Conversations with Richard Fidler

Conversations with Richard Fidler


Spend an hour in someone else's life each weekday. 'Conversations with Richard Fidler' draws you deeper into the life story of someone you may have heard about, but never met.


Bruce Munday: if these (dry-stone) walls could talk  

Bruce Munday: if these (dry-stone) walls could talk (R)

Shushma Malik: Ancient Rome's most loved and despised emperor, Nero  

Shushma Malik on Emperor Nero's decadence, destruction and debauchery

Fred Smith: the musical diplomat  

Fred Smith: using music to open doors and tell the stories of war

Liz Tynan on the lessons of Maralinga  

Liz Tynan has written a history of the secrecy, aftershocks and contamination of British nuclear testing on Australian ground. (R)

Pip Courtney: behind the smile and the Akubra  

Pip Courtney is one of country Australia's most familiar faces and presents ABC TV's Landline. (R)

Craig Lawler: the bushrangers of New South Wales  

Bushranger enthusiast Craig Lawler on catching the outlaw, Frank Gardiner.

The life of broadcaster Amanda Keller  

Amanda Keller is among Australia's most recognisable TV and radio entertainers.

Greg de Moore: Lithium, the penicillin of mental health  

Psychiatrist Greg de Moore and the forgotten story of Dr John Cade

Richard King on the freedom of speech and the freedom to offend  

Richard King and the freedom to offend - or not! (R)

Vasily Sukhomlinsky: educating the heart, head and hands  

Alan Cockerill explains the philosophy of educator, Vasily Sukhomlinsky

Tim Winton on firearms, the sea, and twists of fate  

Tim Winton's life has been shaped by accidents and havoc.

Matthew Thompson: Christopher 'Badne$$' Binse's life of crime  

Matthew has looked far back into the life of Australia's most notorious criminal Christopher 'Badne$$' Binse

David Walliams: sketching a career in comedy  

David Walliams on comedy and children’s books

Rhoda Roberts: holding onto family  

Rhoda lives with strength of her father’s culture and the loss of her twin sister.

Waleed Aly: out of the box  

Speaking his mind: Waleed Aly

Waleed Aly: out of the box  

Speaking his mind: Waleed Aly

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