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  • TALKING BAY 94 is the only Star Wars podcast solely devoted to interviews with the cast, crew and creators from a galaxy far, far away.

    Join host Brandon Wainerdi (huge DVD special feature dork), for a weekly deep dive into some never-before-heard stories from the set and Skywalker Ranch. From background aliens to some of the biggest stars in the universe, Talking Bay 94 will be trying to talk to them all, every Wednesday.

  • This weekly podcast dives into the agbiosciences sector in Indiana, where 21st Century agriculture, life sciences innovation and cutting-edge technology converge. Ag+Bio+Science is an in-depth conversation with leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in the space. Learn more about the pioneering industry and where it's heading from those leading the way.

  • Amasya'da Deli Nüzhet'e kahve kulpsuz fincanda getirilince, "Bu fincanı Ä°stanbul'a götür, orada her şeye bir kulp takarlar, buna da bir kulp takılır.' demiş.

  • Level-up Engineering reveals actionable management secrets from some of the most successful tech leaders. This podcast brings you key insights from fellow engineering managers and tech leaders to level-up your management skills and to take your developer team to the next level.

    The podcast covers the biggest challenges engineering managers face, showing exactly how others overcame these challenges. Learn the best practices on engineering management to understand people and organizations as much as you understand code.

    We interview tech leaders and dive into the fundamentals behind hiring and retaining developers, motivating developers, scaling dev teams, mentoring developers and much more!

    The episodes are brought to you by Coding Sans, a software development agency building serverless web and cross-platform mobile apps. Check them out on

    If you have any feedback or would like to be featured on Level-up Engineering please, drop us a line at

  • A true crime podcast by Brittany Wilson and Hallie Burrell.

  • Talks about technology, agile, software craftsmanship and whatever else.

  • Podcast por amor, por diversão e por entretenimento

  • Wales' leading independent think tank. We are a charity that acts as a catalyst to generate intelligent debate about Wales' future

  • Welcome to the Crossroads of Project SAFE, and Technology and Choice podcasts. Safecrossroads covers the technology, applications, ideas and people of SAFE Network, where SAFE stands for Secure Access For Everyone, with the keynote of Privacy, Security and Freedom for all.

    Technology and Choice covers almost anything viewed through the lens created by the concepts of technology and choice, taken together.

    Your host is John Ferguson, the Simpleton of the Project SAFE, because sometimes it takes a simpleton to ask the right questions. After all, we can't all be geeks.

    Visit and for additional blog posts and articles.

  • What the Block är en podcast som handlar om Blockchain och Kryptovalutor. Asien och framförallt Kina är den hetaste platsen att följa de nya trenderna och tekniska utvecklingen inom Blockchain och Kryptovalutor.

    Vi som gör denna podcaster är Magnus Dettmar som tidigare jobbade på Deloitte i Sverige är ansvarig för affärsutvecklingen av ett av de största Blockchainföretagen, Metaverse. Olle Falkenäng jobbade tidigare på IBM, är nu marknadschef för ett nytt Blockchainföretag, DBX.

  • A podcast where you get to meet different persons discussing hot topics affecting Sandvik.

  • In this course we will explore the challenges presented when designing AI-powered services. In particular, we will take a look at Machine Learning (such as deep learning and generative adversarial networks), and how that can be used in human-centered design of digital services. This course is created for User Experience (UX) professionals, Service Designers, and Product Managers as a way to help take a human-centered approach to AI in their work. The course is also useful for developers and engineers who want to both learn more about different Machine Learning techniques, and at the same time get a deeper understanding of the importance of a human-centered approach to digital design. The podcast is developed by Pontus Wärnestål, Stefan Byttner, Cristofer Englund and Jeanette Sjöberg at Halmstad University in Sweden, and is financed by VINNOVA. Read more:

  • Vad händer på internet? Med Internetstiftelsens podd får du nya insikter, mer kunskap och bättre koll på nätet.

  • The editors of Live Sound International and host technical conversations with interesting individuals from the audio engineering industry. Sponsored by Shure

  • Somos trailblazers apaixonados pelo mundo Salesforce, queremos contribuir com conteúdos inspiradores e disruptivos.

    Quer mergulhar de cabeça no mundo Salesforce, então acompanhe as lives no instagram @iFernandoSousa, de Segunda a Sexta às 21:41

  • O Código Azul é um podcast sobre finanças e tecnologia produzido pela Juno, startup curitibana de serviços financeiros. Uma vez por semana, nosso programa reúne profissionais da casa e convidados para uma conversa sobre as inovações tecnológicas e culturais desse mercado, além de provocar uma discussão bem democrática sobre o futuro desse segmento e seus desafios.

  • Este é o sobre tech!, o podcast do IT Forum 365 que traz a você debates sobre como a tecnologia tem se mostrado cada vez mais ligada a todos nós. Sempre vamos trocar uma ideia com convidados diferentes para entender como a tecnologia cada dia mais tem transformado nossas vidas.