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  • This is a series of podcast from the Ruskin School of Art. The Ruskin, as it is known, is the Fine Art Department of the University of Oxford. In an intimate and dynamic environment, the school gathers together cutting edge contemporary artists and art theorists with some of the brightest and most creative art students. Fine Art is taught as a living element of contemporary culture with a broad range of historical and theoretical references. Comprising both a flourishing undergraduate programme and a growing Dphil programme (made up of both practice-led and theory-based doctoral students), the Ruskin embodies risk-taking, curiosity, and rigour grounded in a wide sense of the word ‘research’.

  • A writerโ€™s meta-narrative quest to reckon with her Dad Character after his untimely death, find a meaningful resolution, and finally tell her own story. Co-hosted by creator Janielle Kastner and director Carson McCain.Untitled Dad Project is a Spoke Media original.

  • Membahas tentang berbagai macam hal mengenai tips UI/UX design.
    Cover art photo provided by rawpixel on Unsplash:

  • Podcast sobre arte do canal Vivieuvi

  • Inês Meneses e Pedro Mexia conduzem um programa sobre a atualidade cultural feito em parceria entre o Expresso e a rádio Radar

  • A home for goths and rivetheads to call their own. Every week (Thursdays) one of the Requiem's DJ's will bring you the most decadent mix they can conjure. Featuring every genre from the underground scene, no one gets left behind! Visit the website for playlists, videos, news and more. Welcome to the Shadows!

  • Started in 2009, Sleep is Commercial project has grown beyond any single idea and stands before you today as an experimental, established and experienced factory for artists.

  • Oh great,  Another comic book podcast.  We're about 10 years too late, right?  Dude, I agree and you're totally right.  And we're probably not the first of our kind nor will we be the last.  We are a bi-weekly comic book podcast that talks about ::drumroll::  you guessed it,  COMIC BOOKS!  But not just any comic books.  Only #1's.  Maybe you've always wanted to jump on to a new series but you're worried if it's worth spending your hard earned dollars?   We tell you if the book is worthy of continuing after the first issue.   You might agree.  You might not.  Hell, we might not even agree.  But I can promise you one thing!  We will give you our honest opinions.Number One Comic Books is BI-WEEKLYFollow us on Twitter:  @N1CBpodEmail us at                     -Hosted by Brian (Pop Culture Leftovers), Joe (Starkcast), Rebekah (Runaways TV Talk) and Rod (Turn It Up To Eleven: A Stranger Things Podcast)--- Theme song by MK Ultra "Tears in the Rain"   andNewRetroWave,LLC         YouTube:

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  • É um podcast, por enquanto ....
    Peço desculpa por qualquer problema técnico ou má qualidade, ainda estamos numa fase de aprendizagem

  • This book provides the basics of Theosophy and perhaps the beginning of a life long journey. Theosophy comes from the ancient wisdom that man and nature are as inseparable from the universe as the universe is inseparable from man and nature. It is a science and a philosophy, not a religion which depends on (dogma) faith. Knowledge gained through the study of Theosophy comes from the understanding of natural laws and harmony of the universe. Rogers shows us why we cannot separate ourselves from God (universe); the evolution of the soul; rebirth after physical death; why we don’t remember past lives and much more. If you’ve ever questioned why we are here or what happens when we die, the study of Theosophy may provide answers. (Summary by kirk202)

  • Redundancy Radio: A podcast in which I talk to amazing people about their jobs, because I haven't got one.

  • Welcome to Creating Happy with Gabriella Rosie, a podcast about creating the life and art you were born to do and feeling really fucking good about it.

  • Murphy's Saloon, Podcast Home of the Blues, serves up the very best podsafe blues and blues rock, from both signed and indie blues artists.

  • Helping indie authors successfully write, market, & self-publish their books and make a living with their writing. In this show, Ella interviews successful authors who share their best writing, marketing, and mindset secrets. You'll hear from them about topics such as making time to write, tools to succeed as an indie author, exactly what steps they took to achieve their self-publishing success.

  • Na Rádio Comédias deixamo-nos levar pela imaginação sem fios. Assim mesmo, sem rede, sem filtros, sem fronteiras. A cada conversa procuramos o lugar da escuta, da fala e do pensamento. Tentamos perceber como “isto anda tudo ligado” e que linhas imaginárias nos levam a quem, onde e quando. Conversamos com criadores, cientistas e pensadores. Falamos de nós e do que andamos a fazer. Escutamos quem nos vê porque nos interessa o que pensam e sentem. E partilhamos tudo com todos, na esperança de que mais se juntem a esta emissão contínua.

    A Rádio Comédias faz parte de uma nova área de ação das Comédias do Minho – Produção de conhecimento: linguagens poéticas e científicas.

  • Fresh Art International with Cathy Byrd features conversations about creativity with contemporary artists, curators, architects, writers and filmmakers from around the world.

  • The host Chriselda, is a multi-genre author of 9 books, a motivational speaker and an Ex-Aviation Safety Training Instructor, with over 20 years of experience in the field of Aviation Safety. She will be interviewing expert guest speakers on topics centered on "The 3 Pillars" : Aviation, Self-help and Writing. Aspects varying from Creative writing techniques, to Aerotoxic Syndrome, to Image building to Alternate Health Remedies, to Self-Publishing and much more will be discussed on the show. Join Chriselda as she helps share important information in an informal, fun and relaxed sphere!