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  • Flosi Þorgeirsson fræðir Baldur Ragnarsson um áhugaverða liðna atburði.

  • Leðurblökur eru skuggaleg og skringileg dýr sem hafast við í dimmum hellum og skúmaskotum. Þær eru sjaldséðar hér á landi en slæðast þó hingað af og til. Í Leðurblökunni er fjallað um ýmsar ráðgátur og sakamál, og önnur dularfull og sérkennileg mál úr sögunni. Þættirnir voru áður á dagskrá Rásar 1 árið 2014. Umsjónarmaður: Vera Illugadóttir

  • Þáttur fyrir fólk með árangursmiðað hugarfar og áhuga á viðskiptum.

  • Allir hafa sína einstöku sögu!

    "Takk fyrir Sóttkví podkastið - Þetta er svo frábært og vel gert hjá ykkur. Takk fyrir að deila ykkur með okkur"
    "Það er svo yndislegt að hlusta á Sóttkví, fyllir mig svo mikilli ró, eina sem ég hlusta á"

    Hlaðvarp þar sem allir eru heyrðir og allt fær að flakka.
    Vilt þú vera heyrð/ur? Línan er opin : 78-78910

  • The Bunker is a podcast about people and their stories. Almar Hilmarsson, aka the Midlifecrisiswarrior talks to fascinating people about where they come from, what they do, and how the hell they ended up where they are now. They tell us how they overcome challenges, why they made the choices they made, and how they somehow moved from one place in life to another. Every person is a universe, and in The Bunker you never know what’s coming.

    Almar originally wanted to have a podcast where he could talk but soon found out that the people he knew and where part of his network were more inspiring and interesting than his own ramblings. So he swallowed his pride and decided to bring you their stories instead of his own.

    The Bunker is recorded in Prague in the Czech Republic. Almar is a Lawyer by education but has dedicated his career to business since young age. He loves music, food and sports. He has a very patient girlfriend and a manipulative Australian shepherd dog.

  • Welcome to the Cashflow Investing Secrets Podcast! Learn from M.C. Laubscher, the creator & host of the top-rated business and investing podcast, Cashflow Ninja and President of Producers Wealth. Inside each episode M.C. shares his biggest "a-ha moments" and investing lessons he has learned from studying the investing secrets of the ultra-wealthy for close to two decades and interviewing over 500 guests on his Cashflow Ninja podcast.
    This show will challenge the way you see money, investments and wealth. This is the show where cash is not king, but cash flow is king!

  • Gerður Arinbjarnar og Rakel Orra ræða saman um kynlíf, sambönd, samskipti, rómantík og ástríðu

  • Explore the history, myths, and incredible stories of hunting dog breeds around the world. Co-hosted by Jennifer Wapenski and Craig Koshyk. A Project Upland Podcast.

    HUNTING DOG CONFIDENTIAL is made possible by Eukanuba Sporting Dog. Complete and balanced nutrition for your canine athlete. https://www.eukanubasportingdog.com/

  • This podcast is about how black people stood up for their rights with this movement. And how they should be treated like everyone else in this world

  • The Jackie Broe Show shares meaningful conversations about sobriety & personal growth that will bring motivation and connection into your life. Each week, your host and retired party girl, Jackie Broe, will dive deep into a topic related to sobriety & personal growth or interview experts who are doing amazing things in the world of self development + sobriety. This podcast will entertain, educate, help you feel less alone and inspire you to evolve with each new day!

  • You can download the entire audio course on our website: www.linguaboost.com
    Boost your fluency in Syrian Arabic with LinguaBoost!
    Each lesson contains useful everyday phrases related to a specific topic. You’ll learn the language in context, not just isolated words. All material is translated and spoken by native speakers.

  • Ernuland Podcast setur fókusinn á líkamsvirðingu, sjálfsást, lífið og krefjandi umræðupunkta. Gestir verða allskonar einstaklingar úr samfélaginu sem krydda umræðuna út frá sínu sjónarmiði og ég er spennt að takast á við umræður sem nauðsynlegt er að taka og markmiðið er að þið kæru hlustendur njótið góðs af.

  • Join speech-language pathologists Rachel and Chris as they discuss supporting complex communication needs with alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) and assistive technology!

  • Dr Jessica Taylor discusses and dissects issues around trauma, violence and abuse - and encourages listeners to reflect, critique and question.

  • Podcast Developed in the country of Georgia exploring Minds of numerous interesting people from all walks of life. We invite successful performers from their fields and analyze their stories, life approach, daily habits, motivation, and talk about everything from A to Z. We are two dudes who were born and bred in Georgia, forged in the United States and are trying to be the best versions of ourselves in our respective fields, we feel that talking to our guests and digging in their success stories will make us better equipped to tackle every day life and we hope to provide useful and interesting content for our listeners! Enjoy and Lets Roll!

  • Í Dótakassanum er fjallað um ýmislegt sem tengist ungu fólki og hvernig hægt er að hafa uppbyggileg áhrif á eigin líðan og heilsu. Umsjónarmaður hlaðvarpsins Bóas Valdórsson er sálfræðingur í Menntaskólanum við Hamrahlíð. Netfang: dotakassinnhladvarp@gmail.com.

  • http://www.scaffoldcoaching.com/Building Better Leaders is a weekly podcast created to help leaders get the best outcomes for themselves, their teams and organisation. Hosted by the founders of Scaffold Coaching, (http://scaffoldcoaching.com/) Rachael Sullivan and John Tattersall, they cover all things work: from how to lead your team in uncertain times, overcoming motivation issues, managing change, better decision making, problem solving, managing work and home life to building outstanding organisational culture. Each week Rachael & John interview guests from different walks of life who share their leadership journeys; through their stories we learn how these people have achieved amazing results, successful careers and developed others by adopting different leadership strategies. At the end of each interview our guests share their 3 Leadership Essentials which you can consider implementing to improving your leadership skills. Once a month they taker a deeper dive into applying their guests leadership lessons: in the first 10 minutes they give you 3 Leadership Essentials that you can takeaway and put into practice. The second part of the podcast delves a little deeper by exploring the Coaching Approach, where they ask fictional characters a number of coaching questions; learning how their careers and leadership experiences develop, meeting popular real-working life challenges.

  • Partial Credit is the podcast that brings together education, pop-culture, and shenanigans! Your hosts, Jeffery Heil, Donnie Piercey, and Jesse Lubinsky, span 3 generations and they've got you covered coast to coast. Sit back, relax, and earn your partial credit.

  • I just want to talk to you about self love and insecurities. I had them, it was tough but I opened up, talked to people and watched videos. Whem you accept who you really are, itll be easier to accept and love yourself for who you are.

  • Við veltum upp spurningunni hvort bakgrunnur okkar hefur áhrif á það hvernig kennarar við erum í dag. Hver eru gildi okkar sem kennara og hvert viljum við stefna?