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  • Relying on both amusing personal experiences and extensive research, host Janice Kaplan explores how gratitude can transform every aspect of life including marriage and friendship, money and ambition, and health and well-being. She learns how appreciating your spouse changes the neurons of your brain and why saying thanks can be a secret for success. Join Janice on the Gratitude Diaries every weekday for practical, down-to-earth tips on how to add gratitude to your everyday life.

  • What if we designed schools like Disney designs theme parks? Join Thomas Riddle for inspiring conversations held at the crossroads of learning and design! Each week, we will provide pertinent commentary on relevant issues and informative interviews with leaders and practitioners from the fields of education, entertainment, technology and more.
    New Episodes: Every Monday @ Noon EST.
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  • Farooq brings the key points, references and understandings from keynote webinars and papers in a concise podcast.

    Providing easy access to gain the most from our esteemed speakers and experts.

    *Important to note the information is from our interpretation as individual professionals, and may incorporate our opinions*

  • Do you need a faith-lift? An infusion of faith, hope and love? The J.John Podcast is a weekly dose of encouragement and inspiration to give you confidence in your faith and confidence to share your faith.

  • The best student run podcast of Aotearoa. Angad Vraich and Ethan Manera are spinning yarns with New Zealand icons for your thought provoking entertainment needs every second Thursday! Nothing is left untouched on The College Project from the hard hitting politics to the lighter parts of life, everything is on the table. Tune in to not only have some fun but hopefully learn something new.

  • A podcast exploring the relationship between women and crime in Australia. Featuring gruesome cases, devious deeds, and a dose of history.

  • About a teenager named adnan syed that was convicted of killing his ex girlfriend hae lee in 1999

  • Modern and Meaningful Mental Health, Sobriety, Recovery and Wellness with Author, Clinical Counselor, and Master Coach Lynn Matti. Helpful discussions and tips for healing from stress, addiction, co-dependency, overwork, relationship problems, perfectionism and more. Lynn freely offers her professional and personal wisdom, evidenced-based therapy along with new and time tested tools, guidance, and inspiration for seekers of holistic mental wellness. Her mission is to help others choose, moderation, abstinence, sobriety or Recovery from busyness, overuse or addiction to alcohol, other substances or unhealthy behaviors. Lynn specializes in working with healers, helpers, survivors, and highly sensitive people (HSP Peeps), to build a happy life of awareness, insight, honesty, integrity, genuineness, true self-care & development Living life from the inside out! Find the latest research around addiction, mental health and neurobiology content at Lynn teaches online and in-person at the intersection of resilience, courage, and hope. Known for her quirkiness, wisdom, and authenticity she brings tested, interesting, and fun practices and perspectives to her individual clients and group endeavors.

  • EPisodes aims to engage, equip and energise educators worldwide. We're here to discuss best practice in education and share some gold nuggets to help improve outcomes for all students. Join us at

  • Boston Marathon Survivor and MS, LPC (licensed professional counselor), Amy O’Neill, talks about the impact of trauma on the lives of survivors, family members and communities. In this informative and inspiring show, you will be given the tools and support to see beyond survival and discover the ability to rise. Life after trauma is possible, redefining resilience and knowing that YOU are not alone are key elements and we will upack the Trauma Impact on this show.

  • We promote the positive side and positive people of Maoridom! This podcast's aim is to provide everyone, Maori and non-Maori alike to experience our beautiful culture and people as it is, not as it has been stigmatised to be in the past. Hosted by Scott and Daz, we're bringing you onboard with us to listen to some amazing Maori people absolutely crushing it in modern society and challenging all of the norms. Fuuuee Whanau - lets get our ears excited!

  • Neil Gaur of Portal to Ascension and Justin Deschamps of Stillness in the Storm come to you live every 2 weeks with amazing and revolutionary guests. Find out the latest with the movement toward full disclosure, uncover ancient mysteries and forbidden archaeology and explore the evolution of consciousness.

    Tune in to expand your awareness and align with truth that will create a paradigm shift in the years to come.

  • Training for the biggest game you will play. Life. A podcast for any athlete, coach or human that wants to be the best they can be. Covering anything and everything from happiness to success to being your best self.  Become inspired by the top athletes, performers and pioneers in various fields on your journey of growth.

  • Get the latest on Google My Business, back link strategy, local SEO updates and more from the owners of Web 2.0 Ranker, Local Client Takeover, and Local Viking. Plus Get all your SEO and Digital Marketing questions answered.

    Hosted By

    Mark Luckenbaugh, Chaz Edward, and Michael Milas

  • Ophthalmology Against The Rule (OATR) is a podcast hosted by ophthalmologists Dr Ben LaHood and Dr Nick Andrew. Discussing the simple things often overlooked and the complex things often ignored about ophthalmology. Serious talks about interesting ophthalmic issues in an easy listening podcast.

  • If you love the movie, you're going to love the podcast! Daniel 'Rudy' Ruettiger is the real-life inspiration for the iconic movie, RUDY. In this weekly podcast, Rudy continues his movie’s message of hope, perseverance, and self-reliance, by sharing the amazing and inspiring true stories of everyday people who are ‘Rudys’ in their own lives. People of all ages who are choosing courage over adversity, beating the odds, and making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. Periodically, Rudy will feature celebrities and pro athletes telling their personal ‘Rudy stories.’ Rudy is joined each week by Joe Garner, six-time New York Times bestselling author of numerous books including Echoes of Notre Dame Football.

  • Plus Three goes deep into the world of drugs, from local decriminalization and emerging psychedelic corporations to leftist politics and mass incarceration. Each week the team and guests attempt to make sense of the complex connections between drugs, science, capitalism, policy, and culture.

    The podcast is co-hosted by Psymposia co-founder Brian Normand, psychedelics research and bio-ethicist Nese Devenot, evolutionary ecologist Brian Pace, and underground researcher David Nickles.

  • Welcome to Milkbar Mum Chat!
    This podcast is a space created by the Mum Squad at Milkbar Maternity & Breastfeeding to keep you up to date with the most current information and experiences about all things mumlife and mumlife to be! Join us for both tears and lols as we navigate through this rollercoaster journey, answer questions from our beloved followers and interview Mums about their real and raw experiences, tears and triumphs from the most gangster of hoods - Motherhood