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  • This podcast series features voices from the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI). Researchers and innovators discuss their work at the nanoscale, the challenges they’ve faced, and how they’ve connected with the NNI.

    If you want to learn more about nanotechnology, visit or email us at and check back here for more stories.

    To celebrate the NNI, special anniversary episodes of the Stories from the NNI podcast series will share the perspectives of experts from academia, government, and industry on key research and development advances in nanotechnology and how the NNI has changed the nanotechnology landscape. These experts will share their thoughts on emerging applications and research questions at the expanding boundaries of nanotechnology. The series will also highlight what has been learned about the potential environmental, health, and safety implications of nanomaterials, as well as the safe handling procedures that have been developed.

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    Produced by Dr. Mallory Hinks
    Music: "Corporate Uplifting" by Scott Holmes

    Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this podcast are those of the guest and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office or United States Government. Additionally, mention of trade names or commercial products does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by any of the aforementioned parties. Any mention of commercial products, processes, or services cannot be construed as an endorsement or recommendation.

  • Amasya'da Deli Nüzhet'e kahve kulpsuz fincanda getirilince, "Bu fincanı İstanbul'a götür, orada her şeye bir kulp takarlar, buna da bir kulp takılır.' demiş.

  • Digital Transformation Pioneers is a podcast dedicated to experts and industry leaders on the cutting edge of tech. Pioneers are the thought leaders and groundbreakers who turn the newly discovered into the next industry standard. We're interviewing the best and brightest to bring you testimonials of how the spirit of innovation accelerates hyper-growth for businesses across the globe. If you're looking to unlock the hidden value of fundamental tools like Salesforce, SAP, NetSuite, Jira, and more, this is the podcast for you.

    Come break ground with us.

    Each episode features topics like: augmented reality, application integration, workflow automation, SaaS, Blockchain, data integration, machine learning, API management, sales velocity, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, best practices and more.

  • Join subject matter experts in procurement, supply chain, and finance as they provide thought leadership and insights for source-to-pay success in this Driving Digital Transformation with SAP Ariba podcast. Each episode covers various topics and innovations on source-to-pay, transforming procurement, improving business outcomes, best practices, and change management -- all designed to help you prepare for your digital transformation.

  • On the Blockroots podcast, we give Bitcoin and Crypto Market analysis each and every week so you can stay informed on the price of the crypto market. We're passionate about deciphering crypto-assets for first-time investors and traders. We want to keep things simple and help you be your best self by making the markets easy-to-understand.

  • This is the podcast hosted by kids these days talking about life as kids these days.

  • Merhaba ben Mesut Çevik, 15 yıldır profesyonel olarak teknoloji içeriği üretiyorum. Yurtiçi ve Yurt dışı etkinliklere katılıp yeni ürünler ve teknolojileri videolar ile sizlerle paylaşıyorum. Kişisel Youtube kanalımda Teknoloji ve Hayata dair gündem konularını yorumladığım videoları bulabilirsiniz. Podcast yayınlarımda ise hem konuklar ağırlıyor hem de sizlerden gelen soruları cevaplıyorum.

  • We discuss software development challenges with experienced Industry Leaders who've "been there, done that" - in order to pay it forward and increase the reliability, quality and performance of software applications everywhere - by sharing best practices with the software engineering community.

  • Dijital Pazarlama, Teknoloji ve Girişimcilik üzerine konuşup kaydediyorum. İlginizi çekerse dinleyebilirsiniz:)

    Ben Ragıp Diler 9 Ocak 1992 doğumluyum. sitesinde kurucu editörlük yapıyorum, yine bu konularda yazılar yazıp paylaşıyorum.

  • A podcast about tech & design entrepreneurs who took their side project to the next level.The show focuses on early YC companies or upvoted products on Product Hunt and is hosted by Taher Elsheikh and Donji Yamada.

  • Credit title:

    Subject Matter Expert : Williem, S.Kom., Ph.D
    Dokumenter: Binus University

    Uploaded by:
    Knowledge Management and Innovation Binus University

  • TED x Konuşmacısı
    2019 – 9.Kişisel Gelişim Zirvesi Onur Ödülü ( 2 Proje )
    İstanbul İşletme Enstitüsü - Eğitmen
    Dijital Pazarlama / Sosyal Medya ve E-Ticaret Danışmanı
    Konuşmacı ve Eğitmen
    E-ticaret Türkiye Platformu ( Kurucu Üye )
    Hayat Boyu Öğrenmenin Öğrencisi

  • This podcast fields general questions about all things Persian - culture, behaviour, upbringing, politics, history, film, fashion, current events and more.

  • The official podcast of - where we’re building the future of law and dispute resolution technology.Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts to get updates on project progress, presentation of our research on decentralized tech, and conversations with the team and guests. Support this podcast:

  • The HR Break Room is a podcast from your friends working in Human Resources dedicated to bringing you the stories, tips and strategies you need to support the future of your people in the age of new HR technology. Hosted by Caleb Masters and Chelsea Justice, the HR Break Room brings together HR tech industry experts to discuss the latest trends, challenges and solutions emerging in the everyday workplace.

  • Each week, a new panel will examine the frontiers of human knowledge, human action, and human aspiration from their own perspectives. The conversation is unscripted, uncensored, and open to anyone who wishes to participate. Special guests will often be asked to join us.

  • From smart sci-fi to the latest in science and technology, we talk to authors and discuss books of interest to CNET readers.

  • Join host Paul Woodward Jr (ExploreVM) as he explores technologies around data centers, cloud computing, automation, networking, and all things nerdy!