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  • Как начать инвестировать в США.

    Компании, фонды, стратегии, цели и риски.

    Мировые новости инвестиций, финансов и экономики

    Публикации зарубежных авторов.
    Исследования. Анализ. Рекомендации.

  • Падкаст «Праз космас» - гэта падборка цікавых навін аб космасе, новых адкрыццях, публікацыях і касмічных праграмах на беларускай мове.

  • Industrial Talk is about celebrating the women and men of industry and manufacturing. We celebrate these innovative leaders and companies because they make our lives better and are changing the world for the better! These passionate leaders collaborate, innovate and educate with speed and purpose to positively impact people and communities around the world. Industrial Talk in collaboration with industry and manufacturing leaders address topics that include: Digital Transformation, Big Data, Industry 4.0, IoT, IIoT, AI, ML, Optimization, Edge, Cloud, Asset Reliability, Maintenance, 5G, Sales, Marketing and Branding and strategies for success. This is a podcast that is focused on Getting Stuff Done and learning from individuals and companies that have been there and have a track record of success. We celebrate a bright future in industry and manufacturing from with women and men dedicated to making our communities and world a better place.

  • Žaidimų naujienos iš viso pasaulio. Tikrų "Geimerių" kanalas.

  • Welcome to the Lawtrades Podcast, where we explore the ever-evolving world of legal services and the transformative power of legal marketplaces. Through our interviews with legal experts, entrepreneurs, and executives, we uncover the experiences and insights that have reshaped the way companies approach their outside counsel work.

  • Tinklalaidė apie skaitmeninių produktų kūrimą ir valdymą. Kalbėsimės su įvairių kompanijų atstovais apie jų kuruojamus produktus, dalinsimės patirtimi ir įžvalgomis apie produktų valdymo procesus.

  • The Official Cryptocurrency Exchange Podcast Show:

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  • High Agency is the podcast for AI builders. If you’re trying to understand how to successfully build AI products with Large Language Models and Generative AI then this podcast is made for you. Each week we interview leaders at companies building on the frontier who have already succeeded with AI in production. We share their stories, lessons and playbooks so you can build more quickly and with confidence.

    AI is moving incredibly fast and no-one is truly an expert yet, High Agency is for people who are learning by doing and will share knowledge through the community.

    Where to find us:

  • From embedded finance to crypto and everything in between, Tribe explores one of the big topics in Fintech in each episode, featuring expert guests from across the industry.

  • TECH mugės podkastas – karjerą keičiantiems suaugusiems skirti trumpi pokalbiai apie IT pasaulį. Su pašnekovais kalbamės apie tech darbo rinkos naujienas, karjeros keliones, asmenines istorijas.

  • On the Surfacing Podcast, digital governance expert Lisa Welchman and design leader Andy Vitale take a deep dive into the world of the digital maker community. Join them as they talk to the designers, technologists, and business leaders responsible for building the experiences that make up our world.

  • Listen. Learn. Connect.

    A podcast about different data topics - Data Engineering, Analytics, Data Science

    Talking with specialists in different fields, getting their input on different topics and just nerding out data-related matters.

  • The missing link to unlock growth for B2B companies is Go-to-Market Fit. In each episode, the authors of Survival to Thrival - Tae Hea Nahm and Bob Tinker - discuss with journalist-turned-PR Helen Croydon, the key concepts underpinning their book series. If you are an entrepreneur anywhere on the enterprise startup journey, the Survival to Thrival Podcast is for you. In the beginning, it is simply about Survival-- how not to die? With luck and hard work, it becomes about Thrival-- how do we win?

  • Understand The Basics Of Web3

  • The Swift Ascent is a podcast about iOS development and Swift programming language. It covers learning, self-improvement, and mentorship for all levels, from junior to senior developers. Listeners can join live discussions and gain ideas from the hosts and other listeners.

    In addition to offering guidance and support for developers, The Swift Ascent also provides valuable insights into the latest trends and updates in iOS development. The hosts regularly interview industry experts and share their own experiences with new tools and technologies. This helps to keep listeners up to date with t

  • Το Ίδρυμα Vodafone, με αφορμή τα 20 χρόνια που συμπληρώνει φέτος στην Ελλάδα, δημιουργεί έναν κύκλο podcast με παρουσιάστρια τη Νίκη Λυμπεράκη και καλεσμένους πρεσβευτές του ιδρύματος, των οποίων η προσφορά καταγράφεται στην υγεία, την παιδεία ως την κοινωνική ενσωμάτωση και τον ψηφιακό μετασχηματισμό. Ένας κύκλος συζητήσεων με ανθρώπους ξεχωριστούς που, μεταξύ όλων των άλλων αρετών τους, είναι και πάντα εξαιρετικά ενδιαφέροντες συνομιλητές.

  • D00M4ACE подкаст про Искусственный Интеллект, Геймдев и все остальное - разработка 2D MMORPG блог

    Привет ребята, это d00m4ace!
    И это подкаст про Искусственный Интеллект, Геймдев и все остальное.
    Я решил поручить ведение подкаста нейросетям, так как очень сильно занят разработкой моей 2D MMORPG игры.
    Этот подкаст имеет исключительно развлекательно-познавательный контекст и не может быть призывом к действию.
    Чтобы не пропустить новые выпуски, присоединяйтесь к нашей группе в телеграмм, где вы также узнаете больше о моей геймдев разработке и многое другое.
    Желаю приятного прослушивания!

    Ведущие подкаста:

    Думфейс- опытный программист с 90-х, ведущий подкаста по ИИ и разработке игр. С глубокими знаниями в технологиях и историей индустрии, он анализирует тренды и новинки, делится уникальными инсайтами. Его стиль - смесь профессионализма и доступности, привлекая как экспертов, так и новичков.

    Шахерезада — коуч и ведущая подкаста об ИИ и разработке игр. С богатым опытом в коучинге, она умело соединяет технические знания с психологией, помогая слушателям понять сложные концепции. Её подход уникален: она акцентирует внимание на влиянии технологий на человека и команды разработчиков. Шахерезада обсуждает новейшие тренды, демистифицируя ИИ, и предоставляет практические советы по управлению проектами в игровой индустрии.

    D00M4ACE разработка 2D MMORPG блог ИИ и геймдев 🌐

  • Candid conversations with tech Founders and People leaders on how they've built and scaled their teams. Hear anecdotes, advice, myths to be busted, and more from some remarkable minds in the startup space. A welcome dose of behind-the-scenes insight to help inspire a people-first approach in business and beyond.

    Hosted by Scede's Matthew Ellis (Founder) & others.

    Presented by Scede - the go-to global talent partner for building incredible teams that ship incredible products, touched by millions

  • An exciting podcast that explores how retail and consumer industries are evolving. Each episode will focus on another aspect and will help you discover how technological developments affect and shape modern day retail. Dive into the retail universe with our host, Stefan Hilger, executive board member of the software company gicom and learn more about ways for retail businesses to boost their profits.