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  • 跑了世界半圈美術老師,決定還是要回到最愛的孩子圈裡,聊教育也聊大小事。

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  • Welcome to Life In Scrubs Podcast – a podcast hosted by nurses, for nurses! Our podcast is mainly geared toward nursing students and new graduate nurses, however, we hope all healthcare professionals can find our information helpful. Our goal is to inspire, educate, and empower future and current nurses as they navigate the world of nursing. Join us weekly as we share our insights and experiences, answer common nursing questions, and dive into all things related to life in scrubs!

  • Better narratives for a better future.

    An interactive podcast featuring interviews with leading authors and editors in the speculative genre and writing prompts designed to support the imagination of better futures.

    Narrative Futures is the capstone podcast project of the Futures Thinking network at TORCH. Devised, recorded and edited by Chelsea Haith, the Narrative Futures podcast features eight interviews with some of the mosts important authors and editors working in the the speculative genre today. At the end of each interview, novelist and creative writing tutor Louis Greenberg presents two writing prompts which are designed to support engaged thought and creative imagination about the interview and the listener's own creative practice in narrative building.

    Interviewed on the podcast are Lauren Beukes, Mohale Mashigo, Sami Shah, Mahvesh Murad, Jared Shurin, EJ Swift, Ken Liu, and Tade Thompson. Each interview explores writing strategies, hopes and fears for the future, opinions on genre fiction and tackles questions such as: How do you conceive of and write time? Why is alien invasion a good metaphor for colonialism? What would a benevolent AI look like? What kind of representation is needed in the speculative genre? Are the old stories of future worlds still relevant? How do we integrate the present pandemic into our future imaginaries?

  • Por qué utilizar Google classroom para mis clases a distancia?

  • Your words are powerful. Former North Dakota State Assistant Coach, University of Puget Sound Head Coach, and Life Christian Academy founder, Ross Hjelseth discusses ways you can influence & impact others with your words. This 10-week series will do a deep dive into each chapter of Ross's upcoming book, Winning Words | Speaking Life to Influence Others

  • 自學塔羅牌,78張搞到頭都大?雷諾曼卡到底點用,西比拉卡又係乜?!即刻撳 Play ▶️,Nes’ Tarot 占卜教室帶您飛~


    撇開神秘與過時的迷信觀念,不論您是心思思想試試問牌占卜、想自習學牌、或者想找老師作一對一自學指導,Nes’ Tarot 都能為一眾與塔羅牌有緣的你妳您帶來不一樣的體驗。

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  • A series of interview with authors of new books from Princeton University Press

  • 香港 Affiliate Marketing - 專家教你怎樣為網站帶來流量 - 正確增加 SEO content!

  • Who Cares is the new podcast from the University of Gloucestershire, which talks about what new university students care about. Will you fit in? How will you be supported? Is it easy to make new friends? Where can your degree take you? Our students and team discuss everything from 2020 admissions and student life in Gloucestershire to how we became the UK's most sustainable university.

  • Simple Spoken English is a platform where we learn English with fun and speak English with confidence. This podcast is designed to help you experience the beauty of learning English through audio. Enjoy! ♥️😀

  • A weekly Cantonese language podcast for intermediate learners covering a line-up of little observations about the Canton culture beyond dim sum. The purpose is to create an alternative to traditional textbook tapes for repeated listening and have more fun. Host Yasmin is from Hong Kong. She is passionate about language learning, capable of 5 languages.

  • 沒營養新聞、奇怪的書、偶爾講影視,一言不合就開車。
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  • Musical Story Time is a place where we sing songs, tell stories, and most importantly have lots of fun! Join Sandra & Michael as they retell well loved stories enriched with original and engaging songs created for kids and kids at heart.

  • The Dog Savant Podcast features celebrity dog trainer Brett Endes. Brett is the star of The Untrainables series featured on Facebook Watch and has been a professional dog trainer/problem behavior specialist for over 25 years.

    Enter the mind of the Dog Savant as Brett shares his thoughts on dog ownership, current events/philosophy, and his unique life as a Los Angeles dog trainer.

    Learn how to understand your dog and solve their behavior problems utilizing Brett’s unique and proven way of training dogs.

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  • FM親子溝通談心室,是由兩位重視孩子身心靈富足及熱愛孩子教育的FRESH和MOLLY所經營,我們將會把日常生活中,大人與孩子相處時,發生的真實故事與各位爸爸媽媽分享,並且透過神經語言學(NLP)、華德福、薩提爾對話去引領孩子成長茁壯。

  • The InForm:Podcast seeks to be an informal and informative way to talk about the intersection of Social Work (or social justice if you prefer), Psychoanalysis, and Critical Theory.

  • Block Shots is a podcast for blockchain beginners that provides a basic understanding of the most important blockchain concepts in five minutes. Learn blockchain, consensus, hashing, signing, governance, nodes, etc. and many more concepts while having that morning coffee, or while walking towards your car in the parking, or whenever you have those five minutes.

  • Superhumanize and learn how to transform and transcend your human experience, and achieve the highest potential of mind, body and spirit. Our host Ariane Sommer brings you deeply insightful interviews with the global thought leaders in health, personal development, business, biohacking, science and spirituality - to inspire YOU to live your best life ever.

    Ariane is a published author, vegan biohacker and wellness entrepreneur, journalist and keynote speaker.
    Born in Germany and growing up in diverse places including Sierra Leone, India, Spain, the UK and the United States, Ariane has a unique global perspective on our individual struggles, as well as the challenges we face as the collective human family.

    The Superhumanize Podcast was born out of Ariane’s passionate quest to create the ultimate human experience, merging the best of ancient wisdom with cutting edge scientific discoveries and advanced technologies.