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  • Life is short. Stop dreaming. Do something about it.

  • HDI es un podcast jurídico en español donde se abordan temas de derecho internacional, y de relevancia mundial, en compañía de expertos. El formato es conversacional, va dirigido a la audiencia hispanohablante, y el objetivo es que en cada episodio los oyentes puedan aprender, a través de la palabra de nuestros invitados, sobre el complejo mundo del derecho internacional.

  • A women in sport talk series celebrating women working at every level of sport on and off the field.

  • Business knowledge, analysis and commentary from faculty and experts of the University of Virginia Darden School of Business.

  • The Business Fanatic podcast will introduce you to an eclectic group of people who have developed incredibly effective theories, tools, and techniques to help you rekindle your creative thinking skills to develop new products, new services, improve processes, and solve problems. This podcast will motivate you to dominate your industry and wake-up every day excited to start changing yourself, your organization, and your community.

  • Tiktokで活動中のKevin’s English Room のケビンと山ちゃん(英語勉強中)が英語で雑談するチャンネル。ほとんど英語なので、スピードラーニング的な感じで、ナチュラルな英会話に耳を慣らすのに役立てればと思って始めました!

    このPodcastは、TOEFL, IELTS の専門塾 English Innovations から英語のスコアを達成して留学した生徒さんの「English で自分の人生にInnovationを起こしたストーリー」を配信しています。

    English Innovations では、無料体験レッスン開催しております。ご興味を持たれた方は、公式サイトから「podcast」と記入すると嬉しい特典つき。
    English Innovations のホームページは

  • O Seisho ni atta! é um podcast para aproximar falantes da lingua portuguesa e japonêsa do vocabulário e conhecimento bíblico em japonês.

    Apresentação: Matheus Agata
    Tradução e edição: Carlinhos Vilaronga.
    Produção e publicação: Nabe Podcast Network -

  • この星の"日常"は、様々な「封印」にあふれている!!








  • Dive into the people, places, events, myths, and legends of Japanese history with Nick and Stephen, two guys who aren't experts on any of those things.

  • History of the Marine Corps takes a look at American history through the eyes of the United States Marine Corps. We explore the history, tradition, and customs from the Corps inception on November 10, 1775 to today.

    Join us as we breakdown major American events from the view of the Marine Corps.

    Neither the United States Marine Corps nor any other component of the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized this product (or promotion, or service, or activity).

  • Highlighting the voices of our varrios, famiilias, and community.

  • Podcast semanal para conversar sobre crianza natural, disciplina, desarrollo social y emocional de tus hijos y tuyos como madre y mujer.

    Vivo entre una "Psychologist Mom" y una "Psycho Mom" y te comparto algunas cosas que funcionan y otras que no… tu hijo es el mapa.

    Cada semana tendrás un nuevo episodio para ayudarte a tener una vida familiar más amorosa, respetuosa y divertida.

  • 一日の終わりに、心と身体の状態を整える「おやすみすとーりー」目を休ませ、想像力を育む物語、リラクゼーションミュージック、そして深呼吸で健やかな睡眠がとれる状態へと導きます。睡眠前の習慣に是非取り入れてみてください。*お話は前半の約5分から10分、それ以降は音楽のみの構成となっています。【Follow us on:Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram @oyasumistory】This is a bed-time story podcast in Japanese. With breathing exercises, music and story, this podcast will lead you and your children to be in a balanced place, both mentally as well as physically. It will help you to have a healthy sleep. This is a perfect for a child who started learning Japanese. Wishing you all the best.  Good night and Oyasumi☆All stories are owned by Oyasumi Story Team. For more info, check ☆声 Emi Yasuo

  • 生命誕生以来、ウイルスと共に歩き続ける人類とその未来


    聞き手はJ-WAVE『JAM THE WORLD』(月~木 19:00~21:00放送)ナビゲーターのグローバーが務めます。

  • KK TalkingのKazukiが、ネイティブとの生活の中で学んだ英語の知識やトロントの魅力、またKK Talkingの裏話などをマイペースに語っていく番組です。

  • 重量挙げに関するニュースや情報を広めていくポッドキャストです!

  • FTI is a non-profit member organization intent on moving buildings an urban habitat toward resilience and sustainability goals by leveraging the pervasive influence of the building skin.

  • こんにちは!ゆいです。このポッドキャストでは、私がアメリカ大学留学、英国大学院留学や国際結婚などを通して経験したこと、自分が興味のある量子力学、心理学、スピリチュアルが根本的には同じことを言っていること、「人間が生きる意味」や「愛とは何か」など哲学的ちっくなことについて、私の考えをみんなにシェアしていきます。各エピソードを日本語と英語のバイリンガル形式で配信しています。編集なしで録音したものをそのまま配信しており、日英で少し内容が違う時がありますが、そこも含めお楽しみください!

    Hey guys, it's Yui from Japan. This podcast is to share my thoughts on philosophical stuff such as 'why do we live' and 'what is love', which I've figured out through my life experiences as well as by exploring fields of quantum physics, psychology and spiritual teachings. Each episode is available in a bilingual way (English and Japanese). For those who are learning Japanese, I hope this podcast will also help you improve your Japanese. Feel free to message me via twitter/gmail if you have any questions.





  • Everything you could ever want to know or manifest in your life is waiting for you beyond the veil of the 3rd dimension. In this podcast David Bower inspires you—the lightworkers, healers and teachers of this world—to reach past the illusions of limitation, to remember who you truly are and reclaim the unique gifts and abilities you brought with you into this lifetime.