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What is Podtail?

Podtail is a site that lets you find and listen to new and interesting podcasts from all over the world directly in your browser or phone.

Just like other apps or services like iTunes, Podtail does not host any files so your podcast does not lose any traffic when people are listening through Podtail.

Is there a Podtail app?

No. Podtail exists as an alternative way of listening to podcasts, without the need for an app. That's not to say there won't be an app in the future.

Can I download episodes to my phone?

No, unfortunately most mobile browsers don't allow you to download files that large directly from the web. If you intend to listen to podcasts while not connected to the Internet, we suggest you download one of the great podcasting apps available out there.

Can I add my podcast to the Podtail library?

Sure! You can suggest it by clicking here or submit it to Add My Podcast and we will add it as soon as we've verified it.

Can I upload my podcast to Podtail?

No. Podtail is not a hosting service but site a that allows users to listen to podcasts directly in the browser.

We recommend using Buzzsprout, Acast or Podspace when hosting podcasts.

Can I edit the information about my podcast?

Not at the moment, but you can send us an e-mail at contact_snabela_podtail.com and we'll fix it for you.