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  • What does it take to build a culture of development, maintain it through the tough times, and grow it within the ever changing cultural landscape?

    HR Labs explores how some of the most successful development professionals have created, sustained and built their programs through huge moments of stress - and with an eye on the development challenges of the future.

  • Her får du lyd på dit fagblad, så du kan lytte til dine kolleger og dit fag på vej til job, eller når du vasker op. I Sygeplejersken Podcast tager vi fat på etiske dilemmaer, personlige oplevelser og spændende hjørner af sygeplejen.

  • Metagenomics is the study of the total genomic content of microbial communities. In metagenomic studies, DNA material is sampled collectively from the microorganisms that populate the environment of interest (e.g. agricultural soil, ocean water, or the human gut). The extracted DNA sequences are subsequently used to profile the environment and its biodiversity, its dominant microbial classes or biological functions, and whether and how this profile differs from those of other environments. This research programme will bring together leading expertise in the multiple disciplines involved in metagenomics including mathematics, computer science, probability and statistics, biomedical research and biology.


  • Medicine Unboxed aims to inspire debate and medicine and to inform its culture.

    Medicine Unboxed is for the public, for health professionals and for all of us who will be patients one day. Despite scientific advances, medicine faces moral, political and social challenges that require the pursuit of meaning as much as knowledge. The arts and other disciplines can help to illuminate the central questions and to foster awe, empathy and humility.

    Our annual events - Unboxed (2009), Stories (2010), Values (2011), Belief (2012), Voice (2013), Frontiers (2014), Mortality (2015), Wonder (2016), Maps (2017)and Love (2018) - each have drawn audiences of over three hundred people. Our Soundcloud and Vimeo archives have been seen and heard by tens of thousands of people.

    Our speakers are writers, politicians, philosophers, scientists, musicians and performers. The events are theatrical, moving and challenging and are performances in themselves.

  • On The Soul Collective, host Emily Ghosh Harris explores the intersection between mind, body, soul and business and provides actionable tools to help transcend self-imposed limiting beliefs, deconstruct the American Dream, and achieve your highest version of soul activation in business and in life.

  • Crime Fiction is a continuingly popular genre that has never been more highly esteemed than now. This day school offers two overviews - of detective fiction in general and of Oxford crime fiction in particular - as well as offering the opportunity of hearing celebrated crime writer Colin Dexter.

  • Exploring how to transform 21st century education using 21st century science

  • Lea, Elise og Lars diskuterer og formidler deres projekt om at sejle jorden rundt. Det eneste de ved med sikkerhed, er at udrejsedatoen er sat til 1. august 2023. Følg med i eventyret og bliv måske inspireret.

  • Podcast by Filosoffen Anders Fogh Jensen

  • Trade At Your Best explores the role of the mind, the brain and the body in making trading decisions, risk taking and achieving and sustaining high performance in the markets.

    It focuses on providing you with knowledge, insights and practical strategies drawn from the fields of psychology, physiology, neuroscience and peak performance, combined with Steve's extensive practical 'on the floor' experience working with thousands of traders at institutions across the globe, with the aim of helping you to make better trading decisions, deal more effectively with the ups and downs of trading the markets, and achieve your full trading potential.

  • Her giver vi vores forfædre en mulighed for at fortælle om, hvordan deres liv var, samt relatere det til vores egen tid.

  • The Debrief2Learn Podcast brings together debriefing experts from around the world to discuss the latest literature in feedback, simulation, and debriefing.

  • The colloquium, ‘Literature, democracy and transitional justice’, held in Oxford 18-20 March 2018, is part of the second phase (2017-2020) in the activities of the international research network, ‘GDRI Literature and Democracy (19th-21st centuries): Theoretical, Historical and Comparative Approaches’. It brought together participants from over a dozen countries to address specific situations of transitional justice across the globe, including Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Columbia, Tunisia, South Africa, Rwanda, Taiwan, Algeria and former Yugoslavia. The event opens dialogue between scholars working on authoritarian systems and democratic transitions in the fields of literary studies, history, philosophy and law. The colloquium features the Syrian writer Zakaria Tamer. Sponsored by St John’s College; GDRI Literature and Democracy (19th-21st centuries); Maison Française Oxford; DEMOCRACY (Casa de Velázquez, Madrid) and Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation.
    Conveners: Mohamed-Salah Omri (St John’s College, Oxford); Philippe Roussin (HESS, Paris); Agnès Delage (Aix-Marseille)

  • A podcast for anyone interested in exploring change through sobriety.

  • The Sociological Review Podcasts bring the sociological imagination to a wider audience. They are the latest contribution from The Sociological Review's (, a journal known for publishing critical and creative works about society and social relations, an ethos that has taken on increasing urgency in these times of dramatic economic and political change. Our podcast series extend this ambition of showing why the sociological matters, offering insights on emerging issues and perennial debates.

  • Carolyne Larrington and Fay Hield introduce the themes of traditional British tales about fairies with some readings and songs, the inspiration for their new creative project 'Modern Fairies and Loathly Ladies'. Tales about the Other World, fairy lovers, fairies and children and helpful fairies, along with the monstrous females who must be disenchanted by the hero are the themes of the five episodes.
    Modern Fairies is a unique collaboration between leading songwriters, musicians, artists, poets, filmmakers and researchers to develop exciting new work, presenting fresh perspectives on what folklore means to us in the modern world.

  • An easy way to learn the Amharic Ethiopian language. Each episode provides a course and breaks down the basic phrases and grammar needed to begin having full conversations in Amharic.

  • Dr Nicolai Sinai, Professor of Islamic Studies at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, presents this mini-series of four brief talks that introduces central aspects of current research dealing with the historical context and literary character of the scripture of Islam.