Komedie – Kroatien – Anbefalede podcasts

  • This is the official Taskmaster podcast, hosted by former champion and chickpea lover, Ed Gamble. Each week, released straight after the show is broadcast on Channel 4, Ed will be joined by a special guest to dissect and discuss the latest episode. Past contestants, little Alex Horne, and even the Taskmaster himself will feature in this brand-new podcast from the producers of the BAFTA-winning comedy show.

  • Matt King hosts a weekly conversation with someone we all love. With co-host Mike Sheffer, each week Hoot & a Half invites a different guest to share a thoughtful and funny conversation about the people we all love. Internet friends, musicians, actors, you name it. Sit back, relax, enjoy a Hoot and a Half.

  • Silly podcast by MihaTheTrash & Ivan Franko.https://linktr.ee/izaokvira

  • Step into our adult reality where we engage pop culture icons with uninhibited porn stars in revealing conversations, but we warn you - DISCRETION ADVISED. Every other Tuesday, the dirty minds behind Falcon | NakedSword bring you award-winning gay porn director Marc MacNamara and reality TV producer John Hill as they finger the pulse of pop culture. Listen while these industry insiders pull back the curtain to expose the truth behind reality television and gay porn with their honest opinions, graphic descriptions, and silly games guaranteed to keep you edging for more! Don’t say we didn’t warn you - DISCRETION ADVISED.

  • New York comedians Claire Parker and Ashley Hamilton are reading celebrity memoirs so you don't have to.

  • Jure Godler in Anลพe Tomiฤ‡ opazujeta. ลฝivljenje.

  • Jure Godler in David Urankar o vsem, kar je pomembno, predvsem pa o tistem, kar ni.

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  • Take a break from all the noise and the stress...
    and laugh your A.S.S. off.

    Nominated for three People's Choice Podcast Awards!

  • Each week, Television Producers Chris DeRosa and Dominick Pupa decide which of their plethora of celebrity clients needs the most help, and hold nothing back as they take turns pitching ideas of how to best fix the famous personโ€™s crumbling public image. With a slew of hilarious guests and hotter-than-hot takes on the stories dominating the Entertainment News cycle, Chris and Dominick are here to transform the reputations of the stars that are clearly NOT just like us!

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  • Welcome to the For What, For Who? Podcast hosted by Courtney Croucher. This weekly podcast will cover everything revolving around living intentionally through balancing relationships, self love, professional career, health, wellness, and so much more.

    This podcast is for anyone who wants to exude main character energy, live their life unapologetically on their terms and go after their wildest dreams. Every episode includes actionable takeaways to upgrade your mindset and life to encourage you to be in the driver’s seat of your life.

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  • WANTED: The most attractive man in fiction. Join best friends, Lainey and Mariah as they laugh, and recap the romances they've read in their quest to find the number one man.

  • Every week Kyle Clark and Matthew Burnside invite a friend to come on and share something they love. Chaos ensues.

  • It's me, your friend Busy Philipps! My creative partner Caissie St. Onge & I love making things that we believe people need & will love & we’ve had so many plans. We had plans to do a TV show that would shake up late night! And we think it kinda did! For six months. We adored our genius, scrappy creative team at “Busy Tonight” as much as we loved our audience, so when we broke the news that we’d been canceled, we vowed to get back up & make even bigger plans to invent a whole new way of doing things in the entertainment biz, to reunite our beautiful staff & change the game for everyone! An entertainment Utopia! And we were so close, then...the world changed. Now those plans are, at the very least, on hold. So, we've shifted gears, like everyone has had to, & with our friends, we're just doing our best, taking it slow & talking to fascinating friends about how *they* are doing *their* best. They’ll tell us all about those times in their lives when a setback actually led to the right thing. Maybe it was a job that didn't pan out, but opened the door to an even more perfect one, or maybe it's how they studied for years to do the thing they thought was their calling, only to fall into something else that felt like kismet. The thing is, we want to share those moments because right now EVERYBODY is having one of those moments. Maybe we'll all learn something life-changing or maybe we'll just have a conversation where we break down in tears, then laugh at ourselves for crying. Whatever happens, we can assure you, Busy Philipps is Doing Her Best!

  • Miha Šalehar s poslušalci o druลพbenih fenomenih.

  • Tune into DOM MEETS WORLD, a brand new weekly Vodcast hosted by Dom Gabriel from Netflix’s Perfect Match, as he welcomes new guests each week to explore the highs and lows of their current dating lives, share advice for listeners in all stages of their love lives, play some juicy games, and most importantly: get real!

  • This is The Empire Never Ended, the Antifascist Amerikanski-Balkan podcast about (neo) fascist terror, the (deep) state and the alienation, nihilism and desperation produced by the capitalist system. And how to get rid of all that.

    Something like that...

    Hosted by Boris Mamlëz, Fritz McAlinden and Rey Katula.

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  • Live from Gallifrey! We present A Wheezing Groaning Sound, the only Doctor Who podcast presented by three men under house arrest, hosted by Tom Neenan, Paul Litchfield and John Rain

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