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  • Camera Lab è un progetto di Luca Auletta dove parliamo di tech legato al mondo dell'immagine digitale e della sua creazione. Fotografia, video, digital immaging con approfondimenti, rumors e news. Dedicato sia ai professionisti che agli amatori appassionati!

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  • Evan Carmichael believes in entrepreneurs. At 19, he built then sold a biotech software company. At 22, he was a venture capitalist helping to raise $500,000 to $15 million. He now runs, a popular website for entrepreneurs. He breathes and bleeds entrepreneurship. He's obsessed, aiming to help one billion entrepreneurs and change the world. He has set two world records, uses a stand-up desk, rides a Vespa, raises funds for Kiva, wears five-toe shoes and created Entrepreneur trading cards. He speaks globally, but Toronto (#EntCity) is home. He loves being married, his son, salsa dancing, DJing, League of Legends and the Toronto Blue Jays.

  • Sales Ops Demystified has one single goal...

    To turn you into a Sales Ops Ninja. We find the biggest and best Sales Ops minds in the world and ruthlessly extract all their secrets with our 8 simple questions.

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  • The Present to Future Podcast by Philipp Kristian Diekhöner & Pak Teng Chow.
    Understanding Tech to Build a Better World.

  • Focused on the future of smart manufacturing and the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), this podcast features thought leaders exploring the impact of cutting-edge disruptive technologies; workforce and talent issues; and global business trends.

  • Pioneer is at the forefront of changing the way corn is developed and revolutionizing the way it will perform in the field. Join Matt Brechwald, farmer and ag podcaster, as he talks with the geneticists, breeders and agronomists at Pioneer who are leading the Corn Revolution.

  • Before You Buy is a product reviews show on the TWiT Network. TWiT staff get together to test out the latest gadgets--everything from phones to cameras--to help consumers make wise buying decisions. You've got to watch... Before You Buy!

    Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.

  • The editors of Decipher talk with a rotating cast of security practitioners, researchers, and executives about a variety of topics in the security and privacy fields.

  • A podcast series from ThoughtWorks addressing the challenges facing today’s digital leaders and the practical approaches they are taking to tackle issues head on to succeed in evolving their organizations into modern digital businesses.

  • Transaction Trending is a podcast powered by the Electronic Transactions Association, the trade association and the voice of the payments technology industry.

    Join ETA CEO Jason Oxman twice a month for a look into the people, places and things that are shaping the payments technology industry, and our economy as a whole, for the better. We'll bring together diverse voices and perspectives, and explore a wide range of stories and trends.

    Log onto for the latest on the podcast and other payments news, and be sure to subscribe on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Google Play and other places you find podcasts.

  • Take a ride through a Burmese tech scene made by Burmese, for Burmese. The ones who will be driving the Trishaws are Lin Min Phyo, from BetterHR, Aung Kyaw Paing, from nexlabs and Min Phone, from Yoma Bank

  • “Lost In Transformation” by MING Labs hosts practitioners from the field of Digital Transformation and Corporate Innovation who share insights into the methodologies, mindsets and technologies shaping the landscape today, as well as their personal lessons learned from their own attempts.

  • Are you a content creator for YouTube or other social platforms? Comments Over Coffee shares proven, actionable advice and insights to help you get better results.

    This show is designed to help you learn about YouTube and online video while you're enjoying your morning cup of coffee, tea or whatever your favorite beverage happens to be.

    Most of the questions answered in this show are from the comments of my (Nick Nimmin) YouTube channel where I help content creators learn everything they need to know about YouTube. The rest are pulled from other YouTube and video marketing related communities online. You can also submit your questions at

    You can expect new episodes every Monday.

  • Hello, I'm Tran Quoc Khanh, a TV Host/Producer living in Saigon, Vietnam. This is a podcast version of The Quoc Khanh Show where I discuss topics such as startup, technology, innovation, education...and beyonds.

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  • The TechGenix podcast series explores everything information technology. We love to talk about the industry, what it means to be working in IT, and all the absurd and hilarious situations we encountered in our professional careers. Of course, prepare for a lot of hardcore tech stuff too, including servers, virtualization, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and more.

    If you are an IT professional or want to become one, this is the right place for you.

    Our currently running shows include:

    // The T-Suite // hosted by Bill Raymond - This podcast talks to leaders in the tech industry who share their insights about the past, present, and future of information technology.

  • A show that talks to podcasters about gear, software, workflow, and philosophies behind podcasting.