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  • Untitled Case พอดแคสต์เรื่องจริงที่เล่าแล้วน่ากลัวกว่าเรื่องแต่ง

  • The dark side of a paradise island.

    On the 10th January 2011, whilst on honeymoon with her new husband John, Michaela McAreavey was murdered in her hotel room. Two hotel employees would be charged with her murder and later acquitted by a Mauritian jury in 2012.

    To this day, justice for Michaela has still not been delivered. This podcast details with the harrowing events of her murder together with the shambolic court proceedings during her murder trial in 2012, as told by John McAreavey and two of the family members who would accompany John as he returned to Mauritius in 2012 to give evidence, Claire McAreavey and Mark Harte.

  • A Tokyo based Podcast. Tune in to hear about Life in Japan, True Crime, LGBTQ+, Culture, and more.

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