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  • The MBA Wire provides inspirational stories of peers from the top MBA programs such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg, and more: consultants, admissions officers, entrepreneurs, top executives, non-profit members; people who are changing the world; told exclusively first hand, to you, every week. Listen to how they struggled, what challenges they faced, and their special memorable moments that will help you through that MBA dip and push you forward with a renewed energy and rapport. Give yourself another chance to dust off any sense of defeat and use these stories to motivate your way into admission.

  • Enjoy a demonstration on Italian cuisine by Chef D'Agostino, visting chef lecturer at The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

  • Are you a high-achiever who’s looking to create your next big result, but your self-doubt is holding you back? Each week, The High Achievers’ Coach, Tracy Oswald, shares how to root out your self-doubt, get into inspired action and BOLDLY show up to create real results. Tracy is a VP at a global marketing brand, professional speaker, and co-host of the Growth Lab Podcast for The USA Today Network. She’s experienced first-hand the challenges that plague high-achieving women and knows what it takes to rise above. With refreshing frankness, humor and vulnerability, Tracy shares her executive leadership skills, coaching mastery, deep understanding of the brain science behind change, and the adventure of immersive theater to help successful women create next-level results and have FUN doing it.

  • The Law School Show helps law students make better decisions about their careers through interviews with lawyers, students, academics, and more.

  • Through process is a podcast about how we become designers, hosted by Namdev Hardisty and Mitch Goldstein.

  • Providing Accurate Information and Sexual Education for Mormons and their Families

  • Welcome to the What the F…45 podcast where we (JB and Andy) will be digging into your most pressing questions about all things exercise, recovery, nutrition, supplements to ensure that you’re set up for success on your transformation journey. JB and Andy are the owners of F45 Hamilton Downtown in Ontario, Canada and happen to be husband and wife. JB is a BSC Kin, CSCS, certified Precision Nutrition Coach with over 15 years of training experience. Andy is a Canfit Pro PTS, certified Precision Nutrition Coach, Stott Pilates instructor, Facial Stretch Therapist as well as a champion from the 2019 CPA Regional Bikini Competition with over 8 years of training experience. This podcast will feature a series of topics and industry experts relevant to the fitness enthusiasts, weekend warriors, first-timers and all students of the game. Together, we’ll take on the health topics you care about most to help you elevate your game in the gym and in life.

  • Les Enluminures podcasts transform the past into the present with untold stories, research, science, and histories of Medieval and Renaissance artworks through illuminating lectures, gallery talks, in-house research, and interviews with collectors and scholars.

  • 語彙リストの音声ファイル

  • This is the World of Swedish History and my name is Johan Romin.
    I am a Swedish journalist and writer with a great interest in history. I have written two history books and made around 40 history documentaries for the Swedish television.
    This is my Podcast, about Swedish and Nordic history. Here I will interview some of the greatest historians of Sweden as well as people who expercienced historical moments.
    It will be about vikings, the Kings of Sweden, the Swedish position during the World wars, about genealogy, and every thing else from this country, which is packed with interesting history.
    Welcome to The World of Swedish history!

  • My name is Megan Shad. I have been working as a certified Occupational Therapist and Stress Management Consultant for many years. In my podcast, I talk about everything related to physical, emotional, and mental health. Many factors influence the path we choose in life. Some play a more significant role in shaping our behaviors and habits; those are our thoughts, feelings, words, and beliefs. They determine our physical and mental health, the quality of our lives, and whether we experience happiness.

    Book; The Path to Healing and Happiness

  • Hjärnkunskap är en podcast om Hjärnkunskap & hjärnträning i grundskolan. Vi blandar intervjuer med ledande forskare och praktiker inom ämnet, reportage från verksamheten på Skapaskolan i Huddinge och reflektioner oss emellan i podden.

    Innehållet kretsar kring ökad förståelse för hjärnans funktion och hjärnsmarta vanor, meditation och mental träning samt fysisk aktivitet.

    Vi som driver podden är Christer Holger, grundare och verksamhetschef på Skapaskolan samt Louise Hellbom, hälsopedagog på Skapaskolan. Vi driver podden som en del av vår hälsoinriktning där arbetet med Hjärnkunskap & hjärnträning är en central del.

  • The Los Angeles County Bar Association is proud to present a podcast for law students which assembles stories, tips, and insights for the next generation of attorney. Each episode features interviews with a diverse set of LACBA members from around the legal community of Southern California, reflecting on their experiences from law school and beyond, as they found their place in the complex legal landscape. LACBA and its 26 member sections and committees host more than 100 educational and social events per year. As a Law Student member you can attend events and rub shoulders with a wide array of attorneys and judges always at a discounted rate, and often for no cost at all. Each LACBA member was in your position once, and they enjoy meeting the emerging talents from nearby law schools. Visit our show notes page:

  • Study Russian verbs with RuLangClub.
    Every week new verb (Imperfective and Perfective aspects) with all the forms in the Past, Present, Future and Imeprative. Of course with examples - phrases of usage each form.
    PDFfile with forms and its usage you can upload every week, too.

  • A view from 10,000 feet of the battles that shaped Africa.

  • You can travel at your age, level, status, and interest. Wherever you are in your journey through life, take a minute to consider where you want to travel and our tips will help you get there and our mistakes will make you smile, knowing you got this! Dr Mary Travelbest wrote the book on travel in 1993, and knows what you need to get going.

  • Supporting Your Vegan Journey: Providing Food for Body & Mind

  • Short 3-5 min podcasts on a variety of techniques to use at work; inlcudes description and when to use and when to avoid