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  • Hate GRE studying but love Disney? Me too! To make the studying a little easier to endure, I’ll be defining GRE vocab words, then using them in stories about Disney to help commit these hundreds of vocab words to memory. Also, it wouldn’t be Disney without its amazing music, so each episode will also include those memorable Disney tunes that we all love. Happy listening and happy learning!

  • Gutes Führen verdoppelt das Gewinnwachstum von Unternehmen. Gute Leader werden nicht geboren, sondern gemacht. Um gute Leader zu bekommen, müssen Firmen gutes Führen ernst nehmen, messen, priorisieren und konsequent umsetzen. Mit diesem Podcast unterstütze ich dich dabei, deine Führungsleistung nachhaltig zu steigern und deine Ergebnisse zu verbessern. Der Leitwolf ist dabei Symbol für erfolgreiches Führen. Der Leitwolf bzw. die Leitwölfin gibt die Richtung vor und trifft wichtige Entscheidungen. Der Leitwolf gibt aber auch Freiraum, zeigt starke emotionale und soziale Fähigkeiten und initiiert die meisten Kontakte im Rudel. Wenn ein Leitwolf sein Rudel nicht führen kann, bringt er das Leben aller seiner Wölfe im Rudel in Gefahr. Nur wenn eine Führungskraft ihre Mitarbeiter wirksam führt, sichert sie den Erfolg des Unternehmens und das Bestehen vieler Arbeitsplätze. Deshalb ist gutes Führen so wichtig. Meine Vision ist eine Welt, in der jede Führungskraft gutes Führen ernst nimmt und ständig verbessert.

  • Know Talent! Know Culture. No Excuses.

    The Career Blindspot Podcast, a show for leaders of ever changing work environments and the talent that grows within them. Each episode takes on workplace concepts such as HIRING, DEVELOPMENT, and LEADERSHIP, then offers unique insights for listeners to use today!

    Insights, Interviews, Ideas for the workplace.

  • Biz Bilim Treni olarak bilimi yaymayı ve bilimsel düşünceyi oluşturmayı ve geliştirmeyi amaçlıyoruz. Bilim Treni'nde bilimden felsefeye, mühendislikten teknolojiye her şeyi bulabilirsiniz. Unutmayın "Bilim bize gerçeği vaad eder, barışı ya da mutluluğu değil." (Gustave Le Bon)

  • Eğitimi farklı bakış açılarıyla ele almak için bir grup eğitmenin kurduğu internet yayını

  • On this show we discuss overcoming imposter syndrome, breaking societal norms, and building self-awareness.

    If you want to learn how to become a better leader in your life, business and career, increase your self-worth (and income) without sacrificing your identity, subscribe to the show!

    The Her Fearless Hustle podcast is a show for women who want to maximize their passion & potential featuring female entrepreneurs and professionals, who are making an impact and influencing the positive progression of women across the globe. 

  • The Humanitarian Innovation Conference 2015, #HIP2015, was hosted by the Humanitarian Innovation Project, in partnership with the World Humanitarian Summit, in Oxford on 17 and 18 July 2015. The theme of the conference was ‘facilitating innovation’. As interest and dialogue around humanitarian innovation continues to expand, conference participants were invited to explore the challenges of creating an enabling environment for humanitarian innovation. In the lead up to the World Humanitarian Summit 2016, a key focus of the conference explored how we enable innovation by and for affected communities. What does it mean to take a human-centred approach seriously, and to engage in co-creation with affected populations? It also sought to examine what facilitation means across the wider humanitarian ecosystem, and how we can better convene the collective talents of people within and across traditional and non-traditional humanitarian actors.

  • Kültür tarihiyle, bilim felsefesi arasındaki her şeyle ilgili podcast serisi.

  • free podcasts for students of English.Free English lessons via Skype

  • Spiritüalizm, kişisel gelişim, öz güven gelişimi, parapsikoloji, psikoloji çalışmaları.

  • Looking at the history and politics of diplomacy at the Ottoman Court in Istanbul (Constantinople) during the 15th, 16th and 17th Centuries.

  • Great German Words, a podcast about language and life.

  • Joy Jots is a collection of 52 weekly essays that take the reader through a year of seasons, blessings and joyful spiritual growth. The reader goes on a journey from lessons learned to lessons lived, from talking about joy to feeling joy, and from the limitation of misery to the freedom of joy.

    A joy jot is a phrase coined around mindful thankfulness. As the reader works through the reflection prompts and practical projects, she will find herself collecting joy jots; happy moments or points of deep thankfulness to God. As the habit of joy develops, the reader will begin to know herself better, draw closer to her fellow human beings, and set herself firmly upon the path that leads to real, all-encompassing joy - in this life and the next.

    Every day should have a joy jot!

  • Want to pass the PMP? It's going to take something special, YOU.

  • These podcasts accompany Reading and Understanding Economics, published by Pearson Education Limited. The podcasts have been recorded by Kevin Boakes.

  • OMNIA is a podcast dedicated to all things Penn Arts & Sciences. Listen to insights and perspectives from the home of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences at The University of Pennsylvania.

  • This is the home of the Dive Medic Podcast. Here you will find helpful information to keep you and your team up to date in the world of Public Safety Dive Medicine. Visit us at for more information on classes.