencillo y comprensible.

  • Neville Lancelot Goddard, generally known as Neville, was an American author who wrote on the Bible, mysticism, and self-help.

  • A podcast for Italian learners who love chatting over drinks with their friends.

    We're Elfin, Silvia and Barbara. We meet up twice a month to talk about practically anything under the sun.

    We live very far apart, Elfin in Cremona, Barbara in England and Silvia in Tuscany but we don't let that stop us from chatting and staying connected.

    Get to know Italy through the words of three very different perspectives. You'll get real life expressions, laughter, passions and pet peeves.

    Maybe you can't make it to Italy anytime soon but you can join us for a chiacchierata. Close your eyes and pretend you're having an aperitivo with us in our favorite piazza. Join us and take part in an authentic Italian conversation.

    If you want to catch every word and make the most out of our chats, grab the transcription bundles

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