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  • Happy Parent specifically supports parents in relating respectfully, harmoniously and skillfully in all circumstances, while unleashing unique gifts, strengths and talents for the benefit of all. Parents enjoy increasing happiness, stability and sanity. The results are immediately obvious to ourselves and our kids.

  • Karriereland er en ny podcast fra karrierevejledningen på Syddansk Universitet. Den er lavet til dig, der er studerende, for at du kan få hjælp til de karriereovervejelser, du gør dig undervejs i studiet. Dine værter er Pernille Bech-Jacobsen og Buster Urban Kudsk Jørgensen.

  • Follow Master Watchmaker Christian Lass in his daily life restoring and building unique handmade watches. He talks with dedicated artisans and craftsmen who have dedicate their lives to the quest for perfection. A podcast about watchmaking and its related crafts.

  • Velkommen til podcasten "Er du (sind)syg" hvor vi skal snakke om et emne så tungt som psykiske sygdomme, og mental sundhed.

  • UC Berkeley special events, interviews, and lectures featuring distinguished faculty and guests. To view these events as webcasts visit Full course lectures available, too.

  • The only podcast in the world that is broadcast in Morse Code. Each episode needs to be decoded by the listener to reveal the encoded secret message.

  • Posptartum Depression is real. And it's only part of the story. We dig in to ALL of the stuff that no tells you about, but you NEED to know. Dr. Kat, Psychologist and specialist in perinatal mental health, interviews moms, dads, experts and advocates about how to cope, manage and recover from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. We talk about postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety and SO MUCH MORE! We get real. We get honest. We put on our stigma crushing boots and address the realities of the transition to motherhood and parenthood. Learn about it before you find out about it the hard way! You don't have to suffer!

  • Der er er historie i næsten alt - ikke kun i historiebøger. I podcasten historienørd, fortæller historikere, arkæologer og andre med arbejde inden for det historiske felt om historie i populærkulturen såsom computerspil, tv-serier,film og re-enactment. Desuden ser vi på historiske genstande, kulturarvssteder og museer. Fokus er på nørdede detaljer, den faglige tilgang og en kærlighed til de gode og til tider skæve historier.

  • Xplore the world of physics and astronomy by joining the researchers in their quest to discover the mysterious Universe, missions to Mars, in the arctic cold in Greenland, and in the world’s largest particle accelerator in CERN. Produced by the Niels Bohr Institute,

  • Este podcast está destinado a mejorar tu destreza auditiva. Tienes un episodio cada día de lunes a viernes en el que escucharás diferentes temáticas: cuentos, biografías, libros, artículos de opinión y pequeños relatos. Además, también daré respuesta a tus preguntas.

  • Billed as “A community discussion about humanity’s future in space”, the biweekly Mars Talk podcast features Mars Society chapter leaders and other guests to discuss the Society’s activities and those of individual chapters. The podcast will also provide commentary on recent space news, such as commercial space activities and those of the worldwide space agencies.

    The first episode of Mars Talk was recorded on Friday, April 12th and is hosted by Christopher Tarantola from the Mars Society’s Chapter & Outreach team. Christopher is joined by two co-hosts: James Burk, the Society’s IT Director and organizer of the Seattle chapter, and Lucinda Offer, the Society’s Executive Director and organizer of the UK chapter. Christopher, James, and Lucinda provide commentary on the recent NASA return to the moon announcements, SpaceX & Boeing’s commercial crew activity, the recent Falcon Heavy launch of ArabSat-6A, Israel’s SpaceIL mission to land on the Moon, India’s anti-satellite test and its aftermath, and several other current space-related news items. In addition, Lucinda provides an introduction to the Mars Society and the recent projects and activities done by our worldwide network of chapters.

  • Welcome to Anette’s podcast, if you need a comforting friend she’s here to help you!

  • #DigitalGirl / Zostań Edukatorką Przyszłości to podcast Kaśki Żbikowskiej dla producentek rozwojowych i edukacyjnych produktów online, które chcą zarabiać na swojej wiedzy w internecie.

  • How do we motivate kids to be high achievers? What qualities do teens wish they saw more of in their own educations? How do you know when your kid has a great teacher? How does school impact a teen's anxiety?
    On the More Than Just a School podcast we investigate the answers to these questions and more.
    When MTJAS host Karen Lock Kolp's kids needed something different in their education, she and her husband Benjamin Kolp (MTJAS producer) found Bay State Learning Center, a nurturing community of creative, self-directed learners. Their teen sons started there - and LOVED it. Karen and Ben immediately noticed amazing changes in the boys!
    But when they tried to tell friends, relatives, people who care about their sons, why this new school was different...they couldn't. They didn't have the words. This podcast changes all that.
    Come along on this quest to find out what works in secondary education...and what doesn't...and why.

  • We discuss the latest and most pertinent issues in education, from an evidenced based perspective.

  • "Die Qualität unserer Kommunikation bestimmt über die Qualität unseres gesamten Lebens!" sagt Sascha Oliver Martin und zeigt Woche für Woche, wie erfolgreiche Kommunikation funktioniert.
    Besonders spannend ist dabei: Es geht nicht nur um die Kommunikation mit anderen, sondern auch um die mit uns selbst. Wie denken wir, wie sprechen wir, wie gehen wir mit uns selbst und mit anderen um?
    Und wie gehen wir am besten vor, wenn wir die optimalen Ergebnisse erreichen wollen?
    Die Antworten liefert der Podcast von Sascha Oliver Martin: Die Macht der Sprache!

  • We aim to educate and inform New Zealanders about meningitis and septicaemia and the diseases that cause them – pneumococcal disease and meningococcal disease.

    In 2018 there were 120 confirmed cases of invasive meningococcal disease in New Zealand, and 10 people died.

    Across the series, recorded in late April 2019, we talk with individuals who have survived meningitis and families who have experienced the heartbreak of losing a loved one to meningitis. We also talk with medical professionals and government representatives about the disease, the 2018 epidemic in Northland, and the available vaccines.

    For more information go to or follow us on facebook.