• Jonny Cooper can be described as an elite performer with a strong desire to lead, influence and inspire people and teams with his actions.

    Jonny has a strong desire to continuously learn and develop. Currently he is completing his MSc in Organisational Behaviour and Psychology and previously completing an executive coaching diploma in the Irish Management Institute, a leadership programme from Maynooth University, and holding an undergraduate degree in Sports Science and Health from Dublin City University.

    Along with his academic and professional background, his practical elite sport experiences to date makes him authentic with his presence, natural in his delivery and aware of his potential to help himself and others become un rivalled. He has a particular interested in culture, team, leadership and high potentials and has visited professional teams in Ireland, the UK and Australia.

    A two-time GAA All Star who has represented the Dublin Senior football team for the past 9 years. Jonny has six All Ireland senior medals with Dublin, eight Leinster medals and five national league medals. While previously captaining his college team (DCU), his club team (Na Fianna) and Dublin to All Ireland u21 success (2010) and the senior side on several occasions in 2019.

    Jonny an I talk about teams, from alignment to the overall goal, having clarity of purpose, leader-leader teams, sacrifice, to self-awareness, curiosity, feedback and consistency.








  • This 7th episode in the Leadership Series features Saskia Kremer. We speak personal leadership and what you need to do in order to manage yourself. We cover things like being proactive rather than reactive, reflecting on your day “if you don’t run the day, the day runs you” but in a non-judgemental way, chunking your vision down to smaller pieces, and celebrating the wins.

    Saskia helps successful, time challenged high level management, directors and business owners, who can’t find the bandwidth to pursue more profitable projects and increase their performance, without the overwhelm.
    Saskia, once a Missionary, worked alongside Mother Teresa herself, which brought her around the globe, helping people discover their meaning in life in sometimes heart-breaking circumstances. She left the missions following her own experience of burnout to pursue her lifelong dream of having her own business.
    In 2016 she moved from Holland to Ireland and specialized in working with business owners, consultants and managers showing them how to create a bigger vision for their business and life, create clarity on more profitable projects and create higher performing teams. She has worked with countless clients in Europe and continues to build her reach.
    Her story was featured in National Newspapers and with Irish broadcasters including RTE one with Ryan Tubridy. You will find her speaking and inspiring people at events globally.


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  • This 6th episode in the Leadership Series features Timen Baart from TrustXP. We speak about all things trust in the workplace, with a specific focus on employee trust and what as leaders we can do to drive trust. We answer questions like: What is trust? Why is it important? What drives trust? Timen shares his insights on this elusive topic, and delves into the key drivers: fairness; competence; identification; reciprocity; transparency. It all starts with leadership!

    Timen Baart is the author of Win With Trust. Timen presents why an empathetic approach to trust is the key to success in business. He explains that employee trust requires leaders to view employees not as liabilities, nor assets, but as individuals who are the hero in their own story. Trust starts as an elusive concept, but Timen presents a framework to identify trust issues and provides a way to systematically improve trust. It arms managers and leaders with the awareness and skills to increase trust, and to make the business case for trust. As the CEO of TrustXP, he works with companies and consultants to measure and enhance employee trust.


  • This episode features Asumpta Gallagher, the owner and founder of Best Practice. She launched her business in early 2018 to provide supports to GP’s, their Practices and their Staff. The services that Best Practice provide, enables GPs to spend more time being the Doctors they want to be. Best Practice helps to standardise processes, implement systems as well as providing tailored training to staff inhouse, remotely and through external workshops. A well managed Practice empowers and motivates the entire Practice Team, and results in a better work life balance for everyone as well as improved Patient Care. A full list of services can be found on www.bestpractice.ie

    Asumpta and I discuss what makes a good leader, the difference between managing and leading, ambition, success, asking for help and starting with why.


  • This episode features Tim Kidd, the Europanel Managing Director for Kantar’s Worldpanel division, with responsibility for the UK, France, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Greece plus the US. Kantar Worldpanel is centred on the creation of data and insight to help clients understand people better (specifically what they buy and consume) and to inspire growth.

    Tim has been in the business for 27 years and is retiring at the end of March, which will be a sad and happy day in equal measure. He believes strongly that if we get the people part of business “right”, then clients will get more value from their relationship with us and this in turn will lead to us having a stronger business ourselves. And by “right” he means that everyone in the team knows where we’re going, what their part in that is, is able to grow personally, is valued and respected and has fun along the way too. Many companies talk about people, but he hopes his legacy will be a to have a led a team where the people focus is authentic.

    Tim and I discuss what makes a good leader, what it means to put people first, and what practical steps you can take to make it a reality!


  • This episode features Stephen Naughton, an experienced leadership coach and consultant with unique skills in operational leadership and team coaching. He has over 16 years’ experience in leading teams in financial services and developing the Operations Performance Centres of Excellence. Stephen covering a wide variety of topics such as leadership, emotional intelligence, diversity awareness, virtual communications and resilience. He continues to coach executives and also coaches college students on a pro bono basis. He's also the host of the Good Boss Bad Boss Podcast and has a passionate belief in the potential of every human being!

    Stephen and I discuss what makes a good leader, playing to your strengths, the importance of reflection, values, and the importance of connection in building trust. A leader must: inspire trust; clarify the purpose; align the systems; unleash the talent. Above all, a leader is someone who others want to follow!


  • This episode features Bernard Jackman, former Irish international and Leinster rugby player whose story of success and failure – of bouncing back – makes him an engaging and entertaining speaker who can talk with authority, ease and humour about what success looks like and how to take responsibility for, and create, your own success.

    Bernard and I discuss what leadership means, what makes a good leader, and recipes for success. Leadership starts with purpose, clear communication of that purpose, a strategy and plan in place to achieve that, and a clear culture of behaviours to enable the strategy. This is all made possible by clear communication channels and providing feedback as to where you are versus where you need to be.



  • This episode features Sara Lasker of Healthy & Hygge. We talk all things Hygge, considered a defining characteristic of Danish culture. Hygge is associated with cosiness and an overall sense of harmony with your environment leading to greater wellbeing. We discuss how it’s not just a winter phenomenon, how to be more Hygge, and what that looks like specifically in work.

    Health is more than just the number on a glucose meter. As one of the first people in the world dually certified as a Master Certified Health Education Specialist and Certified Diabetes Educator, Sara works to help people find harmony in all areas of wellness: Occupational, Social, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, Environmental, and Financial. She has worked in education, government, medical clinics, non-profits and worn many titles in life Daughter, Diabetes Advocate, Counsellor, Teacher, Wife, Medical Assistant, Coach, but those do not define her just like a number should not define you!


  • This episode features Kate Maree O’Brien, leadership expert. We talk all things boundaries – how to recognise when your boundaries are unclear or non-existent, what lies beneath that behaviour, and how to untangle yourself from that web. People pleasing leads to over-functioning, which in turn leads to under-functioning of those around you. Are you taking things on for other people that they really should be doing for themselves? Turn unspoken agreements into spoken boundaries. We train people how to treat us. Don’t be afraid to say “no” when you mean it, it won’t damage the relationship. Take some time to really understand your needs, and communicate them. Never “let this one slide” or say to yourself “just this once” – it’s a slippery slope! Remember your “why”!

    Kate Maree O’Brien lives and breathes personal leadership. She’s the founder of SHE - Australasia’s largest women’s leadership and empowerment event – and over the last 15 years, has personally smashed through major glass ceilings – again and again and again, demonstrating all that she stands for in being able to rewrite our own futures. Kate was once addicted to drugs, anorexic and suffered from social anxiety. Nowadays she’s a highly regarded leadership coach, sought after speaker, and is well known for her down-to-earth teachings and bullshit free approach to creating breakthrough results.

  • This episode features Jason Cooper an Advanced Mind, Business & Sales Coach/trainer. We discuss how to improve your performance, especially at work. We speak about authenticity; being true to yourself. Showing vulnerability to build a rapport with others. This builds trust, shows the true side of you, and makes you less superhero and more human! Being ok with not “knowing it all” and seeking help from others. Having a growth mindset, using feedforward instead of feedback. Visualisation as a great tool for achieving what you want. How to move away from multi-tasking so you can be more productive and get more done.Jason Cooper is an Advanced Mind, Business & Sales Coach/trainer and uses tools and techniques of NLP, Neuroscience, Psychology and other tools and processes to help people and teams achieve sales success. He has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience - from large multinationals to small, aggressive, online tech startups. Jason specializes in business sales skills development within the IT, Retail, Finance, Export and Manufacturing industries. Jason has achieved consistent success resulting in marked increases in productivity levels in sales targets, enhanced communication skill sets, advanced staff motivation, performance and presentation skills. Jason delivers exceptional sales growth through unique programs based on Neuroscience using NeuroSelling and other sales disciples for sales teams and sales Coaching for managers and coaches. This is based on how the brain works and the impact on a person’s neurology to help them improve and understand clients in a more effective way.https://jasoncooper.ie/

  • This episode features Pauline Rohdich from Just Pause, a rapid transformation therapist. She speaks about how changing our thoughts can have a dramatic impact on our life; mastering your mind can allow you to take your power back. Often we are living inside repeated patterns of behaviour, and holding ourselves back from reaching our true potential; living a “diluted” version of ourselves. 50% of our happiness is from genetics, 40% from our habits and beliefs, and only 10% is due to circumstances (although this is what most people try to change). If you have a belief that is holding you back, ask yourself “who am I without this belief?” “who can I be?” Pauline is the creator of Just Pause, a transformational business with a mission to remind each person that they have the power to change their life and cultivate unconditional happiness. She is an advanced RTT Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Happiness Trainer, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and NLP Practitioner. Growing up, Pauline always had a strong connection to the mystical and sensed there was so much more to understand about God and spirituality than what she had been exposed to in her strict Catholic upbringing. Her background has seen her as a Garda, Air Hostess, and an entrepreneur in a variety of small businesses. However, her deepest desire has always been to help people to be the best they can be and her biggest shift began in her mid-thirties.www.justpause.ie

  • Emiliana and I discuss all things happiness at work! The PERK framework - purpose, engagement, resilience, kindness. The importance of kindness in the workplace for business outcomes, especially when it comes to teamwork. How to communicate effectively and deal with conflict at work. The importance of mindfulness and gratitude at work. How there needs to be a culture and mindset shift away from the idea that work is bad and you can't be happy at work.

    Emiliana Simon-Thomas, PhD, is the Science Director at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. Trained in neuroscience and social psychology, she runs the student research fellowship program, directs key science initiatives, and teaches the The Science of Happiness, a massive open online course on the edX platform that has enrolled over 600,000 people worldwide. She also teaches the Science of Happiness at Work Professional Certificate Series on edX, and serves as an expert voice on the biology and psychology of well-being around the world. Her work highlights the critical role that pro-social experiences and behaviors play in happiness, and addresses research-backed approaches to improving happiness - like practicing mindfulness, or strengthening habits of compassion, gratitude, and generosity. Overall, Emiliana's work leverages scientific insights to help people live better lives individually, in relationship with others, within organizations and communities, and society-wide.


    Dublin Goal setting tickets: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/goal-setting-workshop-kick-start-2020-with-a-mindset-for-success-tickets-83313644353

    Galway Goal setting tickets: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/goal-setting-workshop-to-kick-start-2020-tickets-84865255263

    My website: www.empowermentcoaching.ie

  • Adrian Whelan from Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) and I speak about inclusion in the workplace, among lots of others things. Being your authentic self at work, how to speak up, getting a mentor, the idea of "normal" (what is normal?), the key to fitting in at work, "giving it a go", self-awareness, reflection, creating a feedback culture, high performers, the "getting out of bed" test and how a diversity and inclusion policy results in better business outcomes.

    Adrian Whelan is a Senior Vice President and Head of Regulatory Intelligence for Investor Services at Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), based in Dublin. In this role, he is responsible for articulating the impact of regulatory change on asset managers and the industry in which they operate. Mr. Whelan is the lead contributor to BBH’s On The Regs blog, where he regularly shares insights on global regulatory topics. He joined the firm in 2011.

    Mr. Whelan is active in the Investment Company Institute, the International Securities Lending Association, Irish Funds and Investment Association, and other global industry bodies and working groups focused on education and advocacy for regulatory and policy changes impacting the asset management and banking industries.

    Mr. Whelan is a champion of the Dublin chapter of BBH's Young Professionals Network and is active in the firm’s Asia Link Network and Pride Network.

    Adrian holds a degree in Business Studies from Dublin City University.


  • In this episode, I speak with Treasa Spragg from Revolution Project Ltd all about the importance of sleep for our overall health and happiness in work. We talk about moving away from the “sleep when I’m dead” mentality, the importance of sleep cycles, prepping for social occasions/ late nights, being kind to your body, practical tips anyone can use to improve the quality of their sleep. Decide for yourself how you want to feel, make the necessary changes, and don’t forget to catalogue the changes (including how you feel). 2 key takeaways: no blue light (TV, phone, tablet etc) for 1-2 hours before bed – find other things to do instead like reading a book, chores you usually don’t get to, vision boards. No coffee after 12 midday.

    Treasa Spragg’s main mission in business is to make people happier and healthier. Treasa firmly believes that we all have intrinsic value with something unique to offer to the world but knows how difficult it is to show up and be our best selves when we’re low on resources with many of those resources coming from our sleep. When our sleep is compromised or sub-optimal, our moods suffer, our productivity and creativity go south and the detrimental effects on our health are evident almost immediately. A little knowledge of the lifestyle factors impacting our sleep and a few tweaks to our daily routines are all it takes to begin to improve our sleep immediately. We can then implement more elements for even greater benefits which are felt in the now and in our later years.

  • In this episode, I speak with Louise Goss from The Homeworker magazine about Working from Home. This episode is for remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, flexible workers. Whether you love it or hate it, we discuss some very practical tips that you can implements to make working from home much better, productive, and happier. Things like: leave the house, schedule your day, don’t forget to schedule breaks too, listen to your body, acknowledge your achievements, don’t compare yourself to others. Stay motivated by remembering your why – who are you serving and how are they benefitting? Collate feedback and testimonials. Remember you have a choice – if you’re in a slump, you have the freedom to do something else. You will gain clarity through action – just take those small steps.

    Louise Goss is an award-winning journalist and the founder and editor of The Homeworker magazine. The Homeworker is a new publication that promotes a healthy mind, body and business and is dedicated to helping you thrive when you work from home. As a professional journalist, Louise has worked across TV, radio and print in regional, national and international newsrooms. She has enjoyed covering stories for organisations such as ITN, the BBC and Global radio as a reporter and newsreader. Having been self-employed and worked as a freelancer for much of her career, Louise launched The Homeworker magazine to support the growing number of people who now work from home. She is settling back into UK life after living in Australia where her two young children were born.

  • In this episode, I speak with Bettina Arnafjall from Women’s Career Lift. We discuss how, as women, we tend to get in our own way when it comes to managing our careers. It’s important to take stock of our achievements and communicate them effectively. Collect positive feedback and bring good news to your manager; be in the driving seat of your own career. If you’re not happy at work, stop complaining and take action. We also chat about raising your visibility, how to deal with mistakes, and the gender pay gap.

    Bettina has 8 years of experience as a hiring manager and also works as a freelance women’s career coach offering support with job applications (resume, cover letter, job interviews) while working full time.

    She is known for her curiosity, her desire to see and understand the big picture, her hands-on mentality, her project management talent, her laser sharp focus and her capability to achieve her targets.

    Website: www.womenscareerlift.com

  • In this episode, I speak with Bill Phillips about Timeshifting. We discuss how our happiness depends on how we construct our own realities. Time is an illusion, how to take a deep breath to get into the present moment and temporarily out of the “rat race”. We often find ourselves limited or controlled by time, and get stressed when we try to resist what’s happening to us. Be present in the moment, savour the moment, choose how you want to feel by identifying the thoughts that are driving your feelings. Having thoughts vs thinking – we can deliberately let thoughts go, and the more you practice, the better you will get.

    Bill Phillips is an accomplished and experienced international facilitator, training and learning specialist, team-builder and coach. One of his strengths is that he creates a positive thinking environment and inspires people to take action and get results.
    For the past 3 decades Bill has facilitated learning internationally, both on his own account and as a sub-contractor, with organisations including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). He has been a specialist in facilitating and working with teams and personal working preferences since 1987, and has worked using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) since 1988. Research since then has focused on building resilience and wellbeing at work, and creating more choice through emotional intelligence.

    Bill’s email: bill@bitnerphillips.com

    Access the resources Bill referenced here:
    Time Shifting: A Revolutionary New Approach To Creating More Time for Your Life by Stephan Rechtschaffen https://www.amazon.co.uk/Time-Shifting-Revolutionary-Approach-Creating/dp/0712671269

    The book he couldn’t remember is The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

    You will find the mindfulness tracks here